Full Office functionality coming soon to the iPhone

Full Office functionality coming soon to the iPhone

Summary: Applications for the Apple iPhone continue to be released at a rapid pace and it looks like DataViz may be the first to launch with a full Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) suite in its Documents To Go application. Evernote also continues to be updated and now supports offline note creation and storage for those times when you do not have a wireless connection available.


Full Office functionality coming soon to the iPhoneI've been using my T-Mobile G1 quite a bit lately and overall I am pretty happy with the device, but think it is more of a "hobby" phone right now rather than a reliable daily companion. The battery life and limited application storage memory are pretty limiting, as I mentioned a couple days ago. I pulled my original iPhone down from the dock where it has been serving as my home music server and took it on this current business trip with me to test out some new applications and games. I am finding that I enjoy using the iPhone quite a bit again and am liking the large number of 3rd party applications that are out or coming out to make it even more functional.

Over on The Apple Blog they mentioned that DataViz's Documents To Go is coming to the iPhone and you can even visit the DataViz site and sign up to be notified when it is available. Documents To Go gives you full Office document capability and should be awesome on the large display of the iPhone. Apple now just needs to issue an update to the Bluetooth driver so we can use external keyboards to make it a true business road warrior device.

In other iPhone application news, the amazing Evernote application continues to be updated and now supports offline note creation in version 1.4. This is great for the traveler who wants to create notes on the airplane or when out of signal range and then have them synced up when a wireless connection is made again. Check out the Evernote blog where they show how this works and also talk about the new handy tips option. Evernote is one of my favorite iPhone applications and just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to Michael Connick for the heads-up on this Evernote news.

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  • Battery

    Apple can add all it wants to the iPhone but until something can be done about the horrbly short battery life (other than frequent charging) no business person in his/her right mind would consider it. Although I'm not a really heavy user my phone has to be charged so frequently that I'm afraid to use it while away from my office for any length of time. More apps will only worsen the problem.
    • Im a serious business person

      I use my iphone all the time apps and all. The more you use
      the apps and the net the faster it does drain the battery but I
      simply plug it into my computer when at my desk.

      Would I like longer battery life... well yeh but I would with
      everything I have.

      Is this really such a big deal?
      David Turner
      • My Tilt Was The Same Way

        When I was using 3G, reading email, composing documents and using chat, the battery would drain fast. If I turned off 3G and just used it as a regular phone for talking and text, the battery lasted a lot longer.

        Same with my IPhone.
    • funny

      hasn't been a problem for me.... Even been using it between
      classes here playing some games and reading some stuff, as well
      as posting this, for several hours, and still almost fully charged. Do
      you leave Bluetooth, wifi, and the screen brightness max on or
      something, I use mine a full day all I need, which is quite a bit,
      and only once have had to stop using it before I got home
      because the indicator turned red. A charge at night seems to be
      fine, if I needed more than my iPhone can do, I' d bring a laptop
  • I disagree

    with anything there is give and take. The iPhones size is
    related to its screen. The battery option Apple choose
    makes it a true mobile device. In this I would even take
    exception with the author and say "An external keyboard!?
    !" WHY!!! The whole point of mobility is to carry less.
    Extra batteries and a keyboard just add weight and clutter.
    The iPhone comes with a battery that can easily be
    recharged and it comes with a functional keyboard. To
    add other pieces parts is to destroy the whole concept of
    mobility. Its a trade off sure but I personally think Apple
    choose the right one here.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • Because two handed typing is better than one.

      "'An external keyboard!?!' WHY!!!"

      Because my fingers aren't getting any smaller over time, and tapping out with one finger or a stylus is a pain. I carry a portable keyboard with me for my mobile device. It's a lot easier and faster to use both hands to input text. Especially for touch typists.

      The whole point of mobility is to carry less when you need to, which is not all the time. If I'm on foot, yeah, I'll use the built in keyboard on my mobile device. But if I'm somewhere where I have some desk space, I'll pull out my portable keyboard.
      • bluetooth drivers add to the bulk of the iPhone

        Didn't you realize that every additional line of code adds to the weight and size of the iPhone? Apple had to drop code to keep the iPhone mobile and functional bluetooth drivers were chosen for the ultimate sacrifice.

        Also, Apple has managed to convince our friend above that the lack of features is actually a feature in and of itself. The more things you can list off that a product doesn't have, the better that product must be.
        • And in this exhibit

          We have rabidus zealotrus. Note the oily skin and pustular
          complexion. The zealotrus is a foul little creature with a high-
          pitched whiny voice, a caustic venom and a foul stench.
          Fortunately, it's hideous nature and extremely offensive
          mannerisms make it easy to spot. Many historians believe the
          zealotrus is the inspiration for the mythical troll.

