T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA+ Android device

T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA+ Android device

Summary: T-Mobile was the first carrier to launch an Android device in 2008 with the G1 and now will be the first to launch an HSPA+ device with the Android-based T-Mobile G2.


Two years ago I flew back on a whirlwind one day trip to New York for the T-Mobile G1 launch event and posted my most extensive review ever for the first carrier launched Google Android device. Today, we received official notice that the T-Mobile G2 is coming soon as the first HSPA+ device. I returned my buggy Samsung Vibrant in anticipation of this HSPA+ device and will for sure be buying one when it launches. Very few details are known about the device so stay tuned as we continue to hear more over the coming weeks.

The only thing that T-Mobile has posted so far is an outline of the device and the fact that it will support their HSPA+ network. T-Mobile's HSPA+ network has theoretical download speeds of 21 mbps and upload of 5.7 mbps with typical actual speeds in the 7 to 11 mbps range, which is still blazing fast for a wireless data network and much faster than the Sprint 4G WiMAX network where 4G is more about branding than actual speeds.

Rumors indicate this G2 device will most likely be an HTC manufactured Android device with the HTC Vanguard/Vision codename. These same rumors indicate a mid-September launch date so I am really looking forward to this being my next smartphone on T-Mobile.

Topics: Mobility, Networking, Wi-Fi

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  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    We have been hearing 'RUMORS' for over a year now about this release. What never surprises me is how often T-Mobile slacks off on service end of the spectrum. 3G Coverage is sparse and now they want to talk about rolling out a service to compete with 4G. Another problem with T-Mobile is the only real first they can claim was the first Android device. I own a G1 so I know thats not much to be proud of.

    With WiFi gateway calling available on T-Mobile I wonder why NONE of the android devices are equipped to do that? Or Why is it Verizon was the only one to get Skype? Or why did I have to 'HACK' my G1 to get Internet tethering when we all know the browser on this thing is garbage?

    This hint at a new service and device is a weak attempt to string along customers thinking of breaking contract and jumping ship to another provider that ALREADY HAS 4G devices and larger 3G coverage area, built in and enabled hot spot software, snap dragon speedy phone, HD/HDMI Enabled video playback (and more than just the 3gp codec installed). In two months T-Mobile will announce that all these new changes will be available 2nd qtr next year, and only to those willing to pay a premium (such as those that wanted a nexus one).

    T-Mobile's low prices no longer over shadow their spotty service. Every provider has some sort of unlimited package for a fairly similar price.

    Too little, Too late, T-Mobile.
    • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device


      I agree 100%. Im one thats been strung along. Like I said in my post, the only reason I remain with TMobile is because of their service. Thats soon going to change!
      • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

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      • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

        @Booyow What service exactly you mean? TMobile is getting on new markets, that I know, but I do not use them. So what TMobile services doy you mean particularly? <a href="http://www.franchisedocumentsonlineasia.com/"> Franchise Agreement Asia</a>
    • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

      @princemanjee I will have to kindly disagree. First off, the G1 was the TRUTH. the 5 row keyboard has been INSTRUMENTAL in me conducting REAL BUSINESS, not playing around. Now if you used your G1 as a toy, maybe it wasn't your best option. But it truly blew away all competitors at the time, and gave the iPhone a run for it's money. No, it wasn't as cute and animated as the iPhone, but had all the features PLUS a handy keyboard.

      Secondly, you don't have to hack anything to tether; you can download an app called PDAnet for free, or pay a nominal fee after 30 days to get https access. Your claim is completely incorrect.

      Thirdly, the browser is NOT garbage. In fact, that is the BEST mobile browser I've seen to date. It was the first browser to easily copy/paste text on screen and is very comparable (better than) the iPhone browser. All other browsers aren't even worth mentioning. You are entitled to your opinion, but I doubt you can factually prove there's a mobile browser with more features. Not then, and perhaps not even now!

      Fourthly, I've had a Skype app on my G1 for years. I want to say that Skype was one of the first apps in the Market??? So that's two (very popular) apps you've overlooked.

      Fifthly, you sound as if the 3GP codec isn't pretty much the most popular codec for mobile devices. Simple conversion software can convert any video to that format. And I imagine that someone will create a video player app that can manage other formats if there's a true market for that. So far, I personally don't see why other formats are needed on your phone. If there's actually a technical, money-saving, or time-saving reason, please enlighten me.

      T-Mobile's coverage is a bit spotty, I agree. And their low prices did overshadow the coverage problem. But I'm not sure other providers still have comparable pricing. The others always have a catch with the cost. T-Mobile is pretty straight forward. For example, I pay $99.32 for unlimited data, calling, and insurance. Who's doing that?

