Flash video playback coming to the iPhone through the Skyfire browser

Flash video playback coming to the iPhone through the Skyfire browser

Summary: Playing back Flash video is one area of weakness on the iPhone, but Skyfire hopes to solve this when their Skyfire 2.0 web browser gets approved by Apple.


Back in March we heard that Opera was working to bring their Opera Mini web browser to the iPhone and I said it was never going to happen. I was quite surprised then when Apple approved this 3rd party browser and will try not to make such an assumption again. One of my favorite browsers on my Android devices is Skyfire and last night they sent around news and a link to the YouTube video embedded below informing us that the Skyfire browser will be submitted to Apple's App Store and will be capable of playing Flash video while still complying with Apple's guidelines.

As stated in the press release, Skyfire 2.0 for the iPhone will support Flash video playback and also include the great social networking features we see in the Android version today. I do not believe that other Flash content is supported by this version of Skyfire.

Are any of you excited about seeing Skyfire on the iPhone?

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  • good job

    skyfire, extremely happy for flash videos to FINALLY hit my iPhone. Also, props to the video choices by the Skyfire guys who did the vid.
  • This isn't Flash on the iPhone. This is video conversion.

    This isn't Flash on the iPhone. This is a cloud-based video converter. I don't see how conversion of Flash video will help iPhone users to view the millions of sites using Flash for fancy menu systems.
  • Converter?


    I don't come off as a "dummy" but will the converter convert any video (such as live video) on the fly? Or are you speaking of all the non-video flash that is on the web?
  • Where does ZDNet find this idiots????

    You would expect that ZDNet would hire professional people who at least have a minimum amount of common knowledge about what they are talking about.

    There is a huge difference between being a fanboy of a product or brand (we kind of have a lot of them here), to being a complete IGNORANT of basic facts.

    Since when is converting a video format into another "playing Flash video"?? You have to be a complete COMPUTER ILLITERATE PERSON to think that a video format converter is a flash emulator for the iPhone.

    Here is a little education for the ignorant: FLASH IS NOT A VIDEO FORMAT.
  • RE: Flash video playback coming to the iPhone through the Skyfire browser

    Whoa, @wackoae ! Take a chill pill !
    The point is, that Skyfire DOES allow Flash Videos (call it what you want, but when I go to many sites to watch videos, they say that Flash Player must be installed) to be played on iPhones/Pads etc...
    It will bring Flash video content to those devices that couldn't get it before AND do so with Apple's blessing precisely BECAUSE it doesn't install Flash on the device. Author briefly touches on the fact that it may not play other Flash content.
    Now many of us Symbian and Windows Phone user know why we haven't gotten a decent Skyfire upgrade for some time, because Skyfire has chosen to develop for IOS. Hope they have the bugs worked out which affected video on the 1.5 version of Skyfire for Symbian and Windows Mobile, because after watching videos on those platforms for a short while, video and audio would lose sync and get jittery. Skyfire has also been available for Android for some time.