Google announces AT&T 3G capable Google Nexus One

Google announces AT&T 3G capable Google Nexus One

Summary: The outstanding Google Nexus One is coming to Verizon soon, but first we get a little surprise as Google announced an AT&T and Rogers Wireless Canada 3G capable model. Will this increase the sales of the Nexus One?


Back when the Google Nexus One was announced, we were told it would be coming to Vodafone and Verizon Wireless. In a bit of a surprise move, Google announced that AT&T and Roger Wireless customers can now buy the SIM-unlocked Google Nexus One and get full 3G data functionality. This new model is only sold at the $529 unlocked price and there are no subsidized options available. With Motorola and AT&T rolling out the crippled Backflip device as the first Android device on AT&T I think this announcement comes at a perfect time and imagine many of my AT&T friends will be jumping on the Nexus One. I personally love my Nexus One and think Google selling 135,000 in 74 days is quite an achievement and believe these sales will now increase with a larger AT&T network supported.

It will be interesting to hear how many iPhone users will be picking up a Google Nexus One as they wait for a possible iPhone upgrade later this summer. This new model supports three 3G/UMTS bands (850/1900/2100 MHz) and four GSM radio frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). I also look forward to hearing if AT&T customers are having any issue with the 3G signal not being as good as it should be on the Nexus One.

Are any readers planning to buy this new model Nexus One?

Topics: Hardware, Google, Mobility, AT&T, Wi-Fi

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  • so much for "do no evil"

    looks just a little like an iPhone don't ya think???? the most outrageous
    example of corporate backstabbing and just flat out thievery i can
    think of. put a Google numb nuts on the Apple board in the spirit of
    mutual cooperation then walk off with the family jewels. shameful.
    this company needs to be taken down a few notches. it exposes yet
    again Google's lack of internal creativity at Google. come to think of it,
    it's hard to name something Google truly innovated. search? no. that
    was yahoo. email? no that was aol. mapping and trip planning? no that
    was map quest. iPhone? no that was iPhone. Google has a habit of
    ripping off other concepts and products and parading around like a
    bunch of genious innovators. their great genious is getting the rest of
    to buy into the charade. we used to blame the chinese for such things.
    i've never seen such shameless unethical thieving even from the
    Chinese. for the record i own a blackberry.
    • lol calm down

      If we just stuck with the same company making the phone that everyone uses, nothing would get improved. It is the differences and new advances that companies create with new products that improve the overall market. The iphone was truly the golden standard of what a phone should be. But it isn't perfect.

      I praise Google if anything. It will help Apple step up their game even more in the future.
      • very odd logic

        i enjoy your sense of humour as well. theft is OK as long as the theft results in some kind of improvement - for the theif. By that logic, if i steal someone's car and take it to the car wash it's all good. Let's ask Mr. jobs if he sees this alleged benefit as you do.
        • everything is iterated to excellence

          it is shortsighted to think that yahoo created
          search. i can remember altavista before that.
          similarly, aol was not the first to create
          email, DARPA did. and please do not credit
          Apple for iPhone, Blackberry created the first
          email/pager/phone and handspring created the
          first smartphone and it had touchscreen with
          gestures though with a stylus. history is rich
          with irony.

          please ask steve jobs why he stole xerox's
          mouse and GUI?

          nobody can own an idea, one can only own the
          implementation of an idea. sadly, the idiots
          at the US Patent Office don't understand this
          fundamental fact.

          ps: i own an iPhone and love all things Apple.
    • "Looks just a little like an iPhone"?

      In what way?
      The fact that it is taller then it is wider? That the corners are rounded?
      That it has a foward facing touch screen display?
      Because it has icons?
      And a button on the bottom-front?

      So how many different ways can you design a smartphone, and still make it functional?

      If anything, it looks like early PDA's.

      Wait one moment; Talk about the most outrageous example of corporate backstabbing and just flat out thievery we can think of, It appears that Apple stole all those design ideas from companies like HP and Palm!
      • look further

        what Google has stolen goes well beyond the cosmetic details - which are striking. Google has stolen the entire concept and architecture of the iPhone. The Google android OS and the Google execution of the AP concept is a direct knock-off / clone from Apple. It rather reminds one of what they did to Yahoo, and Map Quest, and ......Perhaps Serge and Brin should be issued homorary Chinese passports. It is interesting to observe how pissy Google gets when someone steals their stuff. they seem to prefer to be on the other side of the equation.
    • Did you hear there is a thing called "Android"?

      What an ignorance! Did you happen to hear that
      there is a very successful line of smartphones
      called "Android phones"? Or maybe this two-year
      old news slipped away from your Apple-clogged
      Did you hear that Android platform is open-
      source (I bet you never heard about Cyanogen
      MOD), multi-task, original, based on Linux
      kernel, and quite different in philosophy from
    • Typical BB user...

      Blackberry users are an odd bunch. They love their outdated phone based on the outdate Java engine. So much so they bad mouth any technology that blows their phones out of the water. Sad.
      • actually..

        i don't particularly like my blackberry but i do respect their forward thinking in inventing the thing.
      • HTC Incredible

        I'm a BB user I can't stand it, come on HTC Incredible on Verizon
  • RE: Google announces AT&T 3G capable Google Nexus One

    Yes, i was planning to get an Nexus One from T+Mobile but
    thx to u now the new Model of the Nexus One will work on
    an At&t 3G service and next month my Verizon service will
    expired "gonna get that boom boom boom"
    • sounds like Nexus One marketing

      "gonna get that boom boom boom?" who's says that? they pay extra for
  • RE: Google announces AT&T 3G capable Google Nexus One

    Here's the problem with this though: unlike T-Mobile, AT&T doesn't offer you a lower plan rate or data plan for bringing your own unsubsidized device to their network. They can detect the Nexus One, as they have IMEI number, and they'll charge you the same monthly plan + data that a typical subsidized iPhone user pays.

    I'm all for unlocked devices, but in this particular scenario, other than the device itself, I can't see the financial upside.
    • RIGHT You Are....

      No monthly saving for ATT customers with Nexus one...You can't even find a plan on their site.
  • RE: Google announces AT&T 3G capable Google Nexus One

    the nexus one is surely better than Iphone
    • Better how?

      The article you linked to is about the Apple vs HTC lawsuit, how does that make the Nexus One better?

      Also with T-Mobile and I suspect with AT&T Google is imposing an early termination fee on top of what T-Mobile charges... how does that make the Nexus One better?

      Answer to both - it does NOT make the Nexus One better and the sales figures and tech support prove me right.
      • No contract.

        Unlike T-Mobile the Nexus One is not available
        with a contract from AT&T. It must be purchased at
        full price without subsidy. That means you can go
        month-to-month with AT&T without a commitment.

        You can also use an iPhone SIM.
  • RE: Google announces AT&T 3G capable Google Nexus One

    But is it $329 better?
  • RE: Google announces AT&T 3G capable Google Nexus One

    How did the first Google phone turn out?

    Buying the Google phone is like buying a cheap knockoff.

    The iPhone is the best phone with the worst carrier.
    strictly speaking about the phone and not the carrier, why would anyone want to purchase anything other than the iPhone?
    • Why?

      Because everyone in the country thinks just like you and would only ever want the same phone you use.