NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

Summary: The NoDo update is rolling out to T-Mobile Windows Phone 7 devices and both of mine are now updated and rocking NoDo.

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I was all excited for nothing when I saw there was a software update for my HD7. Mary Jo then said people were getting NoDo just after the pre-NoDo update so I kept refreshing my Zune Desktop software to try to get it to show up and understand it is rolling out now for T-Mobile HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro owners. I couldn't wait so I used the method described over at WPCentral to spoof the Zune Desktop software and now have NoDo on both of my Windows Phone 7 devices.

I read online that people thought Microsoft would roll the two updates into one, but that might have just been rumor and not technically possible. I didn't mind performing two updates, especially considering how smooth they went. I still want OTA updates like I get with Symbian and Android though and am not the biggest fan of connected updates like iOS. Then again, it ensures that you have power to your device and probably lessens the chances that an idiot will mess it up.

The NoDo update is a 10-step process with a couple of reboots happening along the way. The longest step is step 7 where your entire device is backed up. While this may try your patience, I can confirm that on both of my devices they came out of the update process exactly as I had them configured before so this backup is definitely worth waiting for. Kudos to Microsoft for a seamless update process that works.

The WP7 NoDo (No Donuts) update includes the following:

  • Copy and Paste
  • Faster apps and games (Quicker response when launching and resuming)
  • Improved Marketplace search filters
  • WiFi improvements (MAC address filtering and WiFi profiles)
  • Outlook improvements (Exchange Server 2003 and email display names)
  • Messaging improvements (MMS and PIN-locked SIM issues)
  • Facebook/Camera/Audio improvements

While copy and paste is the most talked about update to WP7, I personally think the improved Marketplace filtering in searches will be used more by me. With this update you can now see only games and apps in your search results if you tap on Apps or Games and then tap the search button. Prior to this update a search would return apps, games, songs, albums, and artists so searching for an app or game was a pain when it was a common term with tens or hundreds of song results.

Unfortunately, AT&T customers are not yet getting the update so it is obvious that carriers do still have control over the update process and Microsoft doesn't seem to carry as much weight with them as what we have seen with Apple. I hope that all of you AT&T WP7 owners get the update soon. Maybe T-Mobile should have been the premier Windows Phone 7 launch partner.

What is your favorite new feature or improvement in NoDo?

Topics: Dell, Mobility

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  • Messaging Improvements (MMS)

    What does that entail? When i get sent a picture through MMS on t-mo UK. I have to go via a link and log in.

    Will this have been affected?
    • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

      that means you haven't had your sim card set for MMS, call up T-mobile and explain your problem and they will send you the correct settings
  • My two friends with WP7 got their update this morning.

    Speed is the biggest thing they noticed.

    CCP is the next and they are happy with the implementation. Both came from Android and find it light years ahead of Google's implementation. After using, it, CCP is not bad. It is not quite as good as iOS but it is close.
  • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

    As a Samsung user on AT&T I'm doubly screwed when it comes to updates lol.<br><br>Still, I'm happy with the device as is, so I am more annoyed on principle than I am about any actual slight.<br><br>I am curious to see the app loading improvements.
  • Maybe T-Mobile should have been the premier Windows Phone 7 launch partner.

  • Battery Life

    I recently bought a Focus and found that the battery life is very good, but not as good as an iPhone. Can someone post how is battery life after NoDo? Still the same, improved or got worst?
    • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

      Do a web search for optimizing battery life for your phone OS. The battery life can be extended to last for days depending on your usage and which features are selected.
  • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I followed WPCentral post and got it on my HD7. Now I hope AT&T would finish their testing soon and release the updates before the end of next week at least. My Focusx2 and Quantum are craving for those updates. My fav is overall faster experience. The phone responds much better than iPhone 4 and way better than Atrix 4G.
    Ram U
    • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

      I too hope that AT&T will finish their "testing". Most likely they are testing how long can they delay the update.
      • I just created account to add +1 to you.

  • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

    I will wait a bit for the second part of the update ;)
  • 10-step process with a couple of reboots!!!

    "Smooth" indeed. Very user friendly.
    • All automatic, no user interaction required

      @davepowell Maybe I wasn't clear, but the user did not have to do anything other than click a single button to initiate the update. All the other steps happened automatically, unlike Windows updates and others I have had to perform before.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

        @palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller) Thanks for the explanation!
  • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

    Wow. More and more users are getting more convinced with Windows Phone 7. I'm looking forward with this nodo update and specifically for the faster performance. I am not that excited with the copy and paste because I seldom use/need it. WP7 rocks!
    • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

      @iluvmsft <br>

      That's who can get the update are probably happy. Those who cannot yet get it might be more on the frustrated side. Enjoy your phone ;-)
      • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

        I resemble that remark, being on AT&T and with the Focus, it will be a while. Although at least MS updated their table to reflect the fact that AT&T will be done testing soon.
  • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

    Followed WPCentral post but I disabled cellular data in step 2 before clicking Updates in zune, and then disabled WiFi after 10-15 seconds of searching for updates. I have Dell Venue Pro.
  • RE: NoDo is rocking on my HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

    Matthew, since you now have NoDo applied, I would like to hear about the audio imrovements you listed in your post. I have HTC HD7 and I find the speakerphone on this to be pathetic. I am frequently in meeting and like to make audio notes in OneNote. Since the speakerphone is barely audible I find this phone difficult for use for my meetings and there is no call recorder app either for WP7. First, I was guessing that HD7 is plagued by this particular issue as many HD7 users have complained about it, but then I went to an AT&T store and found that speakerphone vol on Focus and other ATT WP7 phone also goes only upto level 10 in contrast to level 30 for playing music and video files. Although, ATT WP7 had a shade better speakerphone performance. So could you elaborate a bit more on the audio performance improvements here. Right now along with the speakerphone issue I am also facing poor cell signals and lack of WiFi calling on WP7. If speakerphone issue is not addressed by this update then I would be switching to android. So, please let me know if this update is worth any wait at this point for the issues I have. I got the Feb update early Tuesday, I believe in the first wave of updates, but waiting since for the March update and it's Wednesday night. Losing patience!!!!!
  • It was Scary

    I just read an article (about an hour and a half ago) and it said I could trick the phone into doing it, I had to turn off data connection and wifi, then plug into the zune sofware and proceed to checking for an update, after about 3 seconds turn off your pc's wireless. It started (hoorah) and get going up in the steps 1 - 10. At stage 6 I thought it was taking too long....and stage stage 8, 9 and by stage 10 I was almost in tears! And then it worked......amazing, It is a lot quicker with games zune software and generall interface and oh yeah it has copy and paste....would have rathered custom ringtones.

    All in all it took about an hour but it is well worth the wait! Viva la Windows Phone 7

    Im in Scotland using HD trophy on vodafone.