It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

Summary: Another free video calling service just launched for iPhone and Android devices. Tango works over 3G, 4G, and WiFi so connection issues should not be a concern.


I have used Qik and Fring in the past to make video calls and with my new iPod touch I can make calls to other supported iOS owners with Facetime. Another company is entering the video calling market with a free client that works on both iPhone and Android devices so calls between the two hottest mobile platforms can take place. I just downloaded Tango on my HTC EVO 4G and plan to find some friends to test it out with soon. Tango works over 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks so there are no limitations as long as your iPhone or Android device has a data connection.

As stated in the press release, features of Tango include:

  • Free, high-quality mobile video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi so you can talk from wherever you are, to anyone across the globe!
  • Tango between iPhones and Android phones
  • It’s easy to turn video on and off during a Tango call
  • Tango Contacts automatically populate from existing phone contact list
  • New profile not required
  • Swap the large and small screens to have a better view of what you’re showing
  • Works on phones with one or two cameras so you can see yourself and the friend you Tangoed, or just share what you see
  • Invite friends and others with one click by e-mail or text

As you can see, Tango works with both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS devices and Android devices like the Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO, HTC Incredible, and Google Nexus One. It is not clear if iPod touch devices are supported through WiFi, but these are not listed so I don't think they will work.

One of the features Tango lists that sets them apart is the ability to quickly and easily switch between a video call and a voice call. That way if the network is acting up or something you still have the ability to continue the call without video and this seems like a nice feature to have with the service. Has anyone tried Tango and what are your experiences with the program?

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  • From another online report on Tango as reviewed by Walt Mossberg

    Not having tried either FaceTime or Tango, all I can do is forward this Walt Mossberg review on his Tango experiences.

    "... But a number of smaller companies are scrambling to provide free video calling between mobile phones, and this week I?ve been testing a new entry that aims to be more versatile, and almost as simple, as FaceTime. It?s called Tango, and comes from a year-old Silicon Valley start-up of the same name. Tango launches on Thursday. To use it, you download a free app from either Apple?s app store or the Android Market," Mossberg reports. "In my tests, Tango worked as promised, and was simple to use. But the quality of its video calls was uneven, and only a few of my calls matched my best experiences with FaceTime, which, while hardly perfect, was better. "

    But thanks for this info, non-the-less.
    • This reminds me of the accusations against MS

      Remember when MS got in trouble because Word worked better in Windows than Word Perfect and it turned out that MS was using undocumented APIs?

      Guess what folks, Apple gets to use undocumented APIs with FaceTime to ensure that all competitor apps don't work as well.

      But I'm sure it is okay in this case.

      After all, it is Apple being anti-competitive.

      So that's okay.
      • It's not anti-competitive...

        Apple is protecting their a$$, errrrrr, App Store, and their lock on the customer's $ati$faction by making sure their apps work seamlessly!
      • RE: It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango


        So you've jumped to a conclusion without fact. Good for you.

        FYI. tried it over HSPA+ and found the video really good. Good job by Tango

        Works really we
      • LOL LOL LOL!!! There is PLENTY of fact!!

        [i]So you've jumped to a conclusion without fact.[/i]

        Do you deny that Apple gets to use undocumented iOS APIs? Think carefully now or do you need for me to list the many, many, many examples where built in Apple apps have access to functionality that no 3rd party application is given access to?
      • Those Inglorious Bastards

        Sometimes you gotta like those "double standards". Grin.

        BTW .. your point was news to me .. but it makes sense.

        But didn't Apple say that they would make FaceTime protocols "open sourced" or an "open standard" for anyone wishing to use them?
      • RE: It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

        @NonZealot Evertime I get on this website you are on here complaining about apple. You sound like a little girl. You seem to know every fact about them. Are you an ex employee? You have GOT to have something better to do with your freetime. I really need to know what you plan to accomplish with your blabbering. Take your Sunday dress off and enjoy the great outdoors.
      • RE: It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

        @seriously3456, LOL extremely funny post, and so freaking true about NonZealot I am LMAO!! Great stuff.
      • RE: It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

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  • RE: It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

    It sounds good as long as you carry a mirror so you can see your display and the phone's camera can see you.
  • Motorola Cliq... any day now

    Gimme gimme! oh wait, this likely requires a decent OS, and my Motorola Cliq is stuck in the stone age...
  • RE: It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

    i wanna know plz how to download tango on HTC phone .....and i can download viber wast up skype
  • RE: It takes two iPhone or Android phones to Tango

    plz i need a help how can i download tango or viber on HTC mobile plz