ZDNet reader seeks help with Excel

ZDNet reader seeks help with Excel

Summary: Are you an Excel expert?  ZDNet reader Dick Bagby wrote to me for help: I keep weekly fiscal performance data on a histogram chart in Excel.

TOPICS: Big Data

Are you an Excel expert?  ZDNet reader Dick Bagby wrote to me for help:

I keep weekly fiscal performance data on a histogram chart in Excel. Because there are several years of data, I would like to color code the columns of each year differently for a variety of reasons. In addition (but less importantly) I have 2 major sources of data for each column so it would be helpful if I could have for instance: Weekly data for year 1 would be shown in red with those columns shown in 2 shades of red indicating the contribution of source 1 and source 2. Year 2 might be in blue with each weekly column in dark and light blue depending on the source of the data.....There must be dozens and dozens of people that have this type of data they want to share with others in a more readable from than just having black columns with a legend at the bottom of the chart.....I will be most appreciative if you can point me to a person or a publication that will help me.

Use the comments section below if you want others to see your advice or if you can reach Dick at rbagby2@gmail.com.

Topic: Big Data

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  • A couple of ways to do it...

    Since he doesn't actually state how the data gets into the columns (VLOOKUP? Macro?) there's no way to say what's the best way to do it. If there's another column that indicates which data source it came from, his best bet is to use Conditional Formating. Otherwise, he will probably need to write a macro to loop through the data, find out which source it came from, then color code the cell.

    Justin James
  • Excel newsgroups

    The Microsoft Excel newsgroups are fantastic. If you post a question in any of the main three groups, you will receive help from some of the top Excel experts in the world, often within 10 minutes.

    The main groups are:

    You will see answers quickest if you use Microsoft's newserver:
    news.microsoft.com (no authentication required)

    If you are not comfortable with a newsreader, you can access the groups at Microsoft's website:

    Or at Google: http://groups.google.com/

    As well as many other websites that offer web-based newsgroup interfaces.

    Do not post attachments. Be very specific describing what you have and what you want to do and what you may have already tried and why that result was not acceptable.