Unlike with AT&T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

Unlike with AT&T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

Summary: Apple enters the Verizon market in a different position than when they were on AT&T with Verizon having a rock star existing and future lineup of Android devices. While the masses will buy the new iPhone, what decisions will the smartphone fans make on Verizon.


Last year when the iPhone 4 was announced for AT&T, it was clearly the best smartphone on the AT&T network with some BlackBerry devices, old Windows Mobile 6.5 devices, and rather lame Android devices available for customers to consider. The story is quite different on Verizon Wireless though where the iPhone 4 won't even be the best smartphone available on the nation's largest network. In fact, there will be several Android devices, Windows Phone 7 devices, and maybe even a webOS device, launching in the first half of 2011 that will far exceed the features and functionality of the iPhone 4. Without a doubt though, the iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless will still sell millions to the masses who are moving from feature phones and those locked into the Apple ecosystem.

Other devices available now

Current competition for the iPhone 4 on Verizon includes the Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid Pro, and Samsung Fascinate. There are plenty of other BlackBerry and Android devices too, but these five are the higher end models that can compete with the iPhone 4 right now. It will be interesting to see if owners of these smartphone switch over to the iPhone 4 or if they stick with their Android device and wait to see what Apple brings out for a new generation product.

Verizon devices announced, coming in first half of 2011

While the five mentioned above can compete well with the iPhone 4, there were a few other devices already announced last week at CES that in nearly all respects beat the iPhone 4. Don't forget we still have Mobile World Congress coming up when manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson may reveal even more new smartphones that will eventually launch on Verizon.

The new devices we know that are coming to Verizon that include support for the 4G LTE network include the HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Droid Bionic, LG Revolution, and Samsung 4G LTE (no official name yet). These devices all run Android 2.2, with likely upgrade or launch with Android 2.3, have 4.3 inch displays, and dual-core processors (the Droid Bionic even has the NVIDI Tegra 2 chip). Hard core smartphone geeks likely won't even consider the iPhone 4 with these four new powerful smartphones launching in the next few months, especially if they get a taste of the 4G LTE speeds like what I am seeing with the LTE USB stick I am testing out.

I think it is great news that the iPhone is rolling out on another carrier and like someone mentioned on Twitter it could have been Apple's strategy to make this happen sooner rather than later to try to stem the tide of the Android wave. It may have this effect to some degree, but with these extremely powerful and fast Android devices launching soon I don't think they will sell as many as they would have if they had the Verizon iPhone last year before Android took off at such a fast pace.

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  • Prepaid iPhone on Verizon?

    Anyone heard if the Verizon iPhone will be available for prepaid customers?
    • iPhone 4 **is** the best smartphone on Verison:

      <b>iPhone 4 has the best</b> resolution screen, best smartphone-mode battery life, best photos besides specialized cameraphones, best antenna reception (according to AnandTech, iPhone 4 keeps working connection with 5-8 dB = 7-9 times weaker signal comparing to phones with the usual internal antenna design; yes, antenna design is not about death-grip, which is usually irrelevant), the thinnest, with smoother OS, with the biggest software library, with the biggest media library, with AirTunes possibility, with no non-removable crapware/bloatware installed by providers, with no UI crooked by them.<br><br>iPhone 4 does not feel like cheapo plastic junk and it does not feel like a videocassette, comparing to some of "best" Android phones.<br><br>As to 4G/LTE, it will be very pricy and spotty in coming three years, so for most people it is irrelevant. And even for those people who live in these 38 test cities of LTE/4G, there are countless Wi-Fi hotspots which much faster than LTE/4G anyway and which are <b>free of charge</b>. Practically, LTE/4G is rarely needed as there are Wi-Fi at home, at work, at cafe and restaurants. Only occasional longer trips might need LTE/4G for speedy internet, but longer trips most often are done towards outside of the city -- where LTE/4G is already out of range for the nearest two-three years. <b>Quite pointless</b> to disregard iPhone 4 for so small practical use of LTE/4G which could be accessible now.<br><br>As to newer phones being "fast" and "powerful", it is no more than marketing stunt now since no major software developer is going to program applications that are going to actually need these two cores until Apple might release iPhone 5 this summer with two cores. <b>There is simply no practical use for two cores currently, it is just marketing stunt.</b>
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        @denisrs are you sure you are not from Apple's marketing department?
      • Yes, my salary is one million United States dollars

        @pupkin: and my name is Phillip Schiller (<del>Google</del> Apple it), to be honest.
      • Hey...can your iPhone...


        delete a single call from the phone log without having to delete the entire log (and without jailbreaking)? ya know, since it's got [b]PHONE[/b] in the damned name???

        I've got a $30 Nokia go[b]phone[/b] that can do this.

        Get off the Kool Aid.

        Oh, and "[i] ...best photos besides specialized cameraphones,[/i]...Really? WTF kind of point is that? That's like saying Microsoft has the highest stock price of any tech company, besides those companies whose stock price is higher than Microsoft's.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone


        I guess you've not used one. The iPhone is a poor second place to current Android offerings. Sorry to burst your fanboy bubble.

        The Android kernel does support two cores already.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone


        WP7 is simply better than the iPhone. The phones are lighter, slimmer and better designed and use a modern UI unlike iPhone's antique offering.

        Better still I don't need an app to let me use a camera button, I actually have one ;-)
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        "WP7 is simply better than the iPhone.?
        Windows 7 series phone OS is not an actual phone, but an os for a phone. At least if you?re going to interject an opinion (after all that is what you are interjecting), try and keep the comparisons honest.

        "The phones are lighter, slimmer and better designed and use a modern UI unlike iPhone's antique offering.?

