Bible App by YouVersion crosses the 50 million installed milestone

Bible App by YouVersion crosses the 50 million installed milestone

Summary: Many applications today are available on multiple platforms, which helps them achieve higher installation milestones. YouVersion's Bible App just passed the 50 million installed level, which is quite an achievement.


As readers know, I use devices running nearly all mobile operating systems and lately have been spending most of my time with Android on the HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus, with iOS on my iPhone 4S, and with Windows Phone on my Nokia Lumia 900. As a multi-platform user, I try to find applications that I can use on any platform and just heard some great news about one application that I load up first when I pull a new device out of the box.

The Bible App by YouVersion is an essential application for me since it allows me to complete my daily Bible reading and devotionals and keep track of my progress across all my devices. They just announced that the Bible App has been installed on over 50 million mobile devices, more than double what they achieved at this time last year. As you can see in their chart, the application is being installed at an astounding rate. To celebrate this achievement, they just launched an interesting website,, that gives you a live look at what is going on in the YouVersion community around the world. TechCrunch also posted on this achievement and includes a video with YouVersion co-founder Bobby Gruenewald.

The application and references that you read with it are all completely FREE. One aspect that I often enjoy while commuting on the train is the ability to have the Bible read aloud to you, supported in many translations, which is a great way to stay focused on the content.

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  • That's a lot of right wing

    nuts. Now if they all could simply see that the road to truth and morality is through science and not an invisible man in the sky and put their faith in it instead, the world would be a much better place.
    • Why?

      Why does, when someone talk about religion, other people have the need to call it "right wing" whatever? It seems to me the most intolerant people are the non-Christian crowd (generally speaking of course)...

      Regardless of that, you can have a relationship with HIM, and then you will understand the truth...
      • Why? - Because it is bronze age philosophy and out of date

        dtfamily - Of course the most intolerant people are the "non-Christian crowd". That is the whole point of intolerance in the face of ignorance. Superstition and deity worship are ancient man-made concepts that deluded people hang on to today in spite of the irrationality and plain inaccuracies within scriptural texts.
    • None So Blind As They That Will Not See

      True Science and True Religion never vary, nay not one scintilla. When you've found one, you've found the other. Absolute, ultimate, supreme Truth/Lord Jesus Christ is indivisible.
      • Indeed - The blind are the delusional believers

        PreachJohn - I have not read so much nonsense in a long time, "True Science and True Religion never vary". Science is a methodology to ascertain understanding and religion is a institutionalized system grounded in belief of the supernatural. They simply couldn't be further apart.
        BTW Jesus never existed. Rome cooked the books.
  • Excellent Application

    I live YouVersion. It's not surprising to see it do so well.
  • Downloaded

    I downloaded it about a month ago, Really like it. Lots of options for daily reading.
  • Please release a Youversion for Nook Color!

    I have multiple Bibles on my Nook, but none can search like the Youversion. I have been waiting for a Nook Color release for a while now. Is there going to be one.
  • Taking notes offline

    I would kindly request for Youversion to add offline ability to take notes, since in my Android tablet not all the time I have a hot spot to get connected to the Internet.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Concordance or Study Bibles

    This is my favorite app.

    I'd love to see a concordance or even a version of the Ryrie Study Bible, with hyperlinks.
  • Does it have a Delusion Meter??

    Does it highlight the parts that promote genocide, misogyny, homophobia etc? Does it list the contradictions? Does it "teach the controversy" that Jesus was modelled on Mithras the Sun God (who was actually "born" on the 25 Dec, had 12 disciples, died to redeem and rose 3 days later)?
    • Guess what?

      I just prayed for you!! Wow.... your studies have you completely fooled. Everything you mentioned above is warped and totally twisted from what God's Word says. And why didn't you LIST the contradictions? There are none! Genocide, misogyny, and homophobia (of which none of these word are in the Bible) I believe are referring to everything in the OLD Testament which has many laws that "The Church" placed to try and have people show their commitment to God. Also ALL of those things are NOT GOD's will and plan for us. I HIGHLY suggest reading MORE of the word. Also, Jesus was NOT "modeled" after anyone but GOD (His Father). The teachings of Mithras (or Sun God) have been placed in others teachings to try and tie it to Jesus. This is a Wiccan teaching. Also the Bible does NOT teach that Jesus' birthday was on the 25th at all. This date was originally focused on for some other "god" under the Pagan rule. It was later challenged by the Christian faith and it was decided that Dec 25th was going to be the "designated" date to celebrate Jesus's birth date.
    • Why do you put this in here?

      You are only showing that you have bought-into several of the 'delusions' or misinformation that some college classrooms deceptively throw-in to whatever subject is being taught. You must be extremely careful when you turn around and promote false information that you aren't being much worse than the folks who you are trying to con.
  • Since 2008

    Good review, I've used the Bible App since first getting an iPod touch in 2008 and now on my Android phone.