Zimbra launches desktop version 2.0

Zimbra launches desktop version 2.0

Summary: VMware's Zimbra launched a new version of its desktop email software that aggregates social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter as well as other email accounts such as Google Apps.


VMware's Zimbra launched a new version of its desktop email software that aggregates social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter as well as other email accounts such as Google Apps.

The move is notable to me given I'm looking for an aggregation point for my various accounts as well as offline access from time to time. I'm also interested in giving Google Apps a new front end for giggles.

Jim Morrisroe, vice president of VMware's Zimbra business, said that Desktop 2.0, which can be downloaded by anyone, is a way to build grass-roots knowledge of the unit. Ultimately, Zimbra is hoping these downloads---3 million on the client side so far---put the company on the IT department's radar.

For its business, Zimbra is walking the line between keeping IT admins as well as the end user happy. Admin features include one client to deploy across Mac, Windows and Linux and a consistent feel across the desktop, mobile and Web.

Overall, the user interface looks pretty good. My plan is to use Zimbra Desktop 2.0 to integrate my accounts---and put a new front-end on Google Apps, which we've adopted at CBS Interactive. Will report back on my experiences in a few days.


Topics: Hardware, Cloud, Collaboration, Virtualization, VMware

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