Nokia Maps for Lumia Windows Phones updated to version 2.0

Nokia Maps for Lumia Windows Phones updated to version 2.0

Summary: Nokia continues to differentiate and optimize the Lumia devices so that they are clearly the Windows Phone brand to purchase at this time. Nokia Maps gets a nice update to improve the functionality.


Last fall when the Nokia Lumia 800 was released I mentioned why Nokia Windows Phone devices were unique and since then we have seen even more exclusive Lumia content. At this point, if you are looking for a Windows Phone device Nokia is the one to get since they are the only manufacturer working to improve the Windows Phone experience. Today, Nokia updated Nokia Maps on Windows Phone to version 2.0 and I have it up and running on my Lumia 900.

Nokia Maps, through the Nokia Drive application, lets you experience GPS navigation whether you have a connection or not and is available for FREE on Nokia Lumia devices. They regularly update Nokia Maps and in today's 2.0 release we see the following:

  • Ability to add a photo to a place description and leave a review
  • Cross platform syncing of your favorites
  • Ability to pin directions and not just places or categories

As a Nokia N9 owner, I was pleased to see the cross platform syncing support that lets you sync your favorites across Windows Phone, Symbian, and MeeGo as well as with the mobile web version you can use on iOS and Android devices. You simply login to your Nokia account and all your favorites will appear. This is particularly handy when planning a trip since you can go online on a computer web browser and then setup favorites that you then simply select on your phone to navigate to.

I also forgot to previously mention that Bing Maps is now using Nokia Maps traffic and geocoding algorithms to make Bing Maps an even better product on Windows Phone for those that do not have Nokia Lumia devices.

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  • Looks nice

    I'll get to it later today on my 900!
  • Hurry up contract!!!

    I want a Lumia too, but I will have to wait until the Fall.
    • Wait

      I recommend you wait till Windows 8. Not too far off. The outcome will be well worth the wait.
      In the mean time, sell you existing one and buy something off of craigslist to keep yourself busy:).
  • Still Lumia Exclusive?

    I thought Maps was coming to all Windows Phones, but Drive was being held in reserve as Lumia exclusive.
    x I'm tc
  • Just Wait For Version 3.0!

    You ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait until the NEXT version comes out--that will be the REAL KILLER BREAKTHROUGH! And THEN, people will have NO EXCUSE not to buy Windows Phones???they will be rushing into the stores and FALLING OVER THEMSELVES to snap up the Lumias and all the other models! And they will FINALLY make Android and Apple look like the sad bunch of losers THEY REALLY ARE!