Opera Mini 5 beta comes to the Google Android platform

Opera Mini 5 beta comes to the Google Android platform

Summary: Opera continues to roll out its Opera Mini browser across all the smartphone platforms and adds support for Opera Mini 5 to the Google Android platform today. The browser is fast and functional, especially on a device like the Google Nexus One.


A great thing about having a rather open device like the Google Nexus One is that you have a lot of choices when it comes to software. Today, we see the launch of another alternative web browser that I have spent a few hours using on my Nexus One. Opera announced Opera Mini 5 for the Google Android platform this morning. Opera has two mobile browsing solutions, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, with Opera Mini being a server-based solution that gives you a very fast and cost/data efficient browser. There are currently over 50 million users of Opera Mini across a broad spectrum of mobile devices and this Android version is just the latest.

I was sent an early preview of this browser solution and am very pleased with its performance and capabilities. As I have mentioned before, I particularly like the Opera Link feature that lets me sync my bookmarks across desktop web browser and mobile devices for a consistent web browsing experience. You will find Opera Mini 5 on Android supporting Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, password manager, full screen browsing, and more. It looks and performs very well on the large AMOLED display of the Nexus One and is great to have when you are surfing on an EDGE connection like I often do on my trips to Alaska.

You can find this latest version of Opera Mini in the Android Market or point your default Android web browser to m.opera.com/next to get it.

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  • I still say NO THANKS

    I refuse to use Opera products given the kicking, screaming, and whining they did with Microsoft for free advertising and distribution. I'll use Dolphin Browser instead, it supports multi-touch.
    • Agreed

      I'm with you on that.
    • well THIS is your reason not to use it?

      I understand other people (but it's still beta..) but this that they was against microsoft bullying? It looks you are troll (one of them from this team that was hired to comment on every opera related article) or just do not understand how things work.
      This is for most people one EXTRA reason to use Opera, one of the few who had balls to bully with Microsoft - and they won (basically).
      Opera has been top of most web standard developments and new technologies - for long time. This that they refuse to use web bugs as "features" as other browsers, this does not make them bad.
      Yes.. there is few things i do not like in opera - thats why i use firefox sometimes whit addons that fill in the cap.
  • RE: Opera Mini 5 beta comes to the Google Android platform

    I'm glad to see it's made its way to Android, as that will be my next smartphone platform in the near future. I've used Opera's mobile browser for years on both smart and dumb phones, so having this option gives me yet another great reason to make my next smartphone purchase an Android.
  • RE: Opera Mini 5 beta comes to the Google Android platform

    I just tried it on my Droid. I didn't like it. Ugly screen fonts, clunky operation. Pages not formatted the same way as the included browser. I removed it.
  • Routes all content through Norway ... poor UserAgent ID

    Instead of just surfing the web like other Android browsers, Opera Mini seems to use a cache server in Norway. I have no desire to use a cache server that is collecting all my Internet activity.

    Also, the UserAgent ID string does not identify itself as "Android", so the browser is not recognized as an Android device on any web sites. Most sites will identify it as a mobile browser, which is definitely bad.

    These are non-starters for me. Not a good start.