Sprint HTC EVO 4G software update fixes WiFi performance and Exchange issues

Sprint HTC EVO 4G software update fixes WiFi performance and Exchange issues

Summary: The Sprint HTC EVO 4G has been out for just over three weeks and there is now an HTC software update to fix a few issues. The free update is available now.


My main device at the moment is the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and I am really enjoying the experience. I saw over on Android Central that an HTC software update (version 1.47.651.1) appeared this morning and just finished updating my EVO 4G. Sprint posted an official changelog that include three primary fixes.

The HTC EVO 4G software version 1.47.651.1 update includes:

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi performance
  • Exchange Active Sync improvements, including fix to issues with new account setup, PIN policy usage and Exchange Calendar 2010 Sync
  • Addresses Facebook sync issue which can improve battery performance

I immediately went into my Exchange ActiveSync account to see if there were any improvements with my primary concerns related to creating private appointments and searching the server for email. Unfortunately, neither of these issues were addressed by this update, but there is hope that the Froyo (Android 2.2) update will fix these for me. It is way too early to verify if there are battery life improvements, but I honestly have been seeing typical smartphone battery performance on my EVO 4G, as long as the WiMAX radio wasn't turned on, and haven't been that concerned about battery life. I also purchased a Seidio 1750 mAh replacement battery so I have a spare for extended periods without charging access.

The Android forums are filled with feedback on the update and I just learned that the very handy ShootMe application that allowed me to capture screenshots without connecting to a PC has been made obsolete. It seems this was possible without rooting on the EVO 4G due to some internal permissions oversight, but I think I would rather have a less secure device and keep the ability to capture screens for review purposes. I cannot believe that Google still has not figured out a way to capture screenshots without rooting your device or using the SDK connected via USB to a Windows PC. I honestly may not have updated if I read this post first, but hopefully we will see some marked improvements to validate the update that killed this utility for me.

UPDATE: As you can see in the reader comments below and on various online discussion forums, there are some people who are having MAJOR issues with the update that ends up bricking their EVO 4G. My update went flawlessly and everything is running well. MobileCrunch reported that Sprint has stopped the OTA update to investigate why some people are having issues. Hopefully, they can figure it out and get the update back out on the street. I also hope the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update goes smoother for everyone in the near future.

UPDATE 2: The OTA software update is rolling back out again, according to Android Central. If you are like me and have a successfully updated device then this does not apply to you. If your device is already bricked then you won't be able to apply this either and we understand that HTC is working to come up with a solution for these bricked EVO 4G devices.

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  • RE: Sprint HTC EVO 4G software update fixes WiFi performance and Exchange issues

    I performed the updated as prompted. Then I was unable to create new calendar on my exchange server from my evo (but I could see and edit existing exchange calendar items). So I did a soft reboot (turned off via the menu and powered back on) and still the same issue. So I then checked for any updates and the phone prompted me for an update (could have sworn it said 1.47.651.13). It downloaded the update, rebooted itself, the phone started the install, then it just died. Just got off the phone with Sprint support: They are unaware of this issue, but advised I bring it back to the place of purchase and exchange it. The phone was the current stock OS (and not rooted).
  • Do not update twice!!!

    If you update your phone, do not update it again if it tells you there is a software update available!!! It is the same software update and it will brick your phone..
  • Update BRICKED my phone!

    I have a non rooted phone and applied the update when requested. It took a while but all went well. They then say another second update is needed. I update. After about 1 minute the led goes out and the screen goes blank - BRICK. I take it to the Houston Sprint depot and they say I have a defective phone and have to take it to Radio Shack for replacement. Radio Shack has nothing in stock and it will be at least 4 days...

    Mickey mouse upgrade and zero testing is letting a lot of EVO users very unhappy with HTC and SPRINT...

    Now I have NO PHONE!!! due to no fault of my own...
    • Bricked phone. Screen went blank.

      Same exact thing happened to me. And since this was my first Sprint phone ever (new contract), I don't have a phone to switch to either.

      What did you end up doing?
  • RE: Sprint HTC EVO 4G software update fixes WiFi performance and Exchange issues

    I did the update as requested and have had no problems at all. My battery life is also improving, from when I purchased this on 06/25. I am very happy with my purchase so far. Looking forward to the 2.2 update and further refinements to an already great smart phone.
  • RE: Sprint HTC EVO 4G software update fixes WiFi performance and Exchange issues

    Dang it!!! My EVO is totally bricked. None of the Sprint stores in my area have new ones to replace it with. I was offered a refurbed EVO but I refused it.

    I am quite disappointed. Actually, almost to the point of straight up returning my EVO. I never rooted my EVO. Add all of the apps on it came from the Android Market accept the app for Audible.com. Maybe the Audible.com app was the problem since was not in the Android Market.

    I called Sprint customer care. They were helpful as they could be by finding a store with EVOs being shipped in almost daily; but I had hoped that they could ship me one over night or within a few days.

    Fortunately, I kept my Palm Pre as backup and the I have a Google Voice number that I usually give out instead of my regular number.

    Hopefully, Sprint will come through for those of us that have not rooted or done something funky to their EVOs.
  • RE: Sprint HTC EVO 4G software update fixes WiFi performance and Exchange i

    There is only ONE important question here... will Sprint kill the Froyo hot spot feature, so they could charge $29 a month for it. Any other conversation is trivial.
  • RE: Sprint HTC EVO 4G software update fixes WiFi performance and Exchange issues

    I received and updated without issue...