Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

Summary: As a person who owns multiple smartphones, it isn't often that a couple make such an impression that they battle daily for my smartphone heart.


I read Ricardo's love letter to my smartphone post and I can relate to almost everything he wrote. My problem is actually one of having two primary phones needing to share a single SIM. I love the HTC Radar 4G and Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have to decide on a daily basis which one gets the nod for the day. Sometimes I even switch back and forth during the day. They are both fantastic phones for T-Mobile and each has their strengths and weaknesses.

Why I choose the HTC Radar 4G

I wrote a post about why I chose the Radar 4G over the Lumia 710 and some of those are why I choose the Radar 4G over the Galaxy Nexus on a daily basis. BTW, my wife just moved from a Nokia N8 to a Lumia 710 and loves it.

The primary reason I put my SIM into the Radar 4G is due to the simplicity and elegance of the Windows Phone OS. I find it extremely easy to get things done efficiently on Windows Phone and if I know I will mainly be using text messaging, making phone calls, listening to music, working out, or playing games then the Radar 4G is selected.

Why I choose the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus is a gorgeous device with a fabulous display so if I know I am going to be reading ebooks with Kobo or Kindle apps, wanting to enjoy my custom wallpaper and widgets, reading my feeds in Pulse, checking travel plans with TripIt, browsing with Google Chrome, visiting McDonalds (I pay with Google Wallet), or doing lots of social interaction (I enjoy Path and TweakDeck) then the Galaxy Nexus is chosen for the day.

Both devices have decent cameras, also have room for improvement. I can perform nearly all the same functions on either device, but the tasks I listed are optimal on different platforms.

Keep in mind that I do also have a Verizon account with an iPhone 4S and usually have that device as a backup to my primary T-Mobile device. I use my iPhone for photo and video capturing, but the OS is getting stale and I personally prefer to use the Radar 4G or Galaxy Nexus with ICS instead.

As we celebrate Valentine's Day today, I wanted to let you know my SIM is in the Galaxy Nexus. Then again, my Radar 4G sits waiting in my bag too as my two loves battle for my smartphone heart.


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  • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

    Why not just get a Lumia 800/900 and be done with that Nexus? ;-) HTC Radar is hardly one of the best WP7 phones.
    • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool


      They aren't available in the USA yet?

      Also, i have a nokia 800 in UK, it's a great phone, but still a few bugs to be worked out. However i would rather have them little bugs than IOS or android anyday, both my Galaxy and iphone are rotting in a cupboard at home.
    • Not supported on T-Mobile

      @jhughesy I would if it was on T-Mobile, but the problem with the U.S. market is that each carrier is completely different and you need models made for each specific carrier.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • How is 4g on your Samsung working?

        @palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)

        I am having nothing but problems with mine. The device frequently reports "no service" and seems like it is scanning networks all the time. It's even dropped several voice calls.

        The problems go away once I turn off 4G.

        I hear an update is coming soon, but I am really starting to hate this device.
      • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

        @palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)

        Not supported yet... Keep in mind that the initial launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 is going to be on AT&T supposedly on March 18th. 45 days after that launch it is rumored that ALL other carriers will then be selling this phone. Keep in mind that AT&T and T-Mobile have similar networks. AT&T has 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+ and GSM and T-Mobile runs 4G HSPA+ and GSM which may allow you to use a AT&T 900 on T-Mobile. Just a thought as I will be leaving Verizon for shafting me time and time again on phones and other shady tactics, going then to AT&T and getting a Nokia Lumia 900.

        If you were to kick the iPhone 4S and Radar 4G for a Lumia 900 you could then have your Windows Phone and superior camera as well. Just a thought!
  • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

    I'm surprisingly happy with my Radar 4G. I bought mine outright for $300 on eBay (NIB), and use the very cheap $30 a month unlimited data/text plan b/c I use very little voice. I figured I'd be wanting one of the new Nokia phones, but I'm sticking with my Radar for the foreseeable future.
  • Lumia 900

    Just one month away from the Lumia 900... and you can put both those phones in the desk draw!
    • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

      The lumia 900?! Lol! Are you kidding?! Except for the screen size and 8meg cam, it has EXACTLY the same specs of my old original motorola droid from over 2 years ago! Lol!..but the droid had expandable memory and a higher resolution screen! As outdated as the lumia 900 is, it'll be dead-on-arrival!
      • yes but WP has about 4x the perf on those specs than android does on a dual

        core and the 900 is about 4x the build quality of moto/htc and about 20x what a samsung is. And then there is the WP os which is about 1000x better and all the apps which are also about 100x better.
        Johnny Vegas
      • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool


        Johnny forgot to mention that the camera is by far superior as well as it is a 8MP 2.2/28MM Carl Zeiss... Front facing camera 1MP HD for the best Skype experience.

        I still love the fact there are so many people out there that love to compare a clunky underdeveloped OS such as Android to a fine tuned OS such as Windows Phone OS. Windows Phone doesn't need some quad core with 4 GB ram to run nicely which Android seems to need. It just goes to show who knows software (Microsoft) and who knows mobile hardware (Nokia) and which Nokia made one of the first smart phones.

        Just remember your logic... Your ride needs 2000 WHP to go 0-60 in 5 seconds whereas my ride only needs 300 WHP. My ride takes less gas and if I say get 800 WHP in mine it will be even that much faster while still taking less :)

        Enjoy your hooptie! ^_^
  • You are a fool...

    For even considering Windows Phone....
    • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool


      You are fool squared for making that statement...
      • what a sad life itguy10 leads

        if made up stories and name calling is all he has, or ever will have.
        William Farrel
      • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool


        Give the guy a break, it's valentines day and i guess he has never even kissed another person in his life, no wonder he is so grouchy.....

        It's not Microsofts fault your lonely mate.
      • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

        Is itguy10 a guy, I thought all these days itguy10 was an it?
        Ram U
    • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool


      I pity you. You remind me of Kim Jong Il, very closed minded and very lost with all the assumption you have all the right answers but are so sorely mistaken. I really hope you get better man, seek help.
  • Multi-SIM?

    Can't you just get a second SIM for your account?

    My current T-Mobile (Germany) account allows me to run up to 4 devices concurrently with 1 number (E.g. 2 phones, tablet and laptop).

    I have the same problem with my Mozart, Sensation and iPhone. The Mozart usually drops itself out of the running, because our Exchange Server is so malconfigured, that it WP7 considers it a security risk and won't speak to it. That said, I generally use the Mozart and Sensation, with the iPhone as a backup and for testing.
    • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

      All I can say is Europe's system is awesome. Saw another blog post where Sweden has another awesome plan too. $60 equivalent gets multiple SIMS per line, 20 Gig data, tethering included, but a per call/per minute charge for voice and text made or sent, recieved calls/SMS free.

      And to answer your question, USA being what it is, no you can't get multiple sims per line, (at least not yet) every device requires it's own expensive data plan, different data plans/prices for different device classes, meger data caps lie 2 Gig or so, throttling, capping, overage charges, tethering charges, you name the screw job, we got it. Stinks, pure and simple.
      • Shop around

        @podstolom There are some good pre-pay plans in the US for $30 for nationwide voice/SMS.

        I want things cheaper too, but the US isnt as bad as you make it out to be.
      • RE: Torn between two smartphones...feeling like a fool

        @otaddy Oh yes, USA is definitley bad as he says.