          Fortunately, the creature is quite easy to agitate, so if you're
          ready, we'll demonstrate the organism in one of its rages. The
          glass walls will protect you from its spittle.

          Ready? Good. Hand me that apple...
        • Silly boy....:P

          Never mentioned the drivers. Extra batteries and an external
          keyboard now there is clutter and or bulk. Things I'll likely
          misplace or loose. Added weight and pocket stuffers.
          THings I don't want in my mobile solutions. However how
          did you come up with drivers!?!

          That's just weird.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
        • I think you're confused.

          "Didn't you realize that every additional line of code adds to the weight and size of the iPhone?"

          Um, no. It uses memory, but doesn't add bulk to the phone. The iPhone has plenty of memory.
          • I was making fun of the OP's ridiculous apologies.

            He claimed that supporting bluetooth keyboards (which is what we are talking about here) would require some sort of mobility related sacrifice. I was ridiculing his assertion by suggesting that adding that support to the bluetooth drivers would somehow make the iPhone less mobile. Of course Apple could add that support without making the device bigger but in their frantic efforts to apologize for everything that Apple does, people like the OP end up making ludicrous statements.
          • No, what you were doing was...

            making a fool of yourself. Again.

            Aren't you the guy who's been complaining that the iPhone
            was [b]too big[/b] and [b] too heavy[/b]?

            But carrying around a keyboard is OK? Please, speak out
            of one side of your mouth at a time.

            You know, you really have to let go of that anti-Apple
            zealotry you so recently admitted to. You'll be able to
            think rationally.
      • I find I can use two hands or at least two thumbs

        I use the sides of my thumbs rather than the full surface and
        it works pretty well. Yet again my original comment stands
        everything in the case of a mobile device is a sacrifice. It all
        depends on your wants/needs. I want to try and be clutter
        free in my travels. It fits my nature.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • If I wanted sacrifices, I'd give up technology altogether.

          "Yet again my original comment stands everything in the case of a mobile device is a sacrifice."

          Strange how I was able to get a keyboard for my current device so I don't have to always make that sacrifice.

          If I wanted sacrifices, I'd give up technology altogether.

          "I want to try and be clutter free in my travels. It fits my nature."

          The keyboard is a fold up keyboard only a bit bigger than the device itself. Easily fits in a briefcase, suitcase, or backpack. I usually bring it when I'm bringing other stuff with me anyways.
    • Make it an option and lose the "trade-off"

      They make very functional, portable keyboards, which fit nicely in a breifcase, so while in the comfort of the hotel room, you could quickly and easily get some work done.

      There is no requirement that forces you to bring a keyboard along everywhere you go, but it would be nice to know that I would not be forced to use the tiny non qwerty on screen keyboard, as research has shown it to be less productive with the typical users.

      From what I have heard, Apple missed on this one.
      • I agree it can be an option. However like I said

        as the iPhone stands and is designed now it fits my model
        of a real good (NOT perfect) mobile device. No clutter, no
        carrying around do dads to make it work. I think an
        external keyboard should be made by some third party
        companies who should try to compete with one another
        and innovate on that level. Still even the thought of a brief
        case too me is to much. I like the idea of my portable
        computer system (The iPhone) sitting comfortably in my
        pocket. No muss, no fuss.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • A net book I might could go for.

        I leave this product to you guys.

        They don't go with my trifocles and my thumb joints start to hurt after a while if I really try to use something this size.
    • I have to partly disagree with you...

      The non user replaceable battery is an issue, it limits your possibilities, If you go on a short trip you may not need to carry an extra battery, however if you go on longer trips the extra battery might be a necessity.

      Also, what do you do while your phone is out getting it's battery replaced ????
      • As I read it the battery has an expected life of

        4 years or so. That gives it a life span similar to a hard
        drive in your laptop and or desktop computer. Now in
        both cases when the battery or hard drive goes for MOST
        people it is a show stopper. Most of the time you are out
        of luck by that time with your home even work system and
        have some down time to look forward too. With Apple you
        can get yourself a loaner iPhone and connected said to
        your computer system and download your information to
        the loaner and be on your way while the battery is replaced
        in your iPhone by Apple. I don't see it as being much
        different really. In fact over all it could be less bothersome
        than the average critical crash that occurs with other
        devices like hard drives and power supplies both of witch
        have limited life spans.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • The reality is

          by the time 4 years have passed, all the whiners complaining
          about the limited battery life will have bought the new product
          models anyway.