New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

Summary: Windows Phone 7 is an amazing smartphone platform that people just seem to be unwilling to try. Why aren't people picking up WP7 smartphones?


We don't have any official sales numbers from Microsoft, carriers, or OEMs on Windows Phone sales, but as Ricardo posted there is some analyst research that indicates they haven't been selling like hotcakes or anything. Despite the apparent lackluster sales, my Dell Venue Pro is still my primary T-Mobile device. I know none of the Windows Phone 7 hardware has the latest and greatest specs, but they are rock solid stable, games are awesome, email is wonderful, Zune music changes the way you listen and enjoy music, and they get the job done. I seriously do not understand why they are not selling better and everyone I show it to or that I know has bought one loves it. Is it a matter or marketing or what?

AT&T and HTC announced the HD7S back in March and as reported by Rachel today it will launch on 5 June for $199.99. AT&T already has three other Windows Phone 7 devices, but the HD7 is the top WP7 seller so it is nice to see their customers get this choice now too.

Verizon customers have been waiting for a WP7 device that we saw traces of way back in December. As Mary Jo pointed out today, the HTC Trophy will launch on 26 May for $149.99. This is Verizon's first WP7 device and it looks pretty sweet. I have an eval unit on the way and will cover it more soon.

I know WP7 is lacking some things, such as tethering support, true multi-tasking like Android, and other new high end features, but it is a very enjoyable and refreshing experience that I wish others would try out. I cannot wait to see Nokia hardware (with services like Nokia Maps) running Windows Phone 7 and think they will be killer products.

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  • WP7 is the 2008 Android, or the 2011 Android Tablets

    First they ignore you, then they ridicule you then they fight you.
    • Nahh...

      @tatiGmail :<br><br>WP7 is the Amiga, NeXT (ironically) and BeOS of the 21st century. <br><br>Everybody who used those, loved them, but somehow the company couldn't pull them through. Most of the time, it was the lack of DOS support (go figure).<br><br>Nor did they have the clout to convince developers (BeOS had two browsers but no office suite).<br><br>Soon everybody (Windows, Mac, etc.) was way ahead of what was supposed to cutting edge. (e.g. AmigaOS, NeXT and BeOS were all object oriented, when Windows was C based. By 2000, Windows was full object oriented and also ran legacy apps).<br><br>It's ironic how the slayer became the slaughtered. <br><br>BTW: WP7 isn't that innovative. Inside there's a lackluster OS (Windows Embedded Compact 6.0 R2) with an awful driver model and too many development environments (Win32/COM, Compact Framework, Silverlight for Embedded and now XNA and Silverlight for Windows Phone). Add multitasking and you'll see where stability goes (down the drain).
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

        @cosuna You're a clueless sack of sh*t who has no idea what the hell he's talking about. We've already seen multitasking on WP7, and it's stability is rock solid and butter smooth.

        Your mother should be slapped every day for giving birth to a dumb bastard like you.
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

        @cosuna Keep telling yourself that. Amiga, Next, and BeOS never had billions of investment revenue on tap.
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care


        I don't agree with you, but I see what you mean. Actually, looking at the record breaking WP7 Marketplace growth and the growing number of registered developers at this stage, it seems developers don't need much convincing.

        This is probably thanks to the Windows Phone SDK with Silverlight and XNA in Visual Studio. Just one and arguably the best IDE. There's nothing lackluster about how smooth WP7 runs on an older chipset.

        First you thought WP7 was based on R3. Now it's R2. Who knows, next time you think it's DOS ;-)

        Anyway, even with 3rd party multitasking I expect Mango on WEC7 to only improve the already smooth experience for developers and consumers.
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care


        Windows C based? 2000 Object Oriented?

        Ok, you have no historical understanding of Windows and are mixing two separate OSes.

