Kindle for Android coming this summer

Kindle for Android coming this summer

Summary: Kindle for Android is coming this summer to the Google Android platform, with support for purchasing books within the application. You will be able to sync your last read page too.


I am becoming more and more of a Google Android smartphone fan the more I use my Google Nexus One so I am always looking out for new applications. I am also an ebook fan so I was pleased to finally hear confirmation that Kindle for Android is coming this summer. In addition to reading your existing Kindle content you will be able to purchase books from within the application.

Other features revealed for the Kindle for Android application include:

  • Access to your existing Kindle library
  • Sync your last page read between the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Mac
  • Choose from five different font sizes
  • Read in portrait or landscape mode

You can find a Kindle for Android page up on Amazon and sign up to be notified when the app is available to download for free.

Thanks to Phone Scoop for the heads-up on the news.

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  • This will be interesting to see.

    It says supporting Android 1.6 and later, and they specifically mention several models of phone. It will be telling to see how the app performs across so many devices. Of course the "coming soon" is the really interesting part. Let's see what ships, when, and for whom.
  • "AmaTunes"

    Amazon has the potential to become "iTunes" (video, music, books, ...) for ANY device.

    The appeal of "AmaTunes" would be that you could presumably move between devices (Blackberries, Androids, iPhones, ...) without losing access to your media library.
  • What about windows?

    So it will not sync your last page read with Windows Kindle application?
  • Amazon is trying to reach as many as possible, but Kindle rules still...

    Amazon clearly is taking an approach that selling the books (and other media) are the main goal and not the hardware platform of Kindle. This makes a lot of sense. After all, universal compatibility will give Amazon the ability to sell more books and they are not in the business of hardware designing and manufacturing. Good for Amazon and those who own iPad. Having said that, I agree with an earlier post that Kindle's screen is far superior to most other devices with backlit LCD out there.

    On the note about Amazon, I recently came across an interesting table that details the discounts on Amazon.

    It is at <a href=""></a>

    Maybe someone will find it useful too. While you are there, I would suggest checking out the "Amazon Filler Item" among other things there when you get a chance. It's quite amusing.