Evernote helps Android users remember new people with Hello app

Evernote helps Android users remember new people with Hello app

Summary: I believe our smartphones should work for us and enhance our lives so when I see apps like Hello I get excited about what developers can do to make this a reality. If you have trouble remembering people you meet, then install this free application now.


I am horrible at remembering people I meet at events, parties, church, and other places so I thought it was great when Evernote released their Hello application for iOS devices back in December. However, I no longer have an iPhone so I lost that service, until now. Today, Evernote announced the release of Evernote Hello for Android so now I am up and running again on my HTC One X.

There is more flexibility and depth that a company can add to Android apps since there are not as many restrictions as there are for iOS. Thus, the Hello for Android app is not simply a port of the iOS app, but is a new application that has several enhancements. A major improvement is the integration of LinkedIn so you can capture professional relationships with folks you meet quickly and easily.

Here are some new features, as stated by the folks at Evernote:

  • LinkedIn: by connecting your account with 'Hello,' you can quickly build rich profiles
  • Calendars, call history, SMS: Hello uses other functionalities (calendar, recent calls, texts) on your phone to predict the people you are about to meet
  • Emails from 'Hello:' reinforce the new connection by sending an email from 'Hello' with your information and a photo

As you can see on the screenshot I took last night as I was testing out the new application, Evernote Hello isn't just a contact database. It integrates location and context so you can record "Encounters" with folks and have this information synced to your Evernote account. I find it much easier to remember people if I know when and where I last met them or interacted with them.

There are three main components to 'Hello.'

  1. The people you meet
  2. The mosaic of encounters (to help recognize people by faces)
  3. Your profile

As you can see in the video and on the Evernote site, Hello is one of those applications made for smartphones to do the work for you and really serve as your personal assistant.

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  • Isn't it a little awkward...

    ...to ask someone you just met if you can take their picture because you'd have trouble remembering who they are if you don't?
    • I ditto that

      unless you are some law enforcement/informant official.
      Try that with your date. ;)
      The Linux Geek