        Windows NT, built in 1991-1992 was portable C, and was originally and is today a full object based OS model - unlike any *nix type OS. (i.e. Linux, OS X, etc.) This is what the NT designers meant by extensibility, as they can add and do things to NT that is impossilbe on other OSes.

        Windows 1.x-Win9X/ME was a different OS, and was assembly based, didn't have a traditional OS model whatsoever, and was 'replaced' by Windows NT, which was the original design plans of Microsoft. None of this lineage of Windows exists today, and NONE of it was moved or used in Windows NT (NT4,2K,XP,Vista,7) - people somehow confuse that because WinXP looked and worked so well with Win9X generation applications that it was some 'merge' of the OSes, which did not happen.

        As for the success of WP7, it is not like BeOS or Amiga whatsoever. There is alot more to consider than what you see as being analogist to these products. WP7 is more like Windows 3.0 in its market model where the OEMs no longer have to deal with the OS, and just have to build hardware to meet the specifications of the OS requirments. It is the best of the consistency of the iPhone and extensibility of Android.

        PS The WP7 kernel is a mix of WinCE 6.0 R2 and WinCE 7.0, and with the latest update is more WinCE 7.0. The reason it wasn't WinCE 7.0 was the readiness of WinCE 7.0. WinCE is a good choice at this time for WP7 as it is was designed for light and fast with a rather smart and robust driver model that is inspired by NT. This is why WP7 can pull graphical numbers out of the GPUs in the devices that are up to 20 times Android on the SAME EXACT hardware. A small and elegant driver model is smart and why the overhead of Linux and the duct tape to keep it current creates a vast performance difference.

        The other good thing about WP7 is the Silverlight based OS model that is a true Object Oriented OS model (not just Object Based), and uses the .NET framework for moving the world from a concept of 'portable code' to a concept of 'portable applications' like JAVA has been trying to achieve for over 15 years and has failed. The .NET layer below the XNA and Silverlight on WP7 is why applications will no longer be locked to a single hardware or even OS model base, eventually running on desktop PCs and as we already see, the XBox easily.

        WP7 is the first step in .NET becoming what was originally intended for Vista with a managed .NET API model used for everything and was pulled back due to performance demands at the time, and instead making the .NET 3.x and WPF new API models a secondary part of what Vista brought.

        I like to hear people's opinions, and there are some things you are hitting on the head of the nail, but if you had more understanding and perspective you would have a better understanding to see what is going to happen with WP7 and Android and iOS and not be locked to simply analogies that are only somewhat relevant.
  • Well... saw my first WP7 in the wild. My niece has one...

    ... got it free as an upgrade. I played with it and seemed OK, and she seems to like it so certainly a competitor. However, considering this is the first one I've seen in the wild after -- how many months? -- one has to question if these phones are so good then why aren't they selling? After all, MS can't really hide behind the 'we don't have enough cash to promote it' banner.
    • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

      @BanjoPaterson <br><br>My experience in Aus is similar - I don't know any who owns one and I don't know anyone who plans to buy one. That, of course, is simply my experience, but it underscores the problems being experienced by MS - "no-one" owns one to show it to their friends and relatives and to thereby demonstrate its capabilities.

      I went to a Telstra store last week simply to have a look at WP7 phones. After playing with one for a while, there was nothing about it to tempt me to change . . .
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care


        Well I'm in OZ, have a WP7 phone and I know a number of people with WP7 and also some iphone users who are swapping at the end of their contract.
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care


        Well, there you go. Different people; different experiences :-)
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

