U.S. government files to block T-Mobile and AT&T merger

U.S. government files to block T-Mobile and AT&T merger

Summary: The AT&T and T-Mobile deal has caused quite a furor in the wireless space with Sprint concerned about the loss of a competitor and T-Mobile customers concerned about loss of excellent customer service.

TOPICS: Mobility, Banking, AT&T

I just read over on Bloomberg that the U.S. government filed court papers to block the AT&T purchase of T-Mobile so this is not yet a done deal. I know many of us long time T-Mobile customers have been worried about the purchase since we get excellent customer service and are quite happy with the coverage and handset selection we currently have. As a person who has tried AT&T a couple times in the past, they are not the company for my wireless service and I hope we don't see them taking over T-Mobile.

“AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low- priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market,” the U.S. said in its filing.

AT&T delivered their proposal to the FCC back in July, with several carriers and companies opposing the deal.

Topics: Mobility, Banking, AT&T

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  • It is about time.....

    I just dumped AT&T because their service was so bad, and I was being billed for features and others charges which I didn't use.

    Also, be aware that if you lose your phone, or your phone is stolen, all of the features that were being used with the phone are still billed even if that line is suspended!!! This also includes the mandatory data plan!!! In other words, you are still paying for the full use of the phone even though you don't have it anymore. The only answer to that was "It is policy". Yes, I do understand that there is a contract on a new phone and that needs to be paid, but to pay over $60 for features and a data plan even though the phone is no longer being used, is just theft.

    I highly recommend that if you have an AT&T account, dump it if at all possible. This new AT&T needs to be cut down in size again.
    linux for me