Yahoo Mail surpasses 100 million active users, tweaks layout

Yahoo Mail surpasses 100 million active users, tweaks layout

Summary: Although it's not exactly on par with the subscription counts at Facebook and Gmail, Yahoo Mail now has 100 million active users to call its own.


Yahoo has hit two milestones as of late. Its personal email service now retains over 100 million monthly active users, and its Facebook page has 500,000 fans, which has been heralded as the "most explosive page" on the social network.

TechCrunch reports that Yahoo still retains the top crown among free webmail providers in the United States.

To keep the momentum going, Yahoo has snuck in a few changes to Yahoo Mail's layout. Seema Kamath, a product manager for Yahoo Mail, wrote on the service's official blog that Yahoo receives approximately 5,000 pieces of feedback from users each day.

Thus, most of the changes are inspired from that particular source. Some examples of the interface update include adding the message toolbar at the bottom of messages to boost productivity and navigation flow as well as a switch view feature that enables users to toggle between paginated and infinite scrolling view.

The last major alterations came in May when a revamped beta design rolled out in full-fledged form. That included integrating Facebook and Twitter features, prioritized messages, and more vigilant spam filtration.

Nevertheless, despite the milestone and Yahoo's place at the top of free web-based email services, the hindrances towards subscribing to Yahoo Mail are still there. It took Yahoo Mail over three months to reel in another 10 million monthly active users in the U.S. from the 90 million it had in May. (For reference, Yahoo Mail has more than 289 million users worldwide.)

By comparison, Google+ managed to attract over 20 million within a matter of weeks. Yes, Google already has the name brand in place, but it's still a brand new social networking site. Yahoo Mail was initially released in 1997. The only other valuable integrated product that Yahoo Mail retains is Yahoo Messenger, which is arguably more popular abroad than it is in the United States.

Gmail, on the other hand, opens the door to Gchat, Google+ (there are invites galore now), Google Apps and more. For anyone signing up for a new, free web email account, why would anyone pick Yahoo over Google at this point?


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  • Picking Yahoo! over Google

    Maybe to pretect your privacy, and not have the Big Evil snoop around your correspondence?
  • Why Yahoo Messenger is more popular abroad?

    What is the reason for Y! Messenger to be more popular outside of the US?

    Thanks in advance for any information.
    • RE: Yahoo Mail surpasses 100 million active users, tweaks layout

      @RelaxWalk because yahoo has more capabilities than other well known messengers (except Skype). If we compare to Gtalk, its like V1 of yahoo messenger, it takes a step back in technology and just implements a simple chating window with some crappy emoticons. Yahoo has way more and better capabilities than Gtalk. They have invisible mode, nice emoticons, audibles, backgrounds, video / image sharing. Also, you can pull up a scratch pad and share that with others, its just so much fun for social cause. It is exactly what people would like to use messenger for personal purpose. Only problem with it, it crashes some times.
      • True, but...

        @animageofmine1, indeed all other messengers look primitive compared to Yahoo! Messenger's features and flexibility - and Gtalk is from the Stone Age. But while Yahoo! Mail is immensely popular here (Brazil, with local addresses), Messenger is not. Windows Live (still widely known as "MSN") Messenger is the one you must have here, because everybody in Brazil is on it.

        That seems to be the case with most of my European contacts as well. I only have Yahoo! Messenger in order to contact some American friends, because among them it's the opposite: few are on MSN and most are on Yahoo!.

        So, Rachel's statement that Yahoo! Messenger is more popular outside the U.S. surprises me, because that's not what my personal experience shows.
  • Why Yahoo! Messenger has more popularity outside the US

    It gives people a US email address and lends the appearance of an American identity
    • Not really

      @meniskos, Yahoo! has local domains in many countries. I have a (Brazil) address myself, and there are,, (Germany),, etc., etc... Many such local services offer more than the American one - e.g., POP3 access is free here, while it's a premium feature for addresses. And nobody I know here is interested in getting an American identity - on the contrary, they are proud to show their national origin in their e-mail address. Yahoo! Messenger is not popular here either, and that claim surprises me, because I only have a Messenger account in order to talk to some American friends, who seem to use it much more than any other.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail surpasses 100 million active users, tweaks layout

    Actually, I DO like more the way emails are handled and organized in Yahoo! that how Gmail organizes them, and also love the tabbed panels where you can have many open emails at the same time. And love the preview feature the most. I guess that's why I use Yahoo! Mail more then Hotmail and way more than Gmail.
  • Yahoo user experience is better

    I much prefer the user experience of Yahoo mail compared to Gmail. Most people I've spoken to who use both agree, especially the organizational tools. So unless you are wanting to exploit the bigger Google ecosystem (to use a current buzzword) Yahoo is better for email purposes.
    • And that doesn't prevent that either

      @ricktay, I agree. Yahoo! Mail has a much friendlier, tidier and less confusing interface. It's also very reliable and offers a better spam filter than Gmail and other features such as the "disposable" e-mail aliases that help fight spam. Moreover, nothing prevents you from having a Yahoo! Mail address and using Google's services as well. I use both Y!Mail and Gmail, but usually redirect one service's messages to the other to benefit from both.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail surpasses 100 million active users, tweaks layout

    Does anyone know the ACTIVE number of users for Gmail? I opened a Gmail account, just to reserve my name in case something happened to Yahoo. I only log in every couple of months to keep it active. I wonder if anyone else does the same? I have been invited to join Google+, but why do I want to complicate things when facebook works so well for me? Until facebook does something really stupid or begins to fade, I see no advantage into having one more thing absorb my time...
    ks consulting
  • RE: Yahoo Mail surpasses 100 million active users, tweaks layout

    Is that just for (including &, or does it include the AT&T-Yahoo domains (,,, etc.)?

    What "hinderances"?
  • If only YMail implemented RTL

    You know, for us guys in that write backwards.