Woz on Jobs resignation, culture (Bloomberg video)

Woz on Jobs resignation, culture (Bloomberg video)

Summary: Steve Wozniak talks Steve Jobs with Bloomberg TV.

TOPICS: Apple, IT Employment

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he was shocked at first on news that Steve Jobs was resigning as CEO, but not all that surprised. Below is an interview with Wozniak.

The money quote on Jobs:

He's always going to be remembered, at least for the next hundred years, as the greatest technology business leader of our time. I don't think he's too fearful where Apple goes…I think he'll watch it for a while, and hope it's on such a good track. For something as large as Apple, company culture doesn't change overnight. The sort of products you make, how you make your decisions, the quality of the people working there doesn't change overnight.


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Topics: Apple, IT Employment

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  • Apple needs to get its act together

    and stop the lawsuits against android if it wants to survive.
    Getting out of the list of shame should be it's primary objective: http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/Companies_That_Harm_Software_Freedom
    and then open sourcing it's software and hardware must follow quickly.
    The Linux Geek
    • Um yeah.... NO! But thanks for trying:)

      @The Linux Geek

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • RE: Woz on Jobs resignation, culture (Bloomberg video)

        @James Quinn
        I wouldn't necessarily bet Apple's survival on whether it stops suing Android OEM's or not but it does seem a bit frivolous especially since the most recent ruling in Europe threw out almost every single thing they had except for using a finger gesture to swipe between photos in the Gallery App. Of course, that really had nothing to do with Android as that is an addition that Samsung put in there and is not a part of the stock experience.
        Nathan A Smith
      • Trade Dress has little to do with Android which is an OS.

        @Nathan A Smith .. As for individual suits we shall see... NEVER count out Apple:)

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • Reality check

      @The Linux Geek
      What you are describing is a (very much) for-profit company giving away it's profit centers. In other words - fantasy.

      There is no reason that open source and closed source cannot coexist. In reality they do very nicely as the OSS products on my Macs and Windows machines exemplify. Instead of trying to cram the entire world into your narrow view, why not work on living in the world we have. Or are you planning on running for the U.S. Congress in 2012? ;)
      • RE: Woz on Jobs resignation, culture (Bloomberg video)

        @macadam Apple isn't making much money off its endless lawsuits. It spends a fortune in legal fees to (sometimes) ban competing products - but in markets that it already has dominance, thus it may not lead to selling very many more iPads by killing off the Galaxy Tab (temporarily) in Germany.

        How many more iPads would Apple have to sell in germany to recoup the legal costs?
    • RE: Woz on Jobs resignation, culture (Bloomberg video)

      @The Linux Geek You're kidding right? You seem to be under some kind of illusion that what Google are doing is good for Linux and open source in general. It's not.

      Do Google allow you to build the things they build? No. Can you have the same technology as Googlers use at Google? No. Googlers aren't even allowed to discuss their OS. Does that sound open?

      If you wanted a development environment like the developers at Apple you can download it from the Mac App Store at no cost.

      Isn't open source about building things?

      You want an open source hero? Try Canonical, or Red Hat. But Google? You're fsck'in kidding right?
  • RE: Woz on Jobs resignation, culture (Bloomberg video)

    Woz is awesome. This anchor is annoying, I hate most mainstream media these days.