Working vacations

Working vacations

Summary: More Americans are working on vacation time. No big surprise.

TOPICS: Laptops

More Americans are working on vacation time. No big surprise. The tools, technologies, bandwidth are broadly available so you can stay connected to a corporate network from almost any location, and some people just can't stay off the Net. According to a poll conducted for office furniture maker Steelcase, 43 percent of office workers said they work on vacation, compared with 23 percent in a similar survey done in 1995. In addition, only 61 percent of those surveyed use all of their vacation.

In the increasing connected, always on digital world, you have the option of staying keyed into work beyond cell phone and text messaging. I find it hard to resist the urge to stay fully plugged in. I rarely turn off the laptop or cell phone, even on vacation, which I will be taking next week. I'm heading to the North Cascades in Washington state with my EV-DO card, laptop, cellphone and ancient GoodLink handheld. Maybe I should leave my gear at home and spend a week analog, maybe just bring the GPS receiver and iPod. Nah...

Topic: Laptops

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  • That's really too bad

    I feel sorry for anyone who thinks that they should stay connected and work while on a so-called "vacation", or who feels obligated to not take all of their available vacation every year. I've seen this get into a sort of an "I can outwork you" competition at some places that I've worked.

    Time spent does not always equate to productivity, and I've also observed that many people compensate for not getting much done by spending a lot more time doing it!