Year zero at Computer Associates

Year zero at Computer Associates

Summary: RedMonk's James Governor has an insightful (as usual) blog post--"Year Zero at Computer Associates. Who says Walruses Can't Dance?


RedMonk's James Governor has an insightful (as usual) blog post--"Year Zero at Computer Associates. Who says Walruses Can't Dance?"--about CA's first industry analyst confab with the former IBMer John Swainson, who has been CEO since November 2004. Here's a sample: was refreshing in the extreme to see Swainson go to war against the "old" CA when he kicked off the sessions yesterday morning. Pull punches? Nope. He came out with haymakers. He said the company needed to be remade, and for now it is a wet piece of clay. This is what industry analysts love- an opportunity to help a vendor kiln and glaze a strategy.

Topic: CXO

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  • CA just sux

    CA TRIES to be like M$ i.e. accumulating technology companies in a bid to be "innovative". But where M$ succeeds in the marketplace, CA fails (although both have the same exact record for functionality - M$ can get away with selling crappy stuff - CA can't). Time for some corporate seppuku!
    Roger Ramjet
  • They do seriously suck

    I hear they "used" to make decent programs for the mainframe but I have not seen anything from them in the distributed world worth buying. I know of two LARGE companies that dropped them all together. Good riddance!
  • CA? BS!

    Speaking from first hand experience, Computer Associates has to have the least intelligent "tech support" personnel on the planet.

    It seems like no matter what question you ask, you won't get an answer on the first try; and probably not the second, third or fourth, either.

    As an example (just one of a dozen), I was one of the first recipients of an e-mail that directed me to a website that had a "hidden" redirect to a website in Romania.

    My first mistake was to write CA and ask them to check it out so that when one of their customers was dumb enough to click on it, they'd have a ready-fix.

    The first response I got from Computer Associates was, "To reinstall your Anitvirus software . . ."
    Seriously, I'm NOT joking. It went on like this for almost six (6)(!) weeks!!!

    I finally was able to contact someone whom "said" they were a stupidvisor, er, supervisor and by the time they checked it out, the site had closed, doing it's damage, and opened up somewhere else.

    If you are a potential CA customer, I would seriously advise not having anything to do with them. The products are so-so at best and if you're unfortunate enough to have to contact tech support, you'll rue the day you were born for ever having anything to do with them.

    And, you can quote me on this.