Dell Venue Pro now available for purchase, I ordered mine

Dell Venue Pro now available for purchase, I ordered mine

Summary: The Dell Venue Pro is now available for ordering from Dell in the 8GB and 16GB capacities. You can order with or without activation for mid-December shipping.

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As you know I bought the HTC HD7 from T-Mobile and am reasonably pleased with it after almost 30 days. However, there are some quality issues with the hardware and I think it could have been much better. I just saw this morning that the 16GB Dell Venue Pro became available for purchase from Dell directly so I just ordered one for myself for $499.99. You can get the 8GB one for $50 less, but without the ability to expand the memory there is no way I would recommend that model. BTW, I found this Dell coupon code for 10% off that knocked the $50 off my 16GB model anyway, FMQLSTFF34SVV5. Keep in mind this coupon expires after 2,000 uses, but I was able to use it just a few minutes ago.

I am particularly interested in testing out the camera, QWERTY keyboard, and 4.1 inch OLED display. I held the Dell Venue Pro for a few minutes a couple months ago and like the feel of the hardware. I think it may be a bit unbalanced with the slide-up display, but I will let you all know as soon as it arrives. It is supposed to ship out by the 9th of December so I may have it in hand the 13th.

With new activation you can get the 16GB model for $149.99 and the 8GB one for $99.99, compared to the $449.99 and $499.99 without new activation. Keep in mind this will only work via 3G data on T-Mobile USA and not with AT&T. This is only the 2nd option T-Mobile customers have while AT&T customers currently have three choices.

Topics: Hardware, Dell

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  • RE: Dell Venue Pro now available for purchase, I ordered mine

    Something about Windows Phone 7 screams "dork."
  • RE: Dell Venue Pro now available for purchase, I ordered mine

    I just ordered mine as well. Thanks for the coupon code.
  • RE: Dell Venue Pro now available for purchase, I ordered mine

    Now I'm having second thoughts about my HTC HD7 purchase. This device looks pretty awesome!
  • Huge size, poor resolution, thick, low battery

    Also, the screen is just AMOLED, not SuperAMOLED, which could compete with three-layers-glued-together-IPS that Apple uses (that is, again, if they could make (Super)AMOLED screens with good resolution such as in iPhone 4).
    • Haha, great arguments!!

      @denisrs <br>Funny how when I compared my HTC Touch Diamond to the iPhone at the time and stated that iPhone sucked because it was huge and had a poor resolution, I was told that those things didn't matter.<br><br>Huh.<br><br>Now suddenly these things are critical.<br><br>Interesting.<br><br>Cue.<br><br>The.<br><br>Double.<br><br>Standards.

      PS Oh yeah, the other thing that didn't count was the number of applications that the platform supported. Oh yeah, multi-tasking didn't count either. Right, now I remember that copy and paste was just a useless feature too!!!
  • RE: Dell Venue Pro now available for purchase, I ordered mine

    Matthew I look forward to you review and videos about this Dell Venue Pro phone. Even though I'm an AT&T customer and can't switch to T-Mobile right now, I still like the looks of this phone and if it turns out to be a good one I would hope to see a version of it make its way over to AT&T.

    I happen to like WP7 a lot and it doesn't seem dorky to me having played around with a Samsung Focus and HTC Surround at the AT&T store. I didn't care for the LG at all. So right now I'm leaning toward a WP7 as my upgrade soon over Android or iPhone.

    I'm kicking myself a bit because up until yesterday Amazon Wireless was selling an upgrade HTC Surround for $50 but now its up to $99 (Focus is $129 upgrade down from $199). But I really loved the screen and thinness of the Focus when trying them both out.