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Matthew Miller started using a Pilot 1000 in 1997 and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since.

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Motorola announces new MC55 enterprise digital assistant

Enterprise devices running Windows Mobile are quite common in the retail, healthcare, field service, and government spaces.Motorola announced their latest enterprise digital assistant (EDA), the MC55, that is the smallest and lightest such device with a 3.5 inch color touch screen display. There are two models available, one with and one without cellular capability, to fit the needs of the enterprise customer.

March 9, 2009 by


TouchDown provides push email for the T-Mobile G1 Android device

I've written about TouchDown for the Google Android a couple of times (here and here) and as I have said in those posts it gets better and better on a regular basis. I have been using beta versions and the latest available beta supports PUSH email, ability to send attachments, device-local drafts, and more. The folks at NitroDesk, Inc. were able to sign a licensing agreement with Microsoft to support direct push capability through Exchange ActiveSync. I think this is one of the first products for the G1 that provides this functionality, even though a couple others are working on it as well.

March 8, 2009 by


Microsoft Recite: useful, interesting, drop-dead simple and powerful

ZDNet colleague Zack Whittaker has a way of firing me up from time to time (check out my Windows Mobile post from last month) and he does it again this Friday with his Microsoft Recite post. I am not sure if it is because of Zack's foreign accent, the site says it is available in English (US) and not the English(UK), or maybe the particular Windows Mobile device he is using (Zack, what device do you have?), but Recite doesn't seem to work very well for him. On the other hand, I actually used it several times just this week on my Palm Treo Pro (I've been using this device more and more lately) and find it to be an awesome utility and find the technology behind the application to be quite powerful.

March 6, 2009 by


BlackBerry App World announced by RIM, PayPal required

Earlier today RIM announced that the upcoming BlackBerry software store would be known as BlackBerry App World. The site informed visitors to come back at 10:00 PM Eastern for more exciting news. After this time, the site was updated to its current design and let's you register to be one of the first to know when the store launches and also setup your PayPal account to enable purchases of applications. The site states that PayPal is needed to download BlackBerry App World.

March 4, 2009 by


Why does the Sprint Treo Pro get IE Mobile 6 on 15 March?

The Palm Treo Pro appeared on the Sprint site back in January, but it was then pulled down and never was released. Sprint and Palm now posted an official announcement that the Palm Treo Pro will be released on Sprint on 15 March. The Sprint Palm Treo Pro will be available for US$199.99 after US$100 instant rebate and US$100 mail-in rebate with an Everything or $30/month or higher data plan and a 2-year contract. The unlocked Treo Pro is still priced at US$549.The BIG news though is that this Treo Pro will have Internet Explorer Mobile 6 loaded as well. Will existing Treo Pro owners get this updated browser?

March 4, 2009 by


Hands-on image gallery and video of the Amazon iPhone Kindle software

I just posted about the Amazon Kindle iPhone application availability and now I'll take you on a walk through the software and let you also see how it works with a Kindle 2 device. As you can see in my image gallery the software is easy to use and gives you all your Kindle ebook content on the iPhone. I am not sure if newspapers or magazines are supported yet, but plan to try that out soon as well. You can see in the video how the Whispersync technology keeps the Kindle 2 and iPhone in sync so no matter where you are or what device you have with you at the moment (Kindle or iPhone) you can always maintain your current location in your book.

March 3, 2009 by


Amazon releases Kindle iPhone application and ebook readers rejoice!

I was reading my Twitter feed and stumbled upon a post by Rene announcing the new Kindle for iPhone application that you can now download for free (iTunes link) from the Apple App Store. Folks, this is BIG news for the ebook industry and came MUCH faster than I ever anticipated given that the Amazon Kindle 2 (check out my review) just started shipping last week. My Kindle 1 is now up for sale on ebay and it looks like my iPhone will now be a regular part of my gear. With the Kindle 2 and Whispersync technology the iPhone and Kindle 2 will make a perfect pair.

March 3, 2009 by


Evernote Mobile Web site optimized for Google Android browser

I've been waiting patiently to see Evernote come to Android and S60 and while there are still no native clients yet for these platforms, they did just launch a new G1-optimized website for Evernote. You need to visit with your G1 browser to access this new site. As you will see it does give you a much better experience than the standard mobile site.

March 3, 2009 by


Rumored HTC Maple hands-on strengthens release probability

I may have been a bit harsh on Microsoft regarding Windows Mobile 6.5, but the long time frame until release is extremely frustrating for someone like me who enjoys using Windows Mobile devices. While Microsoft stumbles through getting the operating system and services up and running, the manufacturers keep innovating and launching some cool products. We saw the rumored HTC roadmap and as I mentioned in that post the HTC Maple is one of the devices I am personally most excited about seeing released this year.

March 2, 2009 by