      The wifi gateway option isn't available simply because T-Mobile probably can't figure out a way to make money for it. The Android devices are technically capable of doing this using PDAnet (including the G1), but T-mobile apparently blocks this. But don't get it twisted- Verizon won't even let you tether without paying an extra $15/mth for 5GB. And that's just to tether and doesn't include wifi capabilities. I'm sure Sprint has an added cost for such service too. So everything that glitters is not necessarily gold.

      Thanks for reading. :)
      • RE

        I've had work phones from Sprint and AT&T (regular and blackberry, 3G and non) and their coverage and support out here is pathetic in actual use.
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  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    Im a Tmobile customer and I've been waiting patiently for a smartphone with the comparable list of features of smartphones carried by other networks. I really love their service and the reliability of their network (the two qualities that have prevented me from switching to verizon or att), but if they dont get a list of phones comparable to those other two carriers Im going to have to switch.
    • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

      @Booyow Same here.. in the Midwest even... and the only providers where I live that are worth their salt for coverage and reliability are Verizon and T-Mobile. I stay with T-Mobile because they've always been good to me and solid. I've had work phones from Sprint and AT&T (regular and blackberry, 3G and non) and their coverage and support out here is pathetic in actual use.

      I have a G1. I'll definitely be interested in the G2.
    • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

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    • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

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      • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

        But hybrids not always do well. There are still people that like to have certain things/apps for certain things...
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  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    It's beginning to sound like...."Hey, let's all wait until Oct. to see how all these rumors and new smartphones and "touches" play out."
  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    Seems like the cart is before the horse. Is T/M ignoring its long time customers? Must be a method to there madness.
    When do I get the 2.2 upgrade??
  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    I am a long time T Mobil customer who is frustrated by the lame phones T Mobil offers compared to it?s competitors. I am on the verge of bailing on T Mobil because of this. Why did T Mobil announce the G2 while not giving any details about this phone? I would have gone with a Nexus One, but T Mobil would not support it telling it?s customers to call google, while google told Nexus One owners to call T Mobil. T Mobil keeps shooting it?s self in the foot.
  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    Our T/M contract is up in December. If they don't have something on the order of an iPhone, Droid, or Evo for us to consider, they're going to lose us. Leaning to Evo at this point, but Droid aligns us on the same carrier as most of our relatives. C'mon, T...
  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    Just saw that you had issues with your Vibrant. I had 4 Vibrants (5 counting my wife's, which she kept because she isn't a power user and loved the screen).

    First had a bad camera. Second had an unresponsive home button. Third was RIDDLED with software bugs. 4th had a rattling volume rocker camera button that made the phone sound like a maraca when it vibrated.

    All had HORRIBLE GPS/Compasses and battery life. All were laggy. I'm back on my rooted G1 with perfectly working compass and GPS.
    Illegal Machine
  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    I am T-Mobile client. I have the N1 now. Paid $500 for the unlock version. I am really disappointed with regular cell services and 3G services. I live in a big metropolitan area, Baltimore, MD. I switched over from Vz to T-Mobile due to cost savings and was excited about the G1. G1 is big bulky and battery life sucks.
    I love my N1 however; the 3G/Cell services does not compliments the phone as it self. The N1 battery life really sucks too. Also if HTC makes the G2, the battery life will suck as well.
    Only time I get really good T-Mobile Service is by the cell tower and outdoors.
    I am going back to VZ in December or go to become an iphone 4 dude? i will pay more for better service.
  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    This phone must at least match the hardware of it's competitors in order for it to have a chance to be equal to the Nexus One & Droid's. With so much quality out there T Mobil better not miss the mark or they will lose me and many others...
  • 14.4 mbps Limit

    I noticed you said the network has a theoretical download speeds of 21 mbps. The product specs say the device has a limit of 14.4 mbps. Ye gads, that's still fast..
  • RE: T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA Android device

    Both I and my wife own (unlocked) G-1's, which are used on the UK's oldest (by far!) 3G network -"3". Seems that I'm the first person to post a comment who is aware that there were actually THREE DIFFERENT models of the G-1 (which is discovered when puzzling out why my phone seemed so different to my wife's) "Official" firmware upgrades for the G-1 have been a problem - that is, they simply don't exist; a situation which T-Mobile blames on HTC, and vice versa. Whatever, I've been more than happy with the functionality of my phone - even compared with my son's substantially more expensive iPhone 3G(S). Here in the UK, one can buy a clean second hand G-1 -unlocked - for about ?60... which is about 1/5 the price of a similar iPhone. (Which, OK, is the better of the two phones... but is nowhere NEAR five times as good!) I doubt that I'll still be living in the UK for the full length of a new contract if I renew/upgrade my "3" contract, or I'd be upgrading like a flash to the Samsung Galaxy S.

    Note that here in the UK, most phones are available from most carriers (with a few quibbles like "this colour is available exclusively from...") and there's not a great deal to choose between the (generally excellent: >90%) coverage provided by each and any carrier. Most carriers offer the iPhone4, and they all provide a reasonably good 3G service.