Would you buy Windows 8? (Poll)

Would you buy Windows 8? (Poll)

Summary: Would you be willing to pay for Windows 8? Vote now and let us know what you think!


With such polarizing opinions circulating around the Web about Windows 8, there is just one important question I've yet to see anyone address: would you actually pay for Windows 8? I came to realize the other day that I am surrounded by opinions of Windows 8 from people who haven't had to pay for Windows in a very long time, so the thought didn't occur to me until just the other day to ask who would actually shell out their hard-earned cash for Microsoft's upcoming OS.

So, first, I'll ask the question: Would you pay for Windows 8?

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After casting your vote, let us all know why you chose the answer you chose! Here are a few points I am personally interested in reading insightful feedback about:

If you selected "yes," how much would you be willing to pay, and for which edition (Professional, Enterprise, full version, upgrade, etc.)? Additionally, which form factor would you most likely run Windows on (tablet, desktop, laptop)? To note, pricing and editions (or "SKUs") have yet to be made public, so this is all in the interest of hearty discussion.

If you selected "no," then what are you basing your reasoning on? Are you an enterprise worker who sees no reason to deploy Windows 8 across your company? Are you an end-user who sees absolutely no reason to spend X amount of dollars to upgrade? Personally, Windows 7 works amazingly well for me and I've no reason to upgrade as per the current exposure I've had with Windows 8.

If you're undecided, then feel free to share your thoughts on Windows 8 thus far. You can always come back and vote later, once you've formed an opinion one way or the other.

Remember, this isn't strictly a "do you like Windows 8" question; this is a question of if you would be willing to pay for it. You might like Windows 8, but would you actually shell out the cash for it? Vote now and let us know!

-Stephen Chapman

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  • Productivity

    I voted yes, but the BIG caveat on that is that firstly it competes with the iPad on price, and secondly I can do all the Productivity stuff on a tablet that I can currently do on a PC.

    If either of these things aren't true, then I really don't see what Windows 8 is other than a less established iPad alternative.
    • ??

      You do realise that you're comparing a piece of hardware (the iPad) and a piece of software (Windows 8) don't you?
    • Neither are true.

      I have an iPad 1, a cheap ($260) Android tablet (running ICS- 4.0), and a year-old ASUS EP-121 tablet (12" display @1280x800, Core i5 chip, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, etc) that cost over $1000, which is running the "Win 8 preview edition". Even on that hardware, Win8 is less snappy than the first-generation iPad. Good luck to anyone trying to get Win8 to run reasonably well on sub-$500 hardware. As for the productivity stuff, it won't run on an ARM based tablet, so you'll need an Intel based tablet which will cost more. And once you have it, you'll discover that the productivity apps run on the Win7 "desktop", which has had NO work done to make it any more finger-friendly than Win7 itself has (which is what the ASUS was running before I downgraded it to Windows 8). The machine has a stylus, and it NEEDS it.

      As for your last paragraph, it's not just "less established" - it's less usable. A LOT less usable. As for usability, if an iPad is a 10 and Windows 7 with touch support is a 1, then Android ICS is about an 8, and Win8 is maybe a 3.
      Steve Summers
      • ....

        I hate windows 8 all the way around it is bad but I do have to mention they released the consumer ARM version preview too so it will work on ARM devices but still sucks lol
      • What??!!

        I am not sure what machine you are really using Windows 8 on but, I installed it on an old Compaq that came with Vista and it is much faster than it was even with W7. I can honestly say it brought new life into this notebook.
  • Of course not, but...

    I would never pay for Windows 8 for an upgrade as Windows 7 is more than sufficient for me. I don't have any tablets or touch interfaces that would benefit from Windows 8. However, if I bought a new PC and Windows 8 came pre-loaded on it I definitely wouldn't complain.
    • No way

      That metro interface will keep me away from 8. I hate it. And since it is just windows 7 with a new interface why spend the money. I do not like the idea of one os for all devices. Makes it too easy for hackers. Both MS and Apple are going this way.
      • MS trying to play catch-up

        Not sure that Apple is going this way. OSX for the desktop and iOS for the iPad/Phone. The Metro UI may work with a small touch screen but simply doesn't cut it on a desktop.
      • You are dead wrong

        It is not just Win7 with a new UI. The whole OS has been overhauled in many ways. You're ignorance really shines in your comment, lol.
    • I agree ....

      I like Windows 8, but not on any hardware I have now.
    • Agree with Statuskwo5....

      Would buy new laptop with Win8, but will not pay to upgrade. As for a tablet, I'll be staying with Apple; I use my Ipad everyday, and no, I don't play games on it. I use it at work with my job, and use it at home for writing.....

      A win tablet maybe in the future down the road, but probably not for at least a couple of years, as I'm planning on purchasing a new Ipad, probably around summer time, an upgrade from my first generation ipad...:)
  • I wouldn't upgrade to Win8, that's for sure

    I can see buying a new PC with it on it, altho I'm really tired of the "new windows, new interface" game. The new interface on a tablet would be OK, I've been using Win7 via remote desktop on an iPad and the no mouse thing is a pita, altho the virtual keyboard is OK, as virtual keyboards go. And my next phone might well be a WinMo phone, but that's a year out at this point.

    But would I buy Win8 to install on any of my existing computers? no way.
  • Nope

    There was a time when Windows was a must buy for 80 to 90 percent of the market and these numbers are really telling.
    • windows is declining

      Windows is a must buy for a shrinking percentage of the market. The funny thing is that at a time when Windows is declining, Apple and OS X is increasing (albeit slowly).
      • Why Voted down?

        Does the truth hurt?
      • I would take it personally

        As you hardly wrote anything and they canned you!
    • The last time a new version of Windows

      was a "must buy" for 80-90% of the market was, maybe, Windows 95. Ever since we've seen the exact same comment you just made at every release. "My existing one is fine and I'll stick with it." Which you are certainly entitled to do as Microsoft supports their OS for a very long time. However to say these numbers are "telling" is foolish at best since the number of users that upgrade existing equipment to a new version of Windows is probably in the 20-30% range and has been for a long, long time. Enterprise typically does mass rollouts but easily a year or two into a new OS. Since many are still rolling out Windows 7 or have just completed it, and they often skip an OS cycle anyway, I don't see many offices going to Windows 8. 8 server on the other hand will be huge in enterprise.
      • They'll probably have downgrade rights...

        ...to Windows 7, further taking a sale away from Windows 8 although with MS's funny accounting system, they'll claim victory for both.
      • The global company i work for is

        still on XP. I keep hoping we're going to upgrade to Win7...
      • And not your funny accounting system

        ScorpioBlack, in which everybody "downgrades to XP", right? ;)
        William Farrel