Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

Summary: Sprint smartphone fans have a couple of excellent choices in the Palm Pre and HTC EVO 4G so it was great to read a detailed article from two long time Palm users that cover the devices from a users perspective. Which of these two would you choose?


I bought the Palm Pre Plus in February and was pleased with the webOS 1.4 update, but then in March at CTIA the Sprint HTC EVO 4G was announced and I posted that my Verizon Palm Pre Plus was likely headed back to the Verizon store. However, with the EVO 4G not coming out for a few months and my mobile device history starting with Palm in 1997 I just couldn't return the Pre Plus and ended up keeping it.

I have now come to another decision time after purchasing my own Sprint HTC EVO 4G and considering the Pre Plus, EVO 4G, or new Apple iPhone 4. I was able to knock out the Palm Pre Plus this weekend and just paid the extremely high Verizon ETF to end that contract. I also just read an excellent article on Android Central that compares the Sprint EVO 4G and Palm Pre from a couple of long time Palm users, Craig Froehle and Don Ferguson.

They go into quite a few details about the various aspects of the devices from a users point of view and the comparison just confirmed that my decision to cancel my Palm Pre Plus contract was the right choice. I do think that Palm's webOS is very intuitive and user friendly, but going head-to-head with Android showed me that I prefer a more customizable and feature packed operating system.

I still have a few more days before the iPhone 4 is available and I do have a reservation at my local Apple store. At this time I am leaning heavily towards sticking with Sprint and the HTC EVO 4G. I already have an iPhone 3GS and can eventually load it up with iOS 4 so the need for the iPhone 4 is not as great. I know the hardware of the new iPhone will be excellent and pretty compelling, but I think I will miss the customizable home screens with glanceable information, easy WiFi tethering, superb Gmail support, included Sprint services, outstanding free GPS navigation solutions, and more found in Android.

I will continue to consider the EVO 4G and iPhone 4 this week and we will see what happens on Thursday.

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  • RE: Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

    Hmm... Interesting. I did not find the Evo, good as it is, a sufficiently compelling device to cause me to end my relationship with my Palm Pre, so I returned it. I installed the ported Verizon Hotspot app on the Pre, and with careful use (read non-abuse) I have absolutely free 3G tethering, the best unlimited data plan around, and what I consider to be the most polished phone O/S save for the iPhone. ATT however makes that a moot point. Even if the iDevice came to Verizon I probably still wouldn't leave Sprint for it, but at least after a jail-break it would be Sprint capable, at which point I could finally retire the Pre. Unfortunately, I am stuck with this thing for now. At least the Touchstone charger is still reasonably novel.
  • weak arguments

    these are the arguments for sticking with the evo?<br>1. superb Gmail support - any difference to the gmail support in iOS? if yes, would be nice to get an in depth - comparison.<br><br>2. included Sprint services - sprint services? please explain. aren't these "services" that pollute your phone supposed to be a pain in the a**?<br><br>3. outstanding free GPS navigation solutions - there are a lot of outstanding free navigation solutions in the app store. no difference, some of them actually better because you can use them offline, too.<br><br>4. and more found in Android? for instance? bad battery life, the need to force quit applications, weak copy & paste implementation, the lack of apps? please some more details.
    banned from zdnet
    • RE: Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

      @banned from zdnet

      Gmail support in Android is integrated very well. There are a few things they need to add to make it as good as the normal web interface, but it syncs well. On the iPhone, its a bit of a mess, and at most you get messages every 15 minutes, unless you don't need exchange active sync for another account, but Google sometimes has trouble with that setup. Basically, you need to try it to see the differences, but I like it a lot better than I ever did my iPod touch Mail app.

      Some Sprint services are bogus to most users, particularly NFL and Nascar. Some people do like them, those who don't care about the sports don't, and they aren't a big pain to ignore. Sprint Nav is great, though Google Nav tends to be a bit better at navigating quickly, Sprint Nav is basically like a dedicated GPS unit. Sprint TV is cool and I do like using it from time to time. None of these services cost extra so its kind of nice.

