AT&T and Amazon out of stock of Lumia 900; Nokia succeeding in the U.S. so far

AT&T and Amazon out of stock of Lumia 900; Nokia succeeding in the U.S. so far

Summary: I continually say that you have to try a Windows Phone device to appreciate it and given the excellent sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 it looks like people are finally figuring out it is a great mobile OS.


Larry posted earlier about the "mixed sales" of the Nokia Lumia devices, but the mix is due to the result of sales in places like the UK. If you look at sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the U.S., then sales are outstanding and AT&T can't even keep the Lumia 900 on store shelves while Amazon is sold out of the Cyan model. T-Mobile is also reportedly doing well selling the Nokia Lumia 710 and people I know who have one love it.

The UK, and other countries outside the U.S., have a different retail system that is not as easy to keep focused on individual products. I also understand that Nokia's Symbian devices still do OK in that country where Symbian was never adopted here in the U.S.

The fact that the Lumia 900 sold something over 2 million in just the first few days and is a top seller at Amazon Wireless and doing well in retail stores should be very encouraging, especially given that Windows Phone is fighting an uphill battle against the established iOS and Android platforms. I find the news about the Lumia 900 encouraging as a fan of Windows Phone and given that Nokia is working closely with Microsoft I expect to see MUCH better devices with Apollo later this year. Keep in mind, it is just now a year ago that Stephen Elop announced the Windows Phone partnership and they already launched the first LTE Windows Phone in the U.S.

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  • that's a manufactured shortage

    to make Nokia and M$ look 'good'!
    Any sane person would buy android over windoze no matter what.
    The Linux Geek
    • ORLY?

      I love buying a device that will most likely NEVER see a true software upgrade in its life. That's obviously the sane man's choice.
      • To which are you referring to

        Are you referring to Androids that never get updated? Otherwise, you are clearly misinformed and deserve the negative ratings.
    • Don't you ever get tired

      of being wrong?
      • The guy is having fun at your expense...

        He's here just for the sarcasm and the joy of riling up people like you, who get defensive with the slightest of instigation. Linux Geek knows how to pull your chains, and he's loving it.
  • Microsoft needs to keep the momentum going...

    Glad to hear the Nokias are selling well. It's a great-looking phone with a great-looking OS. There's still a storm brewing, however, about whether these devices will be upgradeable to Apollo (Windows Phone 8), and Microsoft should address this issue as soon as they have an answer. They really don't want something like that to break the momentum.

    As a Windows Phone owner & fan, I'm glad to hear some good news! :)

    Now if only Microsoft could persuade RIM to jump on the Windows Phone train as well...
    • RIM

      I've heard several current RIM device owners who'd like to continue to have a keyboard on their device. A WP device with a physical keyboard would have appeal for them. Not sure that adding RIM is necessary for that, though - Nokia bringing out a great phone with it would do the job, too. Other than that, I don't see much RIM would bring to the table that makes me want to have a second 'best friend' of WP. I suppose a little competition couldn't hurt, as long as it doesn't diffuse focus too much in the process.
      • RIM & Microsoft could attack the enterprise together...

        I think Microsoft could use the Nokia partnership to target the consumer market, and a partnership with RIM to target the enterprise (where Microsoft & RIM still have a lot of "street cred"). Essentially, RIM would become a hardware vendor, thus saving costs on not having to spend as much money on R&D on the software side. RIM could also create business-centric apps exclusive to Windows Phone (Blackberry Messenger, etc).

        Like Nokia, RIM would definitely take a hit for a few quarters while the transition took place, but eventually I think they could claw their way back because it was such a beloved brand for so long. I mean, what's the alternative? If someone doesn't throw RIM a lifeline, they'll almost surely be extinct in a few years.
    • The Lumia 710 that a consumer bought for $50 cost Microsoft $230

      "It appears that a large number of phones that Nokia shipped were Lumia 700 series. You can typically buy these phones for about $50 with a contract. The Lumia 710 that a consumer bought for $50 cost Microsoft $230; its ironic for a company that once was the king of software."
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Old Article...

        This is an old article before the Lumia 900 came out so it's outdated!
      • With Contract.

        Note the key words: With a contract. T-Mobile subsidizes the things. Nokia probably gets quite a bit more than that per phone.

        Edit: There's also the fact that the article you've referred to is nonsense - it attributes the payments Microsoft makes to Nokia to volume sold, which makes no sense whatsoever if you know the prior history of the deal.
  • Do you guys and gals get together and chat before you write your articles?

    The reason I wonder is it would seem to me that you'd save a lot of time and effort if you did and came to a determination before hand... Like say is the Lumina selling well or not? Then chime in reasons your "think tank" came to that conclusion.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • You didn't even read it did you.

      It's selling well in the US. It's not selling well outside the US.
      • I did and would like to know where...

        Come to western Los Angeles where it seems we have plenty to go around (at least the Best Buy and ATT store near me).

  • AT&T and Amazon out of stock of Lumia 900; Nokia succeeding in the U.S. so

    It's sold out yet we are still going to see articles written by your colleagues trying to discourage the use of Windows Phone 7. This is very encouraging for both Microsoft and Nokia. I love those commercials I've been seeing about how people were a beta testers then the guy pulls out the Nokia Lumia 900. Cracks me up every time.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • It's still going to fail

      and when it does I'm going to blast you in my blog like I always do you retard.
      • YAK YAK YAK. You keep talking like

        you think what you say is important to people.

        It isn't. You're just the last one to realize that.
        William Farrel
      • And

        We'll keep right on voting down the FUD, lies, distortions, and the fresh steaming pile of crap you spew here. And whatever point you may have had is now completely invalidated with the insults.
      • Why

        Do you have Empirical data proving your comment as to the fate Of the Lumia 900.
    • beta testing phones...

      I never could figure that commercial out, the only phone I saw looked like an iphone 4s. and no one is buying the lumia except 1-3 yr olds and people over 70, as they are the only people that need a screen that size to display three things on it at a time. metro looks like they stole the idea from fisher price.

      since metro launched I have started to boycott all new MS products, and I've been a Microsoft Partner for 8 years. I tell people to get out before it is too late and the giant ugly squares come for you. Maybe metro would have worked in 1986...