HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

Summary: Windows Phone 7 rumors are heating up the Internet as we get close to a retail release of WP7. You will also see a WP7 book coming from Wiley later this year written by yours truly.


The HTC Windows Phone 7 rumor mill is churning fast and hard this week and while I try not to post too much on mobile phone rumors here I couldn't pass up this one since it will be the one I will buy if the rumors are true. We know that Windows Phone 7 is coming to the US within the next couple of months with speculation ranging from as early as mid-October to end of November. Photos, sketches, and possible specifications of the HTC HD3/HD7 appeared in some forums and show that this device has a 4.3 inch 800x480 display and looks a lot like HTC took the HTC EVO 4G and threw in Windows Phone 7, including the slick kickstand. HTC looks to actually have taken some cues from Nokia and the kickstand is integrated around the camera (like the Nokia N96, N86, and N900 designs).

The photos clearly indicate a HD3 label with Windows Phone stamped prominently on the back. Some of the specs that have been reported include next generation 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 720p video recording, 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and 8GB integrated storage. I am fine with all of the specs, except for the low 8GB storage. Microsoft does not allow external microSD storage cards on Windows Phone 7 so you only get whatever comes integrated into the device and with the Zune functionality 8GB is unacceptably low for storing lots of music and videos, not to mention the videos you capture in HD format on the device. Let's hope this is just an early prototype and that we will see a device like this launching with at least 16GB out of the box, preferably with 32GB.

BTW, recent events led me into a book project that has me sleeping very little for the next month. I am getting intimately familiar with the Windows Phone 7 operating system as I work like a mad man to complete the Windows Phone 7 Companion book from Wiley. As regular readers know I have always been a Windows Mobile fan, but have also been brutally honest about Microsoft and their mobile operating systems as one of the harsher critics too. I will continue to be honest with you and those who know me personally know they can trust me without any reservations.

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  • Good luck...

    With your book, and WP7. I'm excited for the phone, not for me but for my wife. I'll get the second version. Oh and don't forget to put me in your book ;oP
  • I personally can't wait.

    To play with one. Unfortunately my contract doesn't expire until November of next year, so hopefully by then WP7 will be on to some good things.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

    I am going to wait until they have an LTE model with at least 32GB of storage. Wireless Sync with the Zune software is also a must. This is the best thing about the Zune devices. It will be a shame if they do not have this built in.
    • RE: HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

      @sharkboyjohn Wireless sync of WP7 to your PC over WiFi is already available and demoed on the web too. Wireless sync of WP7 devices is also already available to the cloud at<br>In response to the Author's comment "I am fine with all of the specs, except for the low 8GB storage"...Well Microsoft has done its job in specifying minimum internal storage, it is up to OEMs to be smart and devliver multiple storage devices for each device to differentiate thier products. OEMs need to realize that some users do not need more than the 8GB minimum while others do. If MS did not set a minimum I bet we will see anything from 1GB storage and up. And it is for good reason that there will not be a MicroSD slot on any of these devices, just as Apple.
  • Now it all makes sense - follow the money trail.

    Now I understand the reason for the string of glorious Windows Phone 7 articles and reviews of late.
    • Ah, "Market Analyst"

      All facts up to this point indicated, with a 97.8 percent probability, that you would appear to place yet another, negative Microsoft comment in refernce to this article.

      I could not guarantee a 100 percent chance, as you could have been stopped by the staff at the mental institution from obtaining access to a computer terminal.
      Tim Cook
    • ZDNet, you need more checks and balances

      I direct this at ZDNet management.

      If someone is writing a book about a product, then they should not be doing reviews of that product. That should be made the rule.

      The reason? Well, imagine if a reviewer had previously reviewed a product and summarized that review by saying "don't bother with this disaster". If they then go on to write a book about that same product, the book won't sell. How-to books are directed at fanbois, and you can't sell a book if you offend them.

      So there is a powerful incentive for a reviewer not to be very critical of that product, to emphasize the good points, and minimize the bad points. I think the rule should be applied to all reviewers and all products. Thank you.
      • Look around at smartphone book authors

        @Market Analyst If you go to Amazon or other book sites and look around you will see that many authors of smartphone books (David Pogue, for example) are writers of other sites. Publishers look for those who can write and also are experts on the platform to get the best book written for readers. I highly doubt many of my readers here will buy or read the book since it is designed for the person who goes into the bookstore to figure out how to use their device and if you are a reader of this blog then you will most likely NEVER need to read or buy the book and have probably never purchased these types of books. Thus, the likelihood that talking about it here has any impact on sales is pretty low.

