Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable (updated)

Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable (updated)

Summary: Well I waited until 1pm EDT and tried to get into the Firefox world record site to download the latest version. It should come as no surprise that the site is down:http://www.

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Well I waited until 1pm EDT and tried to get into the Firefox world record site to download the latest version. It should come as no surprise that the site is down: :

503 Service Unavailable Failed to resolve the name of server to connect

I tried another site but that is down too: :

 Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

Update: Mozilla now says "Firefox 3 is currently only being offered as a full download from". They say not to use "check for updates" and not to use any direct ftp or http links posted on the web. So I tried the official site, but (as of 2:20pm EDT) it simply redirects to another site which only lists the old version, Firefox 2. : (redirects to :

Firefox 2

The award-winning Web browser is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable to your online life. With Firefox 2, we've added...

I was hoping that, since Firefox 3 isn't that big of a download  (about 7MB), and since they had plenty of advance notice, Mozilla might have been able to anticipate and handle the load. But apparently that is not the case. They can't even get their landing pages to display the right version if you do get in. What a fiasco!

The download period for the record setting attempt ends this time tomorrow, so I guess we'll just have to try again later. Has anybody managed to get a copy yet?

Update 2: I got in, using, and I've seen reports of others getting in so maybe the initial logjam has cleared. For some reason it used a mirror at "", which seems a little off the beaten path for me, but it worked. The installer I received for Windows XP was digitally signed at Wednesday, June 11, 2008 5:16:56 AM by Mozilla Corporation, and it had a file version of, with a size of 7,496,920 bytes.

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  • Firefox 3 download

    I tried the sites but got the same results. I would like to download ver 3.0 before the 24 hour period elapses. Maybe tonight might work.
  • Yeah, this is a boondoggle...

    ...equivalent to what an Obama presidency would be like!!! (i.e., It's disappointing, not what most expect, and everything that can go wrong seems to.)

    Followed the link...the graphic says "Firefox 3" in large lettering, with " for Windows" below that in small lettering.
  • Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

    for me as well. But then again, I managed to get [b]Firefox 3[/b] running this morning (CET) from the (64-bit) [b]Ubuntu Hardy[/b] proposed repositories. While I therewith may not contribute to [b]FF[/b] finding a place in a book of records (I'll do what I can on the [b]Windows[/b] side), remember that it's the thought - and the browser - that counts....

  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    I get service unavailable on almost every page, but I did manage to get the three links everybody should be concerned with... Good luck.

    MacOS X:
  • I got it.....but

    It has finally come up with the correct version.

    my download just finished.

    When I installed it, I noticed that it wanted to install to the firefox beta 5 folder.


    it's probably because I had been just installing over the old installations instead of removing them each time.
    • If you have FF3 beta, uninstall it first

      Anyone who got one of the beta versions of Firefox 3 may run into this same problem. It happened to me, so I uninstalled the FF3 beta and the FF2 production (that probably wasn't necessary), and re-installed FF3 (one of the release candidates). All has been fine since then.
      Ed Burnette
  • I'm in!

    I just got in! It links me to the FF 3 download page. Slooooow DL, though.
  • there a M$ DOS going on?

    lol...just thought I'd propose the possibility. ;)
  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    I have been getting the "Service Unavailable" message for the last 10 minutes but now have got the download. I got it at a poor average of around 30kb/s and so it took about 5 minutes.

    I don't know if being in England makes a difference...
    • Of course!!

      "I don't know if being in England makes a difference..."

      Duh! Of course it does! Nothing's been quite right for you blokes since George III. ;) Ahem...actually...let me backtrack...since Henry VIII.
  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    I'm in, too! Downloading it now.
  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    It sure looks nice and I'm sure the security is a lot better but...where are the 15000 improvements?

    Just the fact that the "Back" button is bigger doesn't really do it for me...
  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    I was able to get onto the Mozilla page.

    However, before I go through the exercise I'd like some official confirmation that a download from there vs the site will still register for the world record.

    Anybody got a link to confirm that??

    Skip Gundlach
  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    The original question is still a good one for others frustrated with the wait.

    However, I was finally able to log into their FAQ page, which lead me to the download, just finished, very quickly at ~150k/sec.

    So, who has the answer to the original question?


    Skip Gundlach
  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    Just downloaded the file and installed it it still reports that it is rc.I uninstalled the previous versions before I installed it still reports version 2008052906 the same as rc2/rc3
  • RE: Got Firefox? 503 Service Unavailable

    I fetched FF 3.0 about 6 PM Eastern, and I got 503 first, the on second try I got through. FF went up without a glitch. I was a little upset when I thought only a few of the add-ons were going to work, but I was wrong about that. The important ones work, like NoScript which lets me kill things that flash, wiggle, move and bounce.
  • I had no problems downloading Firefox 3.0

    First thing yesterday I downloaded FF3 for Windows and Linux. And another person on my home network downloaded for Mac. No worries.

    I think it's just the usual FUD that you spread.
    tracy anne