CTIA 2012: Samsung and AT&T announces the Focus 2 Windows Phone with LTE

CTIA 2012: Samsung and AT&T announces the Focus 2 Windows Phone with LTE

Summary: The new Samsung Focus 2 will take on the Nokia Lumia 900 at AT&T stores this month. AT&T will now have $50, $100, and $200 prices for their new LTE Windows Phone devices.


We can expect lots of mobile phone news from CTIA this week and the second announcement we see today comes from Samsung and AT&T with the Samsung Focus 2. As Ben Rudolph writes on the Windows Phone blog, the Focus 2 is a worthy upgrade to the Samsung Focus.

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The Samsung Focus 2 will be available on 20 May for just $49.99 with a two-year contract. Specifications for this sleek white phone include:

  • 4 inch Super AMOLED display
  • 1.4GHz processor
  • 5 megapixel camera and VGA front facing camera
  • LTE support on AT&T
  • Mobile hotspot capability

Much like the HTC Radar 4G, the Focus 2 looks like a decent starter Windows Phone device for AT&T. As we know, the specifications don't matter too much for Windows Phone devices since the OS flies even on original devices.

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  • Suited for average users

    This is the type of phone that an average smart phone user needs. Simple, fast and virus free.
  • Take on the Lumia?

    I'm not sure the Focus 2 and the Lumia are even in the same class. While my wife's Focus is merely a Focus Flash, I could not imagine a case in which I would pick a Focus over my Lumia. Specs are overrated, of course, but the Lumia definitely wins that one, and the general feel of the phone, too (granted, I've only seen this photo of the Focus 2). I think they'll not be direct contenders, but if they are, the Focus will only win with people who compare nothing but the in-store/online price tag.
    • Prep for the Focus 3

      That's the only thing I can figure. That way the numbering ends up in line with the Galaxy 3. Since the Focus 3 with WP8 will supposedly have the same specs are the Galaxy 3.
    • Focus S was a nice phone

      I really liked the Focus S size and weight... it was amazing how light that phone was - especially compared to the Lumia. When the Lumia 900 came out I jumped on it because of the LTE and front facing camera. With the Focus 2 it might have brought itself equal.
  • One spec that DOES matter...

    4G LTE and a $49.99 price tag.
  • I loved my samsung focus - and now my nokia lumaia 900.

    I love the Windows OS and think the new Samsung will be a good phone, it will be a lot lighter than the Nokia and I think that is a good thing. It will not beat the Lumia 900's great screen size and overall feel of quality though. It is amazing that the extra .3 makes such a difference on your screen, and the material of the phone is sexy to the touch. My Samsung Focus had a much more plastic feel, though it never failed on me in 1.5 years of use and having dopped it without a protective case on many occasions. The focus never had a screen protector and never scratched. I also like the rounded edges and lighter weight of the Focus for game play, I found Hydro Thunder easier to play on my Focus.
    There is one thing that I don't miss on the Focus and it would be enough to stop me from recommending it. The original focus had hard button locations on two sides. On the Nokia they are all on one side - a far better setup. I used to accidentally hit buttons on the Focus, not on the Nokia. It was also hard to pass the Focus to show photos, people would always hit buttons by accident.

    Both phones are great choices, just do some in-store hand holding and you will know which one if for you.
  • AT&T is doing a great job

    First with iphone and first with decent windows phones offering.

    Verizon please stop playing catch up with devices, I'd drop you in a second if you werent the one that happen to buy up the right company that had coverage in my area.