Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

Summary: Google Android 2.2 is coming this week to the HTC EVO 4G and some of us were able to get it a bit early. Adobe Flash plays well in the browser as you can see in my Popcap Games video.

TOPICS: Hardware, HTC, Mobility, Wi-Fi

I mentioned the excellent news that Sprint and HTC were rolling out the Google Android 2.2 update to HTC EVO 4G owners next week. On Friday, I read that HTC posted a version of the update that may have been for testing. Th news was on Twitter and I quickly grabbed the firmware update (that turns out to have the same version number as the upcoming release version) and successfully installed it on my EVO 4G. HTC later Tweeted that this version was not final and should not be installed so I may have to update again in a couple days. As you can see in my video below, Adobe Flash 10.1 is part of the update and allows me to play Popcap Games in the browser of my EVO 4G.

As you wait for the official OTA update to come out in a couple of days, I recommend you check out the extensive coverage of the Froyo update over on Android Central. Looking at the full list of features in the update and using Froyo on my EVO has me liking the new widgets, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, Gmail account switcher, and general speed up of the interface.

UPDATE: The official HTC Android 2.2 update is now rolling out OTA. Those of you who may have updated prematurely using the version HTC posted a couple of days ago can't apply this update, but HTC has stated they will help us get back on OTA track soon.

Topics: Hardware, HTC, Mobility, Wi-Fi

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  • RE: Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

    Wasn't Flash already on Android devices? I though that was the big selling point over iOS devices. Not that I consider it a selling point.
    • RE: Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

      Android 2.2 supports Flash 10.1 natively.
      EVO had flash support already from the HTC Sense overlay.
    • That was Flash Lite, not full Flash

      @dheady@... The previous version was just a limited version of Flash. With the Froyo update you get full Flash support.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Smartphones getting bigger; tablet computers smaller

    I keep wondering as smartphone screen sizes grow larger and tablet computer displays smaller if we'll reach that happy "sweet spot." Or maybe wireless device form factors will continue morphing.
  • RE: Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

    WOW...I had high hopes for flash! that video says it all. not accurate and slow to process. Congrats Adobe, you made Plants Vs Zombies look like an unresponive piece of shite.
  • RE: Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

    FroYo seems to have confused the Weather Widget. It does not always show weather for where the phone is and, in those circumstances, does not even recognize the name of the town when trying to enter it manually.
  • RE: Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

    Thank you Karmic_Relief as I thought I was doing something wrong as I noticed that too. My weather has my #1 city 30 miles away and #2 the one I put in manually. Iheartradio no longer works for me unless I have Wi-Fi turned on. I like the light on the cam but that's not worth losing programs on the phone. It appears that froyo 2.2 is not compatible with some of the programs already installed. I wish I could role back.
  • RE: Android 2.2 update brings Flash to the EVO 4G

    More provide that Android is going to be better than the iPhone. Great post my friend.