        As I said earlier too, there is very little incentive to emphasize the good points and gloss over the bad points here on ZDNet. I did not accept the project for the slim possibility of any royalties in the future and am writing it just based on what they were willing to pay for my time to pull it together. Have you ever written a book before? The fee is actually quite low compared to the extreme amount of work and hours behind the project, but I am not writing it for the monetary rewards. I enjoy writing and helping people out so I wanted to have an impact on the new user to Windows Phone 7 while also getting another published book. I wrote a Windows Mobile 2003 one several years ago too and if you read my blog then you know I was not overly positive about Windows Mobile in the past either.

        I challenge you to keep coming back here and checking out my writing because you WILL see that I am completely honest and I will tell readers the good and bad about the operating system.
        palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • Why even read my posts then?

      @Market Analyst As I stated above, this project appeared just within the past few weeks and was not something I actively sought out or proposed so ALL of my Windows Phone articles before this one were written with no book project or even a hint of one. If you look at other sites that have actually used Windows Phone 7, the vast majority are pleased with the new OS and find it to be a great improvement and quite exciting.

      Microsoft is not paying me anything to write the book and I took on the project assuming I would never receive any future royalties. If you don't think I can write objectively about Windows Phone, then don't read my articles about that operating system. I hope people can see my writing for what it is, my opinion and personal analysis of the smartphone marketplace. I don't own stock in any smartphone company and am not paid by any smartphone company.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • RE: HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

        @palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller) Market Analyst is a known Anti-WP7 blogger. It certainly pains him when ANYTHING is written that is positive regarding WP7. It's obvious he has a sense of fear of success of WP7 otherwise he wouldn't be so adamant to blog against it. I like to be objective and WP7 has a lot of positives and some obviously negatives. What phone doesn't? Writers such as yourself need to have an opinion. If a phone, printer, PC, or software package has more good points then bad report on them both. If you tend to like the good points why wouldn't someone point them out (as well as the bad points). It just happens that WP7 has a lot of good points. Just as the iPhone and Android have positive points it's only natural to point out those out in WP7. The KIN for example, had many BAD points that were expressed by many tech sites and deservedly so.

        Keep true to your opinion, point out what you feel are good points in WP7 and also the bad. However, if the good outweigh the bad, so be it.

        Good luck on your book!
      • You keep doing what you do

        @palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller) because that's what we're here for, to see honest opinions and/or reviews.

        You'll always have the Market Analyst's of the world making such claims, though his anti-MS stance is [b]so[/b] biased and unfactual, that [i][b]he[/b][/i] actually comes across (and has been questioned on) as the "paid shill", commenting for some competitor, like its his job.

        Then of course there are those that don't like anything MS, no matter how good and positive the actuall users feel about the product, and just hate hearing that people have other opinions that differ from their own.
        John Zern
  • RE: HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

    Don't think was debunked...according to the UI Design Guide for WP7 v2.0 - - page 100 - "Windows Phone 7 has other hardware features available not previously mentioned, including: Micro SD"
    • RE: HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project


      I've read similar on multi-tasking. I guess we'll just have to see when they come out. I've got until July 2012 before I start considering a new phone so by then any missing features will likely be added. We'll have to see how it stacks up to Android 9 and iOS6 at that point.
    • That would be great!

      @krushd Thanks for the info. I hope this is what is going on with this rumored HTC device because 8GB is really too low for a device focused on the media experience.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • RE: HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

    I'm quite tempted to see this new <a href="" target="_blank">HTC HD7</a> device, as it turns out it will pack pretty powerful hardware and I certainly hope that Microsoft will make their best for the new OS. It looks very promising and I'll probably consider at least testing this when it's available, instead of going straight for the iPhone 4 (which were my original intentions). @John Zern - you are quite right, based on my experience with MS products I switched to Mac 2 years ago, and since my iPhone, I couldn't find anything that matches my needs as well as apple devices do. BUT, people need change...