Apple Boot Camp Rife with problems

Apple Boot Camp Rife with problems

Summary: RIFE creator Geert Bevin reports that Apples new Boot Camp software trashed his MacOS partition. He advises early adopters to back up their data before trying it.


When Apple's Boot Camp was announced, RIFE creator Geert Bevin was eager to try it. Finally an official solution to running either Windows or Mac OSX on his PowerBook. However, the excitement quickly wore off about 3 hours later when he reported that after installing Windows,

"The MacOSX partition was no longer usable. I had to completely erase it with Disk Utility from the installation DVD (repairing it wouldn't work) and am now reinstalling MacOSX. "

Geert's advice? Backup your Mac partition before trying the Boot Camp beta.

Reports of other people having problems have surfaced as well. One user claimed that his Mac "committed suicide" rather than run Windows. :)

If you're planning on running the Boot Camp beta, you may want to consult the resources below first:

And as always, make sure your backups are up to date.

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  • Well, it IS a beta program

    As any computer user who's in the know, beta certainly does not mean bug-free yet. As for the Mac that committed suicide, that's "understandable" ;)
    Tony Agudo
  • Shocker!

    Wow, a beta with problems, who'da thunk it?

    Note that Apple is very clear that you absolutely should do a full system backup before installing the Boot Camp beta. More info on this at Macintouch:
    tic swayback
  • Typical beta-test problems... or Windows sabbotage?

    Putting aside the beta factor, consider that Windows and OS X are [i]rivals[/i] in the OS field. They are long time enemies who would like nothing better than to delete [sic] each other. Now, one side offers an olive branch that allows the other to share their system. Wouldn't you expect that enemy take advantage and take the system for itself?

    Did M$ see this opportunity comming? Did they do somthing to their install to fubar OS X? Was it really a beta-bug?

    One has to wonder.....
    Mr. Roboto
    • Give me a break!

      More conspiracy theories! How about the simple explanation? It's the usual Apple incompetence.