Nokia updates Nokia Email service and provides Map Loader for Macs

Nokia updates Nokia Email service and provides Map Loader for Macs

Summary: Nokia continues to improve their Nokia Email service and has taken it from Beta 2 to Beta 3 status with support for up to 6 email accounts and support for more devices. Nokia also continues to add functionality to their devices and Mac computers with the latest release in their Beta Labs of the Nokia Map Loader for Mac software.


Nokia updates Nokia Email service and provides Map Loader for MacsFor the past couple of weeks, my AT&T SIM has been living in my Palm Treo Pro (check out my full review) and I still really like the device, but wanted to jump back to S60 for a while. I now have my SIM in my Nokia E71 and discovered in my email archives that the Nokia Email service (check out my review) has gone from Beta 2 to Beta 3. They have been taking all the feedback we provided and there are some major updates and improvements in Beta 3.

The main differences between Beta 2 and Beta 3 are:

  • Nokia Email Service now supports multiple email addresses (up to 6)
  • Emails deleted on the device stay deleted – POP delete reconciliation, full IMAP fidelity
  • Nokia Email Service now runs on more devices with seven more added
  • Localization in multiple languages

I loaded it up on my E71 and am enjoying these added features. I still want to see more support for IMAP folder management with my Gmail account in a future update, but it is definitely getting better.

In other Nokia news, I read on the Symbian Guru site that Nokia Beta Labs added Nokia Map Loader support for the Mac users with S60 devices. I was quite excited to see this and plan to install it soon. You can now sideload maps directly to your device. I do this when I take overseas trips because I don't always have a data connection, yet with the maps preloaded on the device I can still use the GPS receiver and my S60 device to get around town.

Did you also know they have Nokia Multimedia Transfer for the Mac too. Hopefully someday we will see a full Mac Suite for S60 devices and if they keep adding these tools one by one it just may come to that.

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  • Nokia Email Service is Junk

    I downloaded and installed the email application on my smartphone. Everything went and looked great until I tried to use it.

    My phone locks up when the app is active, little circle is spinning.

    I keep getting errors about System -1, which tell me something is crashing and whomever published this software did not test it enough.

    Additionally emails I want to keep around disappear regardless of the option I choose in the settings.

    Did Nokia really make this app or is this some kind of joke?

    I am always a fan of their work but I now feel embarassed on Nokia's behalf.

    I'm also shocked that ZDNet users did not see any of these things.

  • RE: Nokia updates Nokia Email service and provides Map Loader for Macs

    I think ZDNet got some new phones from Nokia and it's blinding them to the awful experience in Nokia Email service