Samsung announced Android Galaxy S smartphones for all major US carriers

Samsung announced Android Galaxy S smartphones for all major US carriers

Summary: The hottest mobile platform at this time is Google Android and Motorola, HTC, and Samsung and announcing and rolling out some hot smartphones. Samsung just announced three Galaxy S devices for Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile that give buyers who don't want an iPhone 4 great options.


AT&T and Apple just rolled out the iPhone 4 last Thursday and it will sell millions. However, some of us are not switching to AT&T to buy the iPhone 4 because the competition has caught up to and in some cases surpassed Apple in the smartphone market. Google Android devices are hot right now and three major competitors are Motorola, HTC and Samsung. Samsung just announced Google Android-based super smartphones for Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile while AT&T customers are left with really only the iPhone 4 as a choice. UPDATE: Samsung and AT&T announced the Captivate Galaxy S device the day before the iPhone 4 started shipping and I missed this news.

Galaxy S platform

All three of these feature-packed smartphones from Samsung are based on their Samsung Galaxy S design and I am quite sure they are going to be hot sellers for each carrier. All three have these same base specs:

  • Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor
  • 4 inch Super AMOLED display 480x800 capacitive display
  • Google Android 2.1 operating system
  • 5 megapixel camera with HD video (720p) support
  • Front facing camera with Qik video calling support
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.1 3.0
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Six-axis sensor for improved gaming experience
  • Swype text input keyboard
  • Samsung Social Hub
  • Samsung AllShare Application with DLNA support
  • Dimensions: 4.9 inches 2.54 inches x 0.56 inches and 5.46 ounces

T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant

The Samsung Vibrant is the T-Mobile USA version that is the same as the Galaxy S base platform with a full touchscreen interface. T-Mobile adds their touch mainly in the software and services, including a free The Sims 3 game, Avatar movie, MobiTV, Kindle for Android application, GoGo Inflight Internet support, and more. There does not appear to be any WiFi tethering options since T-Mobile USA does not yet officially offer that capability on any smartphone. The Samsung Vibrant will be available for $199.99 on July 21st and as a T-Mobile customer and Android fan I made sure my schedule is open for that day to pick one up for myself.

Verizon Samsung Fascinate

Much like T-Mobile's version the Verizon Samsung Fascinate is a full touchscreen Android smartphone with the same base specs. Verizon also adds in their carrier software and services, including V CAST Video on Demand, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, VZ Navigator, V CAST Tones, and visual voicemail. Other than the software and services, it is mostly the same as the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. No pricing or availability has yet been announced.

Sprint Epic 4G

The Sprint Epic 4G may be the top dog of these three with the same Samsung Galaxy S base, but with a full slider QWERTY keyboard and WiMAX wireless radio. Typical included Sprint services are Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, and Sprint Football Live. Mobile hotspot capability is included with the ability to share with up to five devices. Android 2.2 is also stated as coming soon to the Epic 4G and there is also the possibility it could be loaded when the phone launches in the "near future" for an as yet undisclosed price (most likely $199.99 which is the new high end smartphone standard).

I plan to buy the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile and am now trying to decide if I return my EVO 4G and wait for the Sprint Epic 4G to launch. I like QWERTY keyboards, but I have gotten so fast with Swype and the HTC keyboard that I may not need it as much as I did in the past. I also like that I can use one hand to enter text with a soft input keyboard. Then, there is also the fact that my EVO 4G has a kickstand I use all the time for watching video content.

AT&T Samsung Captivate

The AT&T Samsung Captivate will be the same form factor as the Verizon and T-Mobile versions with additional AT&T services such as AT&T Navigator, AT&T Address Book, and AT&T Family Map. There is no pricing or availability yet for the Captivate.

There are already some solid HTC (Incredible, EVO 4G, Nexus One, Aria) and Motorola (Droid, Driod X, Cliq, and Cliq XT) Google Android devices for each of these  carriers so it is great to see Samsung also launch highly competitive devices. It means if you do not want to switch to AT&T for the iPhone 4 that you can stay with your carrier and be perfectly happy with a high end Google Android device.

What we see here with the Samsung Galaxy S looks to be what was supposed to come from the Google Nexus One with the same device launching on all four major US wireless carriers. The Samsung Galaxy S looks like a very attractive option that I am considering on one or two carriers.

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  • Problems with ur article

    Hi Matthew
    Just a healthy feedback on ur article.

    1) First of all SGS supports Bluetooth 3.0 and not 2.1. Kindly make that change
    2) Very likely Verizon's fasciate, T-mo's Vibrant & AT&T's captivate are not going to have front-facing camera. See the above pic for Vibrant.
    3) can you kindly confirm if even Vibrant will support DLNA ? It should but just want to confirm.
    • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

      @mobileenthu look more closely...the camera is on the left side of the phone
    • Thanks, updated article

      @mobileenthu I swear I read in one of the press release that it was BT 2.1, but read in a couple others that it was 3.0 so I updated the article. T-Mobile's info lacks all of the details, but with 3 out 4 carrier phones and the base Galaxy S supporting DLNA I doubt Samsung would take it out for T-Mobile.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

    It looks like the only difference between the Galaxy X devices and the iPhone 4 is the OS and the screen which from what I've seen and read the retina screen on the iPhone 4 is better than the Galaxy X ones... The Vibrant (and Fascinate since it's supposed to be the VZW version of the Vibrant) looks almost identical to the older iPhone models, and the Epic 4 reminds me a lot of the old Instinct.

