Galaxy Nexus, Titan II, Google Drive (MobileTechRoundup show #267)

Galaxy Nexus, Titan II, Google Drive (MobileTechRoundup show #267)

Summary: Kevin and I both have the Galaxy Nexus and are quite happy with this ICS smartphone and are pleased to see Google selling it again for just $399 with no contract.


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Kevin gave me the heads-up last week on the Google news that there were going to now sell the Galaxy Nexus for just $399 on their Play Store so we started of MobileTechRoundup show #267 talking about this strategy. Other topics covered in the podcast include:

  • Toshiba Excite 10LE – first thoughts
  • e-books with lights: Nook GlowLight vs the Kindle Touch case with integrated light
  • HTC Titan II, Matt likes it better than Nokia Lumia 900
  • Google Drive, do you use it?
  • Kindle Fire has 54.4% of Android market
  • More talk about StraightTalk plans

Topics: Google, Browser, Hardware, Mobility

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  • StraightTalk

    From what I understand, StraightTalk uses specific sims depending on whether you are using AT&T's network or T-mobiles network. You can't just change APN settings to use whichever network you want to use. This is just what I've picked up by reading XDA forums though, so I could very well be wrong as I don't use straighttalk myself.
  • happy?

    You're happy to strap $400 to your waist and walk about, casually setting it down on counters in public places perhaps/ (seen it happen). I can't imagine wanting to do that.
    • I'd be happy if my Galaxy Nexus

      would actually hold on to 4G and stop dropping calls.

      Hello Samsung? Anyone out there working on this?
  • reply

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