EclipseCon Day 1: Community Awards

EclipseCon Day 1: Community Awards

Summary: I'm honored; thanks for all your support.

TOPICS: Tech Industry


I'm honored. Thanks for all your support, and congrats to the other Community Awards winners.

Topic: Tech Industry

Ed Burnette

About Ed Burnette

Ed Burnette is a software industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience as a programmer, author, and speaker. He has written numerous technical articles and books, most recently "Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform" from the Pragmatic Programmers.

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  • Congrats you deserved it!

    You got my vote :)

    I was very happy to see rather than an eclipse book or some other token gift, you got something very tangible, and by that I mean the room upgrade and party budget!
    • Still waiting...

      ...on that party budget. :)

      But Nokia also provided a nice N90 camera phone. It had a non-US plug on charger but Wayne says he can fix that.
      Ed Burnette
  • that's it ?

    It is shame you haven't done as much for the NetBeans Community. :-( IMO, the NetBeans Community awards are much more impressive.<p>
    Their award winners got:<p>
    1.) A new Sun / AMD Opteron 64-bit system that just plain runs circles around anything else I have seen.<p>
    2.) A Java Duke creation, signed and framed by James Gosling.<p>

    If Eclipse wants to compete with NetBeans, I think they have got some catching up to do on th e awards front ;-)
  • congratulations ed

    <a href="">Thank you!</a>