Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

Summary: Nokia may still be the worldwide leader in smartphone market share, but they seem to be all over the place. Can they drop MeeGo now in the early stages and launch high end Google Android devices successfully?


After Microsoft killed the Kin last week, it does make you stop and think about other mobile operating systems and devices that are out there competing in the smartphone market. Kevin Tofel put together a post that I think asks a valid question about Nokia and their future high end devices. Is it time for Nokia to dump MeeGo and embrace Android? I was pretty excited about my N900 and Maemo with the promise of Maemo 6, but then Nokia killed that off and partnered with Intel to announced MeeGo. I personally think the name is stupid, it reminds me of a caveman saying "Me go", and am not sold that it is the way for Nokia to move forward with their high end devices. Kevin makes a good argument for Nokia to consider putting Google Android on their high end devices, that could even translate well down to the mid and lower level devices.

Nokia is still the worldwide leader in market share for smartphones, but that has been on a fairly steady decline with no signs of a turn around any time soon. They appear to be resting on this leadership position while floundering around a bit trying to figure out a future strategy. I personally like their Symbian devices for the most part due to solid hardware, customizability, incredible RF reception, and various form factors, but after using the latest Google Android devices I don't see much need to use a Symbian device. The applications are mostly pathetic compared to Android and iPhone apps, their Ovi Store is incredibly lame and has a pathetic user interface, some of their latest hardware is missing key components (Nokia N97), and they have no presence here in the US. I have talked with developers who won't even work on Symbian apps because of all the variations in OS versions, even with the millions of customers available and I have to really wonder why a developer would focus on supporting Nokia devices when the iPhone and Android operating systems are taking off.

It seems that Nokia is a proud company and will hold onto the platforms they want to own and run, but I think it would be quite refreshing for them to give up on MeeGo and launch Google Android-based Nokia hardware. I would love to see an Android powered Nokia E73 or Nokia N8. What do you think about Nokia, MeeGo, and Google Android?

UPDATE: Here is a nice post from Ricky Cadden (who recently stopped writing the Symbian Guru blog after frustrations with Nokia and Symbian) who also agrees that Android would be good for Nokia.

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  • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

    That would go a long way in helping Nokia re-assert itself internationally. It is a simple case of comparative cost advantage, Nokia do not seem to have the advantage in creating the best mobile platforms - synergy with the Android will be a great move. There.
    • FYI: MeeGo is FREE

      I wish people would get educated before posting.
  • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

    yes they should. and very fast if they wanna stay afloat.

    Nokia makes excellent hardware, but that is not enough to compete with ANDROID and the iPhone.

    meego would have been a great initiative if there was no ANDROID, since the world now have ANDROID, meego looks just like a copy cat which will always be playing catch up.

    seriously, do they think they can get even close to ANDROID?
  • Alot of people don't want to be tied

    or associate with Google, maybe they're looking to get the people who would rather go someplace else.
    John Zern
  • No, they shouldnt; Google **shouldn't** be allowed to become another MS

    So no, Nokia should not refuse of MeeGoo (it almost ready) and <b>they will not</b>; and there is no need to have Google overpowering non-Apple segment of smartphones.<br><br>Lets be competition between Google, Nokia and Microsoft. <b>This is how Google will not be turned into another microsoft (for smartphones market).</b>
    • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

      @denisrs Google doesn't license Android. Google doesn't prevent companies from changing Android after the release of a version. It's not quite right to compare something that spreads because it's viral to something that spreads because it's shoved down your throat. Google also can't become a Microsoft in the mobile world due to the fact that Android is based on OSS software .. its the same way with Redhat, SuSE or Ubuntu .. none of which can become a Microsoft like entity.

      But Nokia would just be another hardware manufacture with a bit of value adds .. they might not survive anyway.
      • Still, Andoid is 100% proprietary with whole system controlled by Google

        @ben@...: I mean that there can be any contributors, but it is not different than with MacOS/iOS, which is based on OpenDarwin project.

