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Summary: A popular Linux community selects its favorite distributions, tools, and applications. Winners include Ubuntu, KDE, Eclipse, Firefox, and MySQL.

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The community recently wrapped up a member poll where votes were cast for the best distributions, tools, and applications on Linux. Voting took place between January 29th and March 5th, 2006. Here are a few of the results that will be interesting for developers:

  • Linux Distribution: Ubuntu (19.49%), Slackware (19.05%)
  • Desktop Environment: KDE (64.86%), Gnome: (25.67%)
  • IDE: Eclipse (31.99%), Kdevelop (31.38%)
  • Text Editor: vi/vim (37.96%), Kate (22.47%)
  • Browser: Firefox (71.90%), Konqueror (11.05%)
  • Database: MySQL (62.98%), PostgreSQL (16.03%)
  • Shell: bash (89.67%), zsh (3.65%)

Of course, like any reader's poll the results only reflect the opinion of the readers. But all Linux users where able to vote if they wanted to. Jeremy Garcia from writes:

Any LQ member was from newbie to expert encourage to vote.  Anyone from the Linux community was able to join LQ (gratis) during the time the polls were going on and immediately vote (although we of course did some amount of auditing to make sure no one was vote stacking).  The LQ member base is currently over 220,000.

Initial nominations were made by the LQ staff with more added by the community before voting started.


Topic: Open Source

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  • No surprises here

    It would have been [i]nice[/i] if your reference linked back to the page in question.

    Thanks for the story.
    D T Schmitz
  • Links

    I see the links now (bottom)--disregard.
    D T Schmitz
  • Sounds like I'm back in school on Saturday

    Those numbers fall right in line with what was always mentioned in class right up to yesterday, the only difference being that my instructor was always talking Slackware... and we did use zsh, only for an RPM import exercise lol.