    I would love to see a decent Android-based device come to AT&T - the Backflip seemed to be a half hearted effort at best, more of a token Android device for AT&T to have rather than a serious competitor.
    • Few other differences between Galaxy S and iPhone 4

      @athynz:<br>1) battery time will be probably worse (how much tests will only tell) because of OS and some other features;<br>2) camera's sensor is not backslide and is smaller -- so quality of pictures will lack;<br>3) no gyroscope;<br>4) Qik video calling is so (yet) technically crippled and setup ugly that it is no way competitor to FaceTime;<br>5) less by default memory (though, unlike iPhone 4, expandable via microcard);
      6) more scratchy case (though less fragile).
      • But it makes phone calls!


        1) iPhone4 drops calls

        Game over.
      • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers


        1) Battery time will be better
        2)camera sensor IS backlight ( no mention of size how can you tell?)
        3) There IS a gyroscope
        4) We'll see about that
        5) memory is so cheap these days, iPhone 4 is limited
        6) "scratchy case" yeah but only temporary. Unlike iPhone 4's PERMANANT scratch prone glass on the front AND back. You have to send it to Apple just to get a replacement back. Wasted money, wasted time. With a plastic case, you can siimply replace it with another one.
        Also, Captivate has a REMOVABLE battery. Something you cant say iPhone 4 has. Again, need to ship it to Apple just to get a replacement. Pathetic.
      • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

        @trickytom and you know this how? The devices have not been released yet and as for the iPhone it's a software update away... or the purchase of a bumper away. But by all means please just troll away and contribute nothing to the discussion.
      • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

        1) no, it is impossible due to OS and some other features;
        2) backlit? I talk about backslide; also, if they did not mention the size, you are guaranteed that it is "normal tiny" as every other smartphone has; also, iPhone 4 has better warmer LED "flash" than cheaper coldish one Galaxy S will have; and, iPhone camera has wider viewing angle lenses;
        3) ? Specifications page does not mention it at all;
        5) in real life situation, common people will not be buying additional memory and bothering with managing it, so it matters;
        6) In real life people will send off/update their phones long before your battery will die (for the device of this class, it just two-three years of use). And, with 1.7m iPhones 4 sold, scratches promlem is infinitely minimal. People will have scratchless phones, while Galaxy S will look badly in just few months without the case. But, again, Galaxy S may survive somewhat better than iPhone 4 due to contruction.
      • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

        The Samsung Captivate is designed with a six-axis sensor that combines the smartphone?s accelerometer and gyroscope to provide a smooth, fluid gaming experience when the user is tilting the device up or down or panning the phone to the left or right.
        The Captivate?s user interface also supports a series of advanced touch screen gestures capabilities including multi-touch pinch, long tap and zoom and vertical and horizontal swiping.
      • Please try to be at least a little informed before criticizing


        try to be at least partially informed when you make corrections...

        1) Due to the SAMOLED and the different processor used, the battery is supposed to have alot more life... The actual times quoted by samsung are comparable or better than the iphone 4... sorry...
        2) not sure what the heck your talking about here.. but im going to assume your wrong since you seem to be wrong on every other point..
        3)The Captivate specifically states a Gyroscope as well do most of the other versions.. It is potentially even stock...
        4) so is only being able to use video calls on wifi... Fortunately there are lots of other video calling options out there for android users...
        5) Captivate comes with 16 gigs internal which is equivalent to the base iphone 4. to match the upper iphone 4 there is the sd card.. so i don't really see a big difference here..
        6) scratchy?? are you really going there based on iphone 4 reports?

        there is a reason such things were not included... because your opinion and speculation are pretty much totally incorrect..
    • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers


      Retina display has nothing on the Super AMOLED. Its only advantage is resolution. Everything else, it just can not compete with a much more superior technology like AMOLED.
      • Not only resolution, but also brightness under sun is better

        @ConceptVBS: the subject.
      • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

        @ConceptVBS Let's put the two side by side and compare - looks like I might be able to when the Galaxy comes to AT&T... otherwise forgive me if I refuse to take your word for it.
      • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

        Having seen the two side by side they are so close that is will be up to the user to decide. They are that close.

        One note: side by side the Samsung screen is definitely bigger. It makes the iPhone 4 screen look small and kind of old school.

        Personally I would take the Samsung screen due to its size.

        [i]disclaimer: personal opinions may vary...[/i]
    • Screen VS Screen

      I have read many reviews. Here's about what it averages about to so it comes down to preference.

      1) From a physics point of view Super AMOLED is about 30% more energy efficient (but Apple has a bigger battery).
      2) Super AMOLED appears more vibrant than the iPhone 4, especially in bright sun. (It is always close, the iPhone 4 was never "bad" or anything)
      3) The iPhone 4 has phenominal resolution but you have to move both phones close to the eyes to see a difference. At normal usage, the iPhone 4 wins, but the difference is slight.
      4) The iPhone has much better angle viewing
      5) Some think the AMOLED was oversaturated.

      It turns out, behind the scenes, Apple stayed with it's screen because Samsung would only have been able to (at full capacity) deliver 50-60% of what they would need.

      So, the bottom line, imho, you have fantablous VS gorgeous and really, the decision should come down to something else besides the screen in these two cases.

      I can post 20 links, just google for Iphone 4 vs super s amoled.

  • "Competition surpassed"? "Hottest platform"? Not yet by far

    <b>Just because AndroidOS displays widgets</b> and such it does not excuse its own shortcomings comparing to iOS 4.

    And, as of now, **any** Android hardware is outdated, comparing to iPhone 4.
    • That's True...


      The new Android devices don't have the iPhone's "call dropping" feature.
    • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers


      Outdated? How is it outdated?
    • RE: Hey AT&T, Samsung just announced Android smartphones for the other three carriers

      How so? My Nexus-One is sexy and awesome. Does not look or feel out-dated at all. In fact, it has a bigger screen than the much newer iPhone 4.