Yahoo layoffs reportedly starting next week

Yahoo layoffs reportedly starting next week

Summary: Most of the job cuts will happen withing Yahoo's product, research and marketing units.


It has been rumored for the last few weeks that Yahoo was planning to slash significant number of jobs soon. Unfortunately, it looks like those reports are turning out to be true.

Although neither an official announcement nor an exact number of layoffs has been revealed, AllThingsD reports that Yahoo will commence with the layoffs of possibly thousands of employees as soon as next week.

As of the end of the third quarter of 2011, Yahoo had approximately 14,000 employees.

The report added that most of the job cuts will happen withing Yahoo's product, research and marketing units. As Yahoo continues to move away from focusing on search to repositioning itself as a digital media company, that could have something to do with this.

The most painful part is that these layoffs are not expected to come down in one fell swoop, but most likely rather in phases as Yahoo begins restructuring itself. One can only imagine the tension at Yahoo offices now and over the next few weeks.

It has been well known for a long time now that Yahoo has been suffering. Nevertheless, Yahoo follows a recent string of major rounds of layoffs in the technology world at IBM, Hewlett-Packard, T-Mobile USA, and AOL.

Job cuts are also a looming possibility at Research in Motion -- although RIM is supposedly "cleaning house" closer to the top of the food chain.


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  • that's because of previous M$ dirty deals

    that killed yahoo's lucrative business.
    The Linux Geek
    • Nah. It's because they run Linux

      pretty obvious.
      William Farrel
      • Nah. It's because you trolled their forums too much

        They couldn't take your flatulence anymore. lol... :D
    • Agreed

      Microsoft has no monopoly of practicing dirty tricks. With our form of capitalism, it is expected to play "king of the hill". Apple and other companies don't always play nice, either...

      But anybody who knows how to use a web browser and search engine can find dozens if not hundreds of examples of Microsoft's predatory antics over the years... and find them in seconds. It's simple to do...

      Here's one finding:

      And another:
  • poetic justice?

    good! its poetic justice for all the time they removed and censored my comments on their news stories/articles.
  • They're bleeding too many customers to Gmail.

    About 90% of my friends have Gmail accounts and before 2004, 90% of my friends had Yahoo Mail accounts. Seriously, Yahoo has dropped the ball and Google is running away with it. Yahoo Mail needs a faster web interface and full (ad free) IMAP support for Outlook/Thunderbird users. Yahoo should have matched Gmails features back in 2004. And until they fix Yahoo Mail, not very many people will use Yahoo for anything.
  • Yahoo should have sold to M$.

    Will go down as one of the most stupid mistakes ever.
  • Competition

    It creates choices, lowers costs, and consumes those who lower their costs...

    Thankfully, the survivor can then jack up rates sky-high because they survived their battle.