CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

Summary: T-Mobile announced their 42 Mbps HSPA+ rollout plans and several new devices that will appeal to T-Mobile USA customers looking for fast data access.


While T-Mobile and AT&T move forward with working out their partnership and Sprint tries to get the government to stop the deal those of us on T-Mobile will continue to look to them for the latest and greatest devices and further HSPA+ rollout. Today at CTIA Wireless in Orlando T-Mobile USA announced the first markets for 42 Mbps HSPA+, the LG G2x, T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot, and the Rocket 3.0.

42 Mbps HSPA+

T-Mobile currently has a few devices supporting their 21 Mbps HSPA+ network and is working to roll out their theoretical 42 Mbps speed HSPA+ network. They will start with Las Vegas, New York and Orlando and then move to Chicago, more New York markets, and New Jersey. T-Mobile plans to cover 140 million Americans in 24 markets with their increased speed HSPA+ network. They announced plans to deliver 25 HSPA+ devices in 2011 with seven new ones coming this spring.

T-Mobile G2x

T-Mobile will be offering the new G2x from LG soon and this bad boy is powered by a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor with Android 2.2, a 4-inch display, 8 megapixel camera, and more. It looks like a slick device and if you are a T-Mobile customer one of your biggest challenges will be to find just one device you like.

T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot

Finally, we see T-Mobile offering a MiFi-like wireless access hotspot device with the T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot made by ZTE. This is a 21 Mbps-capable device and resembles a clamshell cell phone with a 2.64 ounce weight. You will be able to connect up to five devices from this hotspot device.

T-Mobile Rocket 3.0

T-Mobile will also be rolling out their Rocket 3.0 USB modem that supports the 42 Mbps network. This is a ZTE device, similar to the Rocket 2.0.

T-Mobile also reminds us that the T-Mobile G-Slate from LG and the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G are both coming soon. The G-Slate looks good on paper with the 8.9 inch display and Android 3.0, but I have to see one up close to judge whether or not it can knock my iPad 2 out of my hands.

T-Mobile definitely has a compelling lineup of devices and their network is second in speed to Verizon's new LTE network. I need to evaluate whether or not I need the extreme speeds of LTE on the new HTC ThunderBolt or if I can be satisfied with the T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot or even the G2x.

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  • Last Year's Model

    Wimax...Clear...all the way...
    • RE: CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

      Having both services I can guarantee that tmobile service is more reliable and faster.<br><br>When you stream beyond 5gb with Tmobile you get throttled ay 10gb. With Clear, after just 3gb your speed is throttled to 800 mbps.<br><br> And we are only taking about HSPA 7.2 and not six times faster HSPA+ 42
    • To where?

      @jabailo1 Clear is just a poor service. So they had to combine it with Sprint's poor service to make a less poor, but still weak network. I used to work in the wireless field and Clear's 4G network is just horrible. Also with Clear, when you leave a 4G area you are swapped onto 3G which is fine, but when you get back into a 4G area, you have to reconnect (that's how it was with the modems I worked with anyway).
  • Great, now you can hit your cap in 22 minutes instead of 2 hours

    We'll get to the point of multi-hundred dollar surcharge bills for watching Netflix movies or doing half a dozen video concalls. These data plans may help AT&T pay off debt and hand out bigger exec bonuses, but it will be a giant step back for mobile broadband innovation in America.
    terry flores
  • Don't buy any of these?

    If AT&T buys tmobile, wont these devices be useless? Since they will switch 1700band users to 850/1900. So 1700 can be used for LTE
    • RE: CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

      Unless regulators knock this deal down. ATT clearly stated they would have all Tmobile users switch to their bands.<br><br>Most devices are obsolete in a year. So if Tmobile offers a plan for a year it may be worthwhile, provide they offer these devices at a reduce price. As any smartphone with Tmobile's data bands have zero resale value.<br><br>Speed is great. Tmobile was doing all the right things to become a leader. And they go and botch a long term plan that would give them a larger marketshare. All they needed to do, was provided 3g coverage on interstates!<br><br>On a side note. I was planning on getting the G2X and the LG Pad, now I ask my self why? LG Pad with wifi only maybe, with T Mobile 3G/4G data bands, its a definate NO. I'll wait a year and see if the ATT deal goes through.. If it does bye bye I'm gone, If it doesn't I will consider options then.
  • Dang! One ugly phone.

    They tried ripping off the iPhone and got everything wrong. Doomed to FAIL!
    • RE: CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x


      Aside from the touchscreen, in what way is this even remotely like an iPhone? And if your point is that it's not, then how can they have ripped it off?
      Michael Kelly
  • the 3G/4G revolving-door of purchasing

    "I have to see one up close to judge whether or not it can knock my iPad 2 out of my hands." Let me get this straight: You just bought an iPad 2, but you'd consider new comers? I get the feeling that few of zdnet's columnists have children to raise or spouses to account to. Even if you'd recoup 85 percent of your iPad's investment, when is enough enough?
  • Do you really expect to anyone buy this &quot;very soon to be bricks???&quot;

    Why should I buy ANY of new T-Mobile devices if in a year they will be fancy,shiny,expensive pieces of garbage, with NO RESALE VALUE AT ALL!!!!!!!
    If the sale goes all the way and gets approved ATT have to give me the same plan for the same amount or something better, if not, well........I will go to a more affordable company.
    Shame on you T-Mobile USA....You sacrifice all your U.S. costumers just to "IMPROVE YOUR" EUROPEAN SERVICE???????"
    NO ATT, NO ATT, NO F.......ING WAY AT&T!!!!!!
  • RE: CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

    I have read that the G2x has specs that actually support the 3G frequencies of both T-mobile and AT&T. If this is true, it would make a purchase of this phone a lot easier to stomach. If the G-slate supports those frequencies as well, that would future proof the purchase of these devices.
  • RE: CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

    Most T-Mobile smartphones support the Quad Band of GSM, not just the dual band not supported by AT&T. I am confused why I would have to switch out my phone when AT&T takes over?
    • RE: CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

      @count_strahd66@... You only need to switch out your phone if you use data and want more then Edge speeds. If you don't need that then you're golden.
  • RE: CTIA 2011: T-Mobile announces 42 Mbps plans, 4G Hotspot device, and G2x

    IF they are aloud to merge, I have heard and read that they will loose a lot T-Mobile customers. I have a ATT Go phone because T-Mobile did not have service where I moved to, bummer. I HATE ATT as EVERYTHING that phone does cost me $$. I had T-Mobile everything and that was smooth, It had MORE all in included. My boss still has T-Mobile, he is like me from Europe, and the first thing he said was the curse word, NO WAY...I would suggest that T-Mobiles uses common sense and it Grunlichkeit and back off from such a bad move. ATT is very limited and puts caps on everything. Its support is awefull, and I know they make its people LIE just to get customers in contracts. More as half of themself do not have a clue what it is that their service is so how will you know what to expect. I was hoping that T-Mobile would beef up the towers and ad more, get the HSP+ devices out there and get back the awesome deals and great service. As it is now I might just concentrate on my computers and IP or VOIP phone service with WiMax II that is coming. Again bad move and if they go thru with this they WILL loose a majority of its customers, they being T-Mobile. I do not like ATT monopolies and arrogance. They do not care about its customers. Anyways QUAD band needs to STAY, so yes phones should be with the all in chips multiband etc.
    Enough said, T-mobile will be the bigest looser and gain NOT what they had hoped for, how can you if you only keep 8% stake in everything. Leave the sinking ships M8s ai ai ai ai what a PAIN