        This is your opinion, which you are entitled to. There are those that think the tiles are clumsy looking. I personally do not have a dog in this fight, so I will have to spend time with both and make my own decision. I currently have an iPod Touch, so I already have plenty of apps. This may be a factor if I had to choose, but I do not thick that I can honestly say that one UI is better than the other. Now when you tall out the UI in Office, I do have an opinion. I hate the ?ribbon? as I learned how to use the menu system a long time ago. I can work faster using Office 2003 rather than Office 2007.

        From a hardware perspective, things are subjective at best. If one phone feels more solid than the others I would choose that one. I prefer something that doesn?t feel like cheap junk (excessive plastic), over one that feels like metal. Yes there are pluses and minuses to each, but that will vary depending on the user.

        At the risk of being poo pooed for usage a car analogy. It is like comparing the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Toyota 4Runner. Having a reviewer complain that the 4Runner is too truck like, because it uses a Body-on-frame contraction, rather than the Uni-body, is only a personal opinion. Personally I would rather have a truck like vehicle as compared to a large station wagon. But again that is a personal thing. Your thought may be different, but that is why there is the options we have today. The world would suck, if there was only one vehicle, computer, phone, OS, etc.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        So, until Apple does it, it's just a marketing stunt?
      • @timspublic1@... Guess you have never used the current top Androids.


        Phones like the Droid X and Incredible are dog slow in UI responsiveness compared to a first gen iPhone.

        Sorry to burst your bubble.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        Good rebuttal, I couldn't agree more. iPhone might not be the best in certain areas, but it's the best overall. Let's be real, Apple isn't the one playing catch up. It will be fun to see the next iteration.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone


        Just the fact it's not tainted by Verizon's crapware makes all the difference for me.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        @denisrs Despite the fact that I don't agree with you at all, what on earth does this have to do with the post you replied to?
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        @denisrs Some major exaggerating there. Droid phone are not plastic cheap phones. My Droid phone is solid.

        The only reason why Apple have more apps is because they've been out longer than Droid. In Droid's few years on the market, their apps grew more than Apple's in their early years and they will surpass Apple's apps due to them being an open source. Bloated apps are those that chose bloated apps. Let's not blame Droid for users downloading them.

        Antenna death grip my @ss. If that were the case, Steve wouldn't have said in a indirect way, we screwed up. He said, "We're not perfect." Lol. And the designer of that antenna stepped down. Obvious clues that it was a bad design. How's that rubber buffer working? :O)

        Wi-Fi. Irrelevant point when we're talking about being able to use it on the phone's network. 4G LTE is just speculation. We don't know what the outcome will be like. Sounds more like wishful thinking and a inferior superior complex going on in your post. I like Apple products, but let's not excuse some of their issues by scapegoating behind Droid. Smh.
      • T*R*O*L*L*

        @denisrs }

        nuff said.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        @denisrs Thats why when you touch the sides of the phone it has no signal, when you talk on the phone the proximity sensor malfunctions, when you connect a bluetooth headset it repeatedly connects and disconnects, when you put music or videos on it u have to convert it to apple's formats, when u drop it on the floor 1 time it breaks into a million pieces, when u recharge it a ton of times after a year u have to bring it to a store to get the battery changed, when you run out of space you have to buy a different phone since there are no upgrades for storage space, and when you want to run multiple apps at one time they have to be specifically coded to support multitasking.
        Ya sounds like the best phone by far. Especially when there are Android phones with bigger screens that CAN ACTUALLY USE THEM, output to HDMI, share wifi to devices (Verizon one can do this), install any apps you want and read any formats you want, have replaceable batteries, expandable storage, easy connectivity due to standardized ports, more free apps, better overall hardware, and overall lower TCO's.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        Have to disagree on the two cores thing. I am frequently navigating with Google maps, playing music, and offering a Wi-Fi hostspot (so the kids can surf the web) off of my Incredible as we are going down the road. I understand that iPhone users don't need multitasking, but Android folk have come to rely on it. I guess we just like determining our own destiny.
      • Except it's not.

        @denisrs Anandtech may measure antenna reception, but the fact of the matter is - the iPhone drops calls. You can't blame it on the network in my area, it's rock solid on all other phones (I've had AT&T for 12 years here), and our work iPhones drop calls. So great antenna or not... that's just one link in the chain.

        It doesn't have "the best" screen any longer, and anyone who plays king of the hill is always knocked off shortly. Both WinMo7 phones and new Android phones have some incredible displays.

        Just like they were with 3G, Apple will be late to the game. Analysts are even predicting this next iPhone won't have it. You are actually arguing that the iPhone is a better phone because it doesn't have this, where it's competitors will?

        And the use of dual cores isn't necessarily for answering the need of hardcore apps - apps like that would suck...
        It is for multitasking, keeping the phone operating smoothly while other things are running - and in some (most?) cases, for saving battery - having processors of two different speeds, idling with the slower processor, employing the faster one only on an on-demand basis.
        iPhone has none of this technology.

        And it isn't a marketing stunt - the OS can either use it, or it can't. Just like Windows, able to use the dual cores and assign processors to tasks. It's not dependent on "an app" or the developer to do that. It's up to the OS to handle that.

        And the fact of the matter is, where once Apple caused a paradigm shift, since then there's been only slow evolution... and Apple is getting passed by progress as that paradigm continues to evolve.

        Even the OS itself - I wouldn't disagree with you that it's smooth - unless you are trying to run iOS4 on a 3G or 3GS.

        And what do you get? An interface that's the equivalent of Android's App Drawer. Sure, you can launch apps from the app drawer - but Android also provides you with multiple desktops to lay out icons and widgets to suit your actual personal lifestyle/needs. With iPhone you have none of the above