        Google controls what should be and should be not in Android, and in AppMarket, everywhere. It has even power to install or de-install any applications on your Android smartphone, even though promises it will not abuse this power.
      • Android worshipers are a funny lot.


        Of course Android is licensed. Funny statement by someone that does not seem to understand software.
      • Very uneducated post

        Google OWNS the IP and copyright for most of the source code in Android. It is LICENSED under the Apache License, mixed with other proprietary licenses.

        I know this is beyond the intelligence level of many, but the GPL, Apache, BSD and ALL open source licenses are A LICENSE. Therefore, any user and distributor agrees to the adhere to the terms of the LICENSE and the owner of the copyright can pull the plug on them if they violate the terms of the contract. The OSS licenses have the same legal rights as commercial license.
    • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

      Is this written in pig latin ?
  • It's a quick fix

    But then Nokia becomes just another Android phone. That's not bad but can they, as a hardware manufacturer, compete against HTC and the like?
  • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

    To me the question is now much is Meego going to be like real Linux? To that end, if have the following thoughts that may prevent Meego from being problematic for Nokia:
    1) Web Browser Standardizes apps to being web applications. If Nokia makes Meego use pretty much standard browsers like Firefox (and eventually Chrome OS), HTML5, and other standards, then will that open up the many web based applications to the platform.
    2) If you can protect the Phone portion of the OS against unstable applications, maybe the rest of the OS can run recompiled Linux applications (or at least easily ported). If so, and if Nokia can take care of any UI issues, then it is possible that many Linux apps can be ported to run on Meego, thereby opening up a wide variety of software to run almost immediately (not everyone is only worried about Tweeting) with little effort.
    Only time will tell.
  • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

    Obviously you missed Anssi Vanjoki's blog post.
    • Nope, I read it

      @llornkcor I read his post over on Nokia Conversations ( and I sure hope he actually is successful. However, it can also be taken as words until we see actions and we have heard things like this before from OPK and others.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Really Meego vs Android will be good.

    People forget Meego and Android are not 100 percent independent OS's. So kernel improvements in 1 equal kernel improvements in the other.

    Really Meego is the only thing that really stands a chance against Android. The rest are dead man walking because over time they simply will not have the resources to keep up kernel development.
  • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

    NO! Nokia should not become just another Google spyphone. They can, and should, develop Meego in competition with Android and IOS4. We need more alternatives to the Google tsunami.
  • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

    MeeGo is far more superior than Android can even HOPE to be. First of all, MeeGo is the continuation of Nokia and Intel's joint project, and it completely blurs the distinction between mobile computers and mobile phones. It's supported by Intel's MOORESTOWN processor - oh hell yes. As anyone who has used the N900 can attest to, which is very much a prototype of Nokia's mobile computer vision, it is a remarkable internet phone. Just see Firefox's recent Maemo release - it actually TRUMPS the Android one by miles (source: Engadget). So, no - as Nokia's said, MeeGo will be its flagship platform and rightfully so, it is the future of mobiles. A prototype has even played World or Warcraft & Quake seamlessly - and that on a prototype set. So why don't you wait until MeeGo is released, hm?
    • RE: Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

      @Cryssaeus Wait a second? Meego is far more superior? Are you using a MeeGo handset? I thought there is zero Meego handsets out there so what makes you think something that isn't even out there is better than anything? BTW Intel just ported Android 2.2 Froyo to it's Moorestown hardware! Goes to show how committed Intel is to Meego :D Not very committed.
    • MeeGo is superior in MANY aspects ... except

      .... on the UI side ... what the user actually cares. Android is running behind compared to the iOS UI, but MeeGo is not even close to the heals of the Android UI.

      Unfortunately, that is all most users care. The MeeGo team needs to start working on the UI or they will become just an OS for geeks.
  • Something that will make u eat ur words.......

    I'm sure you will take your words back after reading this..(post link below).I have been using Windows mobile for past 4 years and have been using Android for 1 year and been away from Symbian......