With Kindle for Mac app, Amazon covers bases ahead of Apple iPad launch

With Kindle for Mac app, Amazon covers bases ahead of Apple iPad launch

Summary: Amazon launched Kindle for the Mac and now has most of its bases covered ahead of the Apple iPad launch.


Amazon launched Kindle for the Mac Thursday and now has most of its bases covered ahead of the Apple iPad launch.

The e-commerce giant---and e-reader leader for now---has been making its Kindle store and e-books available for multiple platforms in recent months.

With Kindle for Mac (Techmeme), Amazon has the PC, Mac, iPhone and BlackBerry covered. The Kindle for Mac move was critical given that Apple's iTunes will soon launch a book store. The message: The Kindle is more than Amazon's device. That point will be especially noteworthy when Apple's iPad launches with its bookstore. It remains to be seen whether the iPad is a Kindle killer, but it's important that Amazon's Kindle content be visible on Apple's latest device.

Matthew Miller: Kindle for Mac is now available

By going to multiple platforms, Amazon is making sure that distribution isn't limited to any one device. It's a nice way of keeping users in the fold. For instance, I don't own a Kindle any more, but did read some of my Kindle books on the BlackBerry. The experience wasn't half bad, but I did miss the paper-like reading feel of the Kindle. When you look at a PC screen all day for a living the last thing I want is to look at another for leisure reading.

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By moving to multiple platforms, Amazon can swamp any one device. All it needs now is an Android app.

How does all of this add up? Amazon has been positioning itself ahead of the iPad launch in just a few days. To wit:

Meanwhile, the Amazon Kindle pitches are hitting my inbox more than usual. Those pitches go like this:

Simply put, Amazon is in position to battle the iPad. It's not a zero sum game, but the battle will be fun to watch. The big question: What will get me to go to the Kindle camp? A price cut may do the trick. If the Kindle falls below the $200 mark it's worth a look as a reading only device.

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  • If cutting the price to $200 is what they need

    they are darn close to achieve that goal and
    dissipate the iCrap iPad's hot air
    • They have to do something soon as I would imagine

      that Apple is likely close to pulling all Kindle apps from their product lines soon.
      • That was the first thing I thought of

        It will be just like google voice on iPhone
      • I don't see this happening.

        I know what you're saying, and there's been similar precedents. However, there are a lot of people with Kindle libraries who may want
        to buy iPad as a kind of hardware upgrade to the Kindle device. It's in
        Apple's best interest to have as many people as possible seen out and
        about using iPads. A huge no-brainer market for early adopters are
        Kindle users.

        Margins on the iPad hardware will be significant, so Apple will make their
        money. Maybe Apple will give people an incentive to switch from Kindle
        content to iBook content. They would be [b]really[/b] stupid to alienate
        rather than recruit Kindle users.
    • It will happen in 2010

      I just read of a new chip made especially for ebook readers. It promises to improve performance and cut prices. It will be avialable in 6 months they are estimating. I'm not sure how long it will take for the kindle to utilize it after that, but that could be the moment when the price drops drastically.
  • Magazines

    A big feature of the iPad is the ability to get digital subscriptions to magazines like the New Yorker and full digital issues of newspapers like the New York Times. That's not available on the Kindle for Mac.