Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

Summary: Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that it was ending its bid to buy Yahoo!. The proposed deal, and its ultimate demise, was the subject of speculation for weeks.

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Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that it was ending its bid to buy Yahoo!. The proposed deal, and its ultimate demise, was the subject of speculation for weeks. Now that it's over, what do you think about the outcome? Are you happy with the decision for the two companies not to combine? Feel free to elaborate on your vote in the comments.

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Topic: Microsoft

Ed Burnette

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  • Almost certainly good

    Microsoft really seemed to be looking at a Yahoo takeover
    as a cure-all -- and when a company does that, it usually
    means that the company is going to drag down the outside
    firm. It either has no idea what to do with the property or
    a whole set of built-up illusions of what the other
    company is like (which likely explains Microsoft's bid in the
    first place).

    Yahoo might not be on fire, but I really wouldn't want to
    see Flickr or Yahoo News subsumed into Windows Live.
    And Microsoft is really losing its focus; I wonder whether
    they really want to be in the OS business!
    • Microsoft will morph into a media/entertainment company

      as the revenues from "one click fits all" OS's and apps declines.

      Agile and industry bespoke software is the new way, and they can't compete with that.

      This bid was all about desperation, confusion, market manipulation, fear of Google but at least a recognition that Yahoo is indeed a heavyweight with a direction.

      We can look forward to a week or so of anal-ysts talking about life purely from the short term greed perspective. The pigs will do a short term run on Yahoo (they only ever do short term). The medium term is now looking VERY dangerous for Microsoft. There'll be a run on Microsoft before too long. Vapourware and Alphaware isn't the same as RC1.

      A victory for Internet democracy. Well done Jerry. Well done Yahoo.
      • Internal drivers...

        Internal drivers inside Microsoft mean that 'what's best for Microsoft' isn't at the top of the agenda for the cabal of senior executives marshalling for position. If you're aligning yourself with a product group in anticipation of a 'split and sell', the LAST thing you want is for Microsoft to become a media / services company BEFORE you've made your money.

        It's all about assets, and the people squabbling over them are the same thieving selfish b*stards that stole everyone else's ideas, so don't expect them to show mercy to their own corporation when there's a buck to be made.

        Kinda poetic, don't you think...?
        David Gale
      • LOL...NT

  • RE: Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

    well, it's simple. the merger would never have done well, anyway. the yahoo techies would have never gotten along with the guys working for redmond (but located sometimes im mumbai). and even if they were able to start working together, either the DoJ, the chinese, or the EU would have never allowed the merger.
  • I made significant investment

    in the YUI tools available from developer.yahoo.com, and don't know what would happen to them if MS got a hold of them. I could just stay with the version I have but I want updates, and I'd rather have Yahoo be the one. My company's about to make some other major investments in these tools as well. And we've been moving away from MS software in general. YUI is excellent though, so I'd rather not lose that.
    • We build on FOSS

      for that very reaon.
      • FOSS is the future because it's about co-operation.

        Competition is the old model that Microsoft thrived under.

        Co-operation, when it's done right, achieves far more with the same resources than a model based on competition ever will.

        Competition, aka capitalism, is based on unlimited growth and unlimited resources. We're all slowly becoming very aware now that there is not unlimited resources. The petrol price at the pump now is but one sign of that.

        The only way to make the best out of resources that are not unlimited is through co-operation, which is what the FOSS model is based on.

        That's why FOSS is getting stronger every day now. The FOSS model results in a win for everyone who co-operates. That's why it's the future. That's why Microsoft is both working with the open source community much more now, as well as flailing about hopelessly looking for new revenue streams.
    • People use yahoo dev tools? wow!

      ...didnt know that.

      What i do know, is that yahoo stock dropped 15 bucks a share today, somewhere in the 23 dollar range. I wonder what it will be in a few weeks... 10?
  • Yahoo has led the way

    Many of the most useful tools on the internet were brought to us by Yahoo. I trust them more than Google or Microsoft. Both of them just copied other products, though admittedly, Google has done a better job on search. I would hate to see all of Yahoo's functionality subsumed and destroyed by Microsoft.
  • RE: Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

    One less monopoly to worry about. When does Apple die, so I can be completely satisfied!!!
    • Apple is a monopoly??

      Where was I when that happened?
  • RE: Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

    The merger between Microsoft and Yahoo made absolutely no sense at all. Steve Ballmer should be fired for even bringing it up. When is Microsoft going to get off the dime and start INNOVATING? Vista blows. Office is an also run. Zune is a waste of time. XBOX 360 has a steaming pile of disappointed owners. Microsoft really has nothing new that isn't a can of worms. Nothing that really shines. Nothing that compels people to go out and BUY Microsoft products with a great big smile on their faces. Nope. Nothing.
    sokushi jonez
  • No Microhoo for you:

    Both companies need to rethink and reorganize. There is a leadership / management failure at each of the companies. Both need to do a little creative destruction and clear out the dead wood.
  • RE: Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

    Yahoo will be gone in 5 years unless someone like Microsoft partners or buys them.
    • Don't count on that!

      Don't count on that! Yahoois old reliable, has a large user base, has plenty of advertisers. It may be a little different but still be there.
  • RE: Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

    I would have loved to short sell Yahoo on FRI morning on an uptick. I would be quite wealthy by now with Yahoo losing 20% off. But... Bill Gates is no dummy, he'll come back with a tender offer at much-much less than the $37 Yahoo wanted, even much less that the $34 MS final offer. I bet they'll pick it up at <$30 saving a few billion$.
    • maybe microsoft did sell short on yahoo (and banked baby)

      and perhaps they made a few more billion on that.

      is it possible that someone could plan something like that?
  • RE: Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

    I applaud Yahoo for not knuckling under to pressure from the hog - Microsoft. Like their CEO, I agree with him - it's the principle of the thing. Yahoo is a good product and once gobbled up by the "big guy" would wax into obscurity and would surely require hundreds of updates and service packs before the next releast appeared that didn't work.

    One for the little guy.....
  • RE: Poll: No Microhoo for you: Good or bad?

    Personally I think the shareholders of Yahoo are getting the short end of the stick. Yahoo management failed them miserably. I guess they won't have to pay taxes on their capital gains though.