HTC Rezound coming to Verizon Wireless to challenge Galaxy Nexus

HTC Rezound coming to Verizon Wireless to challenge Galaxy Nexus

Summary: HTC held an event in New York this afternoon to announce the next generation of their Incredible look-alike black slab Android phone, the HTC Rezound.


I am not sure if HTC releasing a new phone every week or two is a good thing as even I am getting confused by all the different models, and I follow phone news. Today, HTC announced the HTC Rezound for Verizon Wireless that looks to be a 3rd generation HTC Incredible with impressive specs and that unique back cover. It also looks to be a competitor to the Galaxy Nexus, but launches with Gingerbread and not Ice Cream Sandwich.

The HTC Rezound has a 4.3 inch 1280x720 pixels resolution display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera, LTE radio, and Beats audio support. It's interesting that Verizon is also likely getting the Galaxy Nexus first here in the U.S. and I know if I had a choice the Galaxy Nexus would be the clear winner with ICS and likelihood of faster Android updates. Plus, it is hard to beat Samsung's Super AMOLED displays. We also don't have all the detailed specs on the Rezound, such as NFC support.

From the press release we see the following:

Today HTC announced the first and only phone in the U.S. with integrated Beats Audio™, the HTC Rezound. The HTC Rezound is a multimedia powerhouse with unparalleled audio and entertainment capabilities which allows customers to experience music and entertainment on-the-go like never before.

The HTC Rezound enables customers to hear music the way the artist intended with unique audio tuning that delivers thundering bass, soaring midrange and crisp highs with stunning clarity and incredible stereo sound. Unique to HTC, the HTC Rezound also includes a pair of new lightweight Beats™ headphones, created exclusively to integrate with the Beats’ Audio™ profile on the phone. One of the first smartphones from HTC to feature a true HD display, the HTC Rezound is perfect for enjoying high-quality entertainment on-the-go with a 4.3 inch LCD screen. The HTC Rezound also integrates HTC Watch, which puts an entire library of the latest premium movies and TV shows right at your fingertips. In addition, the HTC Rezound boasts an 8-megapixel camera featuring autofocus and dual LED flash with enhanced camera features, such as panoramic mode and action burst, to ensure you capture every moment – in the moment – this holiday season.

Featuring the latest version of HTC Sense™, the HTC Rezound allows customers to create a personal and intuitive user experience that matches their preferences and lifestyle. Equipped with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and access to Verizon Wireless’ lightning-fast 4G LTE network, the HTC Rezound enables customers to enjoy their favorite music and entertainment without compromising their speed or experience.

The HTC Rezound will be available beginning Nov. 14 at Verizon Wireless and at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores for $299.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

The HTC Rezound seems to have one of the higher end cameras seen recently in a few other HTC devices and also includes the Beats Audio technology. It is rather expensive at $299.99 and there appears to be a trend toward this $300 price point for the higher end devices.

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  • No Beats Audio On Windows Phones?

    Wonder why not? Oh, it's because Windows Phone is a selling point all by itself, you don't need anything else to persuade the punters to buy it.
    • RE: HTC Rezound coming to Verizon Wireless to challenge Galaxy Nexus

      @ldo17 On what planet? Microsoft's share of the smartphone market is STILL falling. They're under 2% in the last two quarters; last year, even before Windows 7 Phone shipped, they were still clinging on at almost 5%.

      I think it's more that Microsoft is targeting Windows 7 Phone at the know-nothings... people who don't really want a smartphone, don't even understand that they play music (much less why you'd want Beats Audio), etc. There are no high-end Windows 7 Phones yet... I think HTC reserves Beats Audio (good marketing term, not sure if it actually means anything) for high-end stuff. Even Nokia's recent announcements are for low-end and mid-range models at best, albeit with the model 800 tagged with a high end pricetag (same as the Motorola RAZR, $50 less than the iPhone 4S).

      Microsoft is failing fast... and that really has nothing to do, yet, with the relative merits or evils of the OS. At present, no one wants this, period.
  • RE: HTC Rezound coming to Verizon Wireless to challenge Galaxy Nexus

    why would anyone worry about paying 300 vs 200 when my fone is costing me $120 a mo. x12= 1440 a year. get the fone you want even if it costs 100 more out of 1440
  • HTC won't upgrade

    I have an original HTC Desire. Its a good phone (though with some bugs) but what gets me is that I'm on Android 2.2 - and theres no expectation that I will get an upgrade ever again. Until HTC improves its upgrade paths for its phones, I don't think I'll be buying another.
    • RE: HTC Rezound coming to Verizon Wireless to challenge Galaxy Nexus


      Then I suggest a HTC Windows Phone. Got mine when it came out and have had two updates without a problem.
    • RE: HTC Rezound coming to Verizon Wireless to challenge Galaxy Nexus

      @DonSMau Don't complain, just do it yourself. It is so easy to update your phone. Want Gingerbread? Want Ice Cream Sandwich??? It is available, just not from Verizon, Verizon doesn't want updates, they want you in a new phone with a new 2 year extension to your contract. I have had a good number of HTC phones, and there once was an HTC page that one could go get the updates and install them without Verizon's OTA service. Now to update check out:
  • nexus cant be chalenged

    the nexus s cant be chalenged eny time soon