Kin Media Sync for Mac now available

Kin Media Sync for Mac now available

Summary: Now that the Microsoft Kin devices are available in retail stores we see even more functionality being added to the Kin experience. Mark/Space released their free Kin sync client so you can sync music, photos, and video.


While my daughters really enjoyed the Zune functionality on the Microsoft Kin they were disappointed that they could not put their purchased iTunes music on the devices. I understood that a 3rd party client was coming, but it was not available over this past week. We now hear that the Kin Media Sync tool from Mark/Space is now available as a free download for Kin owners.

With this new Kin Media Sync for Mac application you can sync your iTunes music, photos, and movies between your Kin and Mac computer. You simply fill out the registration form with your name and email address to get a free registration code. Mark/Space is well known for creating sync clients for the Mac so it makes sense that Microsoft used a known entity to help in this area and the tool looks quite capable.

As a Zune HD and Mac owner, my first thought was that this tool could be used to sync up my Zune in some way, but unfortunately this does not work so don't worry about trying it out.

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  • Where is the sync for Google and Yahoo? Doesn't exist

    Microsoft allows you to download and sync your address book contacts with Microsoft's own Hotmail / Windows Live only. Nobody else's. The Microsoft Kin won't let you sync your address book with Gmail or Yahoo mail.