Consuming thoughts of a smartphone addict; do I accept or refuse delivery of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE?

Consuming thoughts of a smartphone addict; do I accept or refuse delivery of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE?

Summary: I wish it was easier to make choices about smartphones and carriers, but it seems no one can get it done just perfectly for me so I hold many internal debates in my head as I try to figure out what is best for me.


I currently have a pre-ordered Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE out for delivery and have been holding an internal debate in my head trying to decide if I want to refuse shipment or accept it and add Sprint to my wireless carrier collection. This post consists of the thoughts in my head and I figured it may help me reach a decision if I write it all down and get some reader input. The peace of mind of truly unlimited voice, data, and text messaging is offset by dismal current 3G speeds in the 1 Mbps range.

The only real reason I am holding back is due to the current lack of any LTE coverage and the fact I have no idea when it may be coming to Washington State. If I had some confidence, or even a hint really, that I would see LTE in the next 2-4 months then I would be fine with waiting. I understand that all existing non-WiMAX devices, including the very popular Apple iPhone 4S, all are operating at 3G on Sprint, but after experiencing the HSPA+ 3G speeds on T-Mobile and AT&T (4G is just a marketing term for HSPA+) it may be tough for me to accept the slower Sprint 3G speeds.

Then again, I do not stream video content or really do much that needs the super fast speeds, primarily because performing functions like this eats away at the data caps much faster. It seems that having a faster data network changes people's usage practices, thus contributing to more data consumption (something I am sure carriers like for the fees, but dislike for the congestion). I generally tend to use 2GB to 3GB a month on each wireless carrier, but when LTE does come to Sprint I may use more since it will be faster and also be unlimited. I also just traded away my Verizon iPhone 4S for a LTE Galaxy Nexus and realized I have been using Verizon's same speed 3G network with my iPhone since late last year and wasn't particularly bothered by those 3G speeds.

I really like the HTC One X and in my opinion the HTC EVO 4G LTE makes it even better with the kickstand, physical camera button, full NFC capability with Google Wallet, and removable storage capability. The EVO 4G LTE still has all the other great aspects, such as the fabulous display, solid camera, Beats Audio support, Sense 4, and more.

OK, after writing this all out, I am leaning heavily towards accepting delivery and taking the EVO 4G LTE for a spin. Don't even get me started on what I am thinking about doing with my new AT&T service, existing Verizon service, and long time T-Mobile account :) Sprint, if you want to help ensure I keep the device and sign on permanently would you mind giving me some hints about when I can expect LTE in the Puget Sound region? Do any of you readers have opinions on my thought process that might help me with my decision? Please vote in the poll below to help me out with my final decision.

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  • I would Refuse

    It is a cool phone and the unlimited everything is nice, but I don't think that LTE will be available any time soon in the Pacific Northwest, and by the time it is there will be way cooler phones.
    • True, in 6 months there might be very cool hardware

      Yes, if I see LTE in 6 months (or later) we will likely see iOS 6, Android Jelly Bean, Windows Phone Apollo, and maybe even BB OS 10 devices come out that may have me regretting this device.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Reject it

        I don't think Sprint would rollout LTE anytime. I had EVO4G and now EVO3d,. Sprint Promised that they would fix 4G in my area many times, but no luck. I don't just believe sprint any more. They were not able to fix WiMax in their own state, how could they provide LTE to total country in 6 months. I would reject that phone and wait for few more months. You would see better hardware sooner than you think.
        Ram U
  • LTE may be coming sooner than you think

    When it comes to Sprint's LTE rollout, you probably should pay more attention to AT&T's rollout rather than Sprint's. Why? Roaming service agreements. Your LTE Sprint phone will work on AT&T's LTE network just fine, however you are limited to 5GB of data. Going with Sprint for LTE is a great option down the road because you can use either Sprint's native LTE towers or AT&T's. I called Sprint customer service and verified this, you may do so as well to verify.
    • Sprint LTE Roaming on AT&T?

      This shuld prove interesting, assumg it is possible at all. My understanding is that Sprint's LTE phones are 1900 MHz FDD-LTE (and maybe 2600 MHz TDD-LTE) and maybe 800 MHz but not 700 MHz, either LTE-band class 17 (AT&T) or class 13 (VZW). I guess i need to spec out the band class support on this phone to see.
      • Hopefully it will work

        I had a lengthy call with Sprint customer support and was assured of this, even given the 5GB data limit for roaming on AT&T's LTE network.
  • Deal with the addiction, not the choices it presents to indulge it

    You will NEVER be satisfied with any device until you do.

    You have a day job, so why do you need the angst!
  • Too late ?

    This may be too late, but it looks as if that phone has Android ICS 4.x (not sure which other phones you have that have that). I would say that 1.0 MB of Bandwith isn't horrible if you aren't doing a lot of video. If you think owning that phone on that network will allow you to pass along useful information to Sprint customers and/or ICS 4.x users, then I say do so.
  • Test Market of Sprint 4G LTE in Waco TX

    I was in the Corporate Sprint Store in Waco thinking about upgrading to Iphone 4S when I asked about availability of EVO 4G LTE since I already have EVO 3D. The EVO 4G LTE phone had not yet been made available. However, the salesperson informed me that Waco was being tested with the 4G LTE. She pointed me to a Nexus phone with 4G LTE. It was fast especially when I brought up a Youtube video. I told her I would would wait for the EVO 4G LTE instead of upgrading to Iphone 4S. I look forward to using the EVO 4G LTE on 4G LTE Network. 8-)
  • Return to the real world

    What you should do is return to the real world, where real people simply cannot afford to have four phone contracts. Heck, I can't even manage two.

    So, I don't care what you do, because you don't live in the real world, where people have to pick one phone and stick with it for a couple of years, the world where picking the wrong phone is a huge deal, are stuck with it for a couple of years.

    When you come back down to planet Earth, then maybe I will care a tiny smidge about your dilemma.