Lobby Google to include Java

Lobby Google to include Java

Summary: If Java were included in Google Pack it would be more accessible and easier to update.

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Google Pack is a bundle of software that Google "likes". Google Pack offers software that is free, easy to use and useful. Google chooses software that will be considered essential to users of all levels. They don't accept anything with adware or spyware. Most importantly, the software automatically updates itself with new versions of all installed programs.

This software bundle achieved a higher importance recently when it was discovered that Google and Dell were close to bundling Google's software on new Dell PCs.

This morning I'm trying to get the latest JSE 5 update installed on my workstation. Something was locking a directory so it wouldn't let the install finish even though I killed all the usual suspects. So I rebooted and now I'm in the process of uninstalling the last 4 updates that I had installed just so there will be a clean slate. Then I need to decide whether to install Mustang (JSE 6) before or after JSE 5. Then I expect it will take a few tries to get Eclipse to use the right JDKs. By then it will be lunch time. Is there a better way?

I think so. How about if Google included Java as part of its Google Pack? All the Google Pack installs and updates have been painless so far. Maybe somebody has finally figured out how to update PC software without losing hair in the process. But how do we make that happen?

It turns out Google made it easy by providing a page to suggest new software be included. So everybody reading this, if you would like Java or any other software that is "essential to users of all levels" to be included in this unique distribution medium, click on this suggestion page, select the option that says "I'd like to suggest software to be inlcuded in Google Pack", and then follow the directions to make your request known.


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Ed Burnette

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  • JDE already does this...

    ... once again, I am mystified by people's thinking that the Google Pack is something special. It isn't. Almost all of the items in it already have their own automatic updating system. Including JDE. If the JDE upgrader is a problem, blame Sun. I think the world would be better off if you had a petition to Sun to make the JDE process easy instead of difficult. About a year ago, I needed a JDE/JDK to do some light Java work. It had been a few years since I worked with Java. I wasted nearly an hour of my life on Sun's site trying to figure out what bloody file to download. That's Sun for you. Google Pack isn't the solution, Sun is the problem.

    Justin James
    • One update program to rule them all

      I'd rather not have an update program, maybe running in the background, maybe taking up space in my taskbar, for every single application I have installed on my PC. That's one reason I think Google Pack is interesting - it supports multiple vendors and comes from a somewhat independent and trusted source.
      Ed Burnette
  • Battle over PC auto-software updates

    This is an interesting article as it seems to be stating that Google has the best 'internet software update' utility out there, and that Sun Java should be included within... one post already stated that Sun has an auto-update utility for Java that is optionally installed when you install J2SE.

    Unfortunately, there are more then just Sun, and Google out there with this type of functionality... of course, the OS vendors (Microsoft, RedHat) have their flavors for their OS.... Most video/audio players (iTunes, Quicktime, RealPlayer, etc) have there own.

    It would be nice to have a single trusted vendor provide this 'update' sevice for PC software... and I'm sure Google would love to be it! But, I'm betting Microsoft would have something to say about it.

    Dan DeMania
    Philadelphia, PA
    • MS could have done it but didn't want to

      Windows Update/Microsoft Update would have been a great medium to push all updates through (at least on Windows), but Microsoft would never allow 3rd party software in there. Whether it's a matter of liability of stubborn competitiveness I can't say.
      Ed Burnette