      Google Nav is the free Nav to beat. You really need to use Android more before you can go around acting like the iPhone is blessed by God. Google Nav is very accurate, gives great directions, is very, very fast, and works offline. When offline, it stops updating map tiles, but as long as it doesn't need to change course, it gets the basic map tiles downloaded before it goes out of signal anyway.

      Force quitting applications is bad for the system. I've posted many times on that topic. Bad battery life is the same with any smartphone, the more you use it, the less battery you have. If you know how to manage your phone, you can have equally good battery life. There is no lack of apps, I don't know what you are smoking, other than Steve's happy juice. Copy & paste is improved on the evo, uses a similar style to the iPhone. And don't call it a shameless copy, it was quite elegant. You sound like a disgruntled iFanboy who doesn't like that the competition gets more viable by the second. Starting to regret sucking up to Jobs much? Do your research. Get your hands dirty with Android. Until then, your comments are completely stupid and absurd.
    • RE: Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

      @banned from zdnet,

      1. So you admit you've never used Android?
      2. To each their own.
      3. That is rubbish. What are these free turn-by-turn navigation apps that are better than Android's? Again, from point 1, I don't think you've ever used it.
      4. Equivalent battery life and you can pop in a new battery in a few seconds. Also pop in a new memory card in seconds. WiFi hotspot, Flash included in Froyo. Video chat over 3G. 50,000 apps including ones that Jobs doesn't think you're grown-up enough to use. The best virtual keyboard (Swype).
  • RE: Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

    I just recently purchased the evo and like the product. However as I do like the evo I am a little mad at sprint at the moment. Sprint is ripping me off. I was talking to a friend about the Evo when he told me that boost mobile was also a part of sprint. As an educated consumer I checked out the Boost website and found out that there rates are half as much as sprints. Needless to say I am angry. I just email the CEO of sprint. If you like me, want the same deal that Sprint consumers are getting email the president of sprint ASAP. The CEO of sprints email address can be located at: http://sites.google.com/site/sprintcustomersunite/

    Please email The sprint CEO and tell him that you like me are mad!
  • RE: Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

    Just bought the EVO and turned in my Pre. No contest. The EVO is way better. DOES VOICE COMMAND DIALING which is something I use a lot and Palm promised me when I bought the phone was "coming soon".
    DL voice dialer confirmation app on droid market and presto.....voice command that talks back to confirm. Very dissapointed with Palm. Bragged the hell out of it when I first got it and they let me down big time.
  • RE: Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

    Im happy palm pre owner up for a phone upgrade and am considering the new gizmo. Battery life issues, big surprise? Give me the new toy!

    But the elephant in the room is: The Evo doesnt multi-task. Having to kill apps seems so...t-mobile Dash'esque.

    I really really like flicking my cards.

  • RE: Sprint smartphone comparison; HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre

    Im happy palm pre owner up for a phone upgrade and am considering the new gizmo. Battery life issues, big surprise? Give me the new toy!<br>But the elephant in the room is: The Evo doesnt multi-task. Having to kill apps seems so...Microsoft (almost) Mobile/t-mobile Dash'esque. <br><br>I really really like flicking my cards. In this age, why on earth do you need an app to kill your apps?
  • Pre or Evo

    I just returned an Evo to reunite with my Palm Pre. I have owned both devices. Evo force quits apps constantly including phone dialer. The battery life is laughable. The phone is so sensitive it reacts to holding the phone sides. The screen is not a brilliant one. You can do one thing at a time on the droids. If I tried to multi-task it would have a techno seizure causing a complete battery removal. I'm not an expert, just a regular user. I hate how it ported all my Gmail contacts...just because I emailed someone six years ago about an e-auction item doesn't mean I want their info in my phone. Yeah I could clean up my email, but I want all of my email saved as is. I started with palm pilots. I like the ease of flicking my cards and making a phone call without force close. I can enter my REAL contacts as I choose. The screen is bright and beautiful. The slider is handy. The phone is great for my small hands. I can operate it with 1 thumb, not two hands. I don't receive any force close messages. Actually, I can't remember any error messages. The Pre doesn't lag during SMS/MMS. I guess I'll stay behind the masses as I stick with my favorite device.