        @ptorning Hi. I have a WP7 Samsung Focus. I also work for a sub-company of Optus. I just love it. The messaging experience on WP7 is better than iPhone and Android. The People's Hub is unique to it and its great. Office integration is unique and is good for entreprise users. I have seen iPhone infatuated users, here in the company, shift to Wp7 once they've started playing with it. Wp7 is a great and fresh device. Once Ms fix the update issue caused mainly by Samsung instability in firmware updates all will be sweet. Also very important is for Ms to launch the Mango update which will blow out the competition in my opinion. The main factor why Wp7 is not selling so good at the moment is because most sales person at retail outlets don't know how to sell Wp7. I went into Vodafone store in Chatswood and was shocked to be asked by a sales guy how to sell this phone! The guy did not know what was in it and how different it was. Microsoft really needs to work this and beef up their marketing. But that won't happen I guess until Mango Update is released sometimes in August I guess. Mostly people who are at the end of their contract might want to shift obviously. Wp7 is there to stay, that I am convinced of.
      • Smart Phones still a small percentage of market

        @ptorning...I see very few Smart Phones in the wild. In the enterprise I know many who own a Blackberry, but Androids, iPhones, WP7s not so much.

        I think Smart Phones are still such a small percentage of the market that every Smart Phone has a chance to gain market share.
      • Agreed.

        @ptorning : also there the feature set.

        Here in Mexico, Telcel was heavily promoting the LG Optimus 7 and the Samsung Omnia 7, mainly because Grupo Carso (owner of America Movil and Telcel) is a heavy Microsoft ally.

        They had stands everywhere. Lots of people saw the systems running. Not sure if anyone bought.

        Today, the Motorola Atrix is all the fuss, and all the WP7 stands are gone. Neither can you see iPhone 4 stands, but that sells by word of mouth. Android, well that's another story. Even children have them (Motorola FlipOut, SE Xperia X10 Mini, etc.)

        If Nokia can change this, they need to have several handsets out in very different form factors to attack on all fronts. I've doubt the platform can handle such diversity, but we should see if MS can pull this through.
      • Land of OZ...

        @tonymcs: Just kidding...

        Am sure the WP7 is selling well in some markets, not already dominated by Android or iDevices.
    • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

      You should really sit in the AT&T, and T-Mobile stores. The representatives there try to sell you iPhone or Android phone over WP7 by blathering about all the nonsense about Microsoft, forget about WP7 saying Microsoft doesn't have track record in support etc. all the nonsense. Initially AT&T was ok, but now they want to push Atrix, Infuse, Inspire if the user is not an Apple type over Windows Phone 7.
      Ram U
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

        i went to my local shop as well just to see how the reps sell the wp7s and as soon as i asked for it, the rep just stared at me and asked why would i want a wp7? then showed me the androids. i think they don't get much commission from wp7s
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

        I think this is one of the main reasons why WP7 are not selling as well. MS underestimated the power of direct sales influence.
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care


        Just like a lot of people, even people selling phones have their own 'religion' and 'biases'. If they have bought into Android or iOS, they will shove this at their customers too. It is Psych 101.

        Add in the lack of understanding and education of WP7 in these types of stores, and that WP7 is just lifiting off. It was very similar to seeing someone try to sell an Android based phone back in the v1.5 days, especially when they had iPhones to hand the customers.

        Also the largest cellular technologies in the US markets are CDMA and not GSM. So delaying the CDMA devices and Verizon basically having to be shoved by their business customers to even provide a phone hasn't helped.

        Microsoft has provided a solid OS model and technology platform that is easier for OEMs and Carriers, and they are still building on top of it. By the time Mango comes around, people will be starting to see what the initial platform is capable of in terms users can see and feel much easier, and the OEMs are already feeling the support and cost differences between it and Android, which are massive.

        WP7 is here for the long haul and will probably shove Android to be the OS/2 or BeOS of this generation, especially if Google continues to 'not get it' and keeps shoving the work on the backs of everyone else.
      • RE: New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care

        @Rama.NET In my opinion if there wasn't a Windows MOBILE, there would be no Android...
    • It has been out for 6 months, yet contracts last two years.

      A great many people waited until their contracts were up before purchasing Android phones, which is why that started slowly, also.

      I have four months left before I can upgrade, or I must pay an "early termination fee", which would not be logical.

      Tim Cook