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Matthew Miller started using a Pilot 1000 in 1997 and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since.

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 walkthrough

I was pleased with the iPhone 3.0 announcement and actually ended up purchasing a new iPhone 3G device for myself so I can take full advantage of the new operating system. Rene Ritchie posted a detailed walkthrough of the iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 software that has me wanting this update sooner rather than later. I know I could get all the updates, except for MMS and A2DP, on my original iPhone, but I actually use MMS quite a bit with my teenage daughters since they do not have data plans. I also use A2DP quite a bit on my Nokia devices to listen to music as I work out on the elliptical.

March 24, 2009 by

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Clash of the Touch Titans; iPhone 3G 3.0 vs. Palm Pre

As a service to my readers and as a way for me to lay out and figure out what may be the best of the touch-focused devices either available or coming soon from each of the major mobile operating systems I will be presenting you with five Clash of the Touch Titans articles that looks at the operating system, hardware, carriers, 3rd party applications, and overall functionality. The selected touch screen devices will each be pitted against the new iPhone 3.0 operating system update running on an iPhone 3G because it is currently the hottest device available at the moment. Those devices include the Palm Pre, HTC Magic, BlackBerry Storm, Samsung OMNIA HD, and HTC Touch Diamond2.

March 23, 2009 by


Carriers may have snubbed the Dell smartphone prototypes

A couple of months ago Andrew asked, "Would you buy a Dell smartphone? and apparently that may not be an option for quite some time, if ever. Dell has not yet issued any official statement regarding their possible smartphone plans, but an analyst stated that Dell was rejected by carriers after they saw a prototype and were not impressed. Dell was known to sell their Pocket PC devices at some of the lowest prices around and by taking this pricing scheme to phones there may not be enough of a profit margin for Dell or the carriers.

March 23, 2009 by


MobileTechRoundup show #166, New devices and missing social apps

James, Kevin, and myself were all a bit tired as we recorded MobileTechRoundup show #166 early this morning after a late night of watching March Madness. We started off the show by talking about how well CBS is supporting your ability to watch and follow the action just about anywhere. James has the Sony VAIO P in house for review and told us some of his first impressions. I also just picked up a new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 and offered some thoughts. The E71 may be coming to AT&T next week and Kevin voiced his frustrations with finding a Facebook application for S60. This raised the issue of the lack of social applications on S60 devices. Dell launched the Adamo this last week, but we aren't really sure if it is a good device at this time of economic uncertainty.

March 21, 2009 by


Nokia E71x to launch on AT&T on 24 March?

My current favorite Nokia device is the Nokia E71 (see my review) and I think it is the BEST S60 device I have every owned. It is sleek, solid, and a superb performer with only the camera serving as the weak point of the device. The Boy Genius Report has information that the E71x may finally be coming to the United States through a wireless carrier with a 24 March rumored launch on AT&T for US$199.99 after rebate and contract.

March 20, 2009 by


Update: RIM has nearly twice the Apple share, gap should continue to grow

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about the US smartphone market and in particular RIM (I may go buy a T-Mobile Curve 8900 soon) so it was quite timely when I read the excellent article from Michael Mace titled Watch out for RIM. I wanted to offer some of my thoughts concerning the US smartphone market and why RIM is the current leader and the one I think has the potential to move faster than Apple and others moving forward. The latest Gartner worldwide numbers show that RIM is number two, behind Nokia, with almost double the market share of Apple. I haven't seen any US specific numbers, but with the long history of BlackBerry devices here in the US I imagine their market share percentage in the US may be even great than double that of Apple.

March 19, 2009 by


Should Villanueva have posted to Twitter during NBA halftime?

Twitter popularity is growing and you can now find several celebrities and sports stars using this social networking service. It seems that Charlie Villanueva took it a bit far last week as he posted a Tweet at halftime of a NBA game. Villanueva is a player for the Milwaukee Bucks and the coach wasn't too happy with the Tweet being made during the game as he wants players to stay focused on the game and not be distracted. Twitter definitely can be a distraction and I have to make sure to turn off the stream when I need to crack down and get work done.

March 19, 2009 by


Three more HTC Google Android devices coming in 2009

I wrote up a comprehensive review of the T-Mobile G1 back in October and use the device a few times a month to see what is new and interesting in the Android space. I LOVE the notifications on the Android platform and this feature alone is almost compelling enough for me to suffer through the poor battery life and miserable memory management issues. I think the current hardware is targeted more at the mobile phone geek rather than the end consumer, but was pleased to read that three new HTC Android devices will arrive in 2009.

March 18, 2009 by


Where is the excitement and buzz for the Android Market?

I pop my T-Mobile SIM card into my T-Mobile G1 about once a week to see if there is anything interesting going on in the Android Market and I have to say there is not much that really excites me after almost 6 months of using the device. One of the reasons I purchased my G1 was because of the speculation and hype that the "open" nature of the Android OS would have developers churning out applications and taking the device to the next level. There were some excellent free applications available at or soon after launch, such as ShopSavvy, imeem Music, Bonsai Blast, PacMan, and The Weather Channel with the hope that priced applications would bring even more goodness to the platform. I personally have a few reasons that I have been hesitant to purchase applications from the Android Market and am curious if other G1 owners feel the same.

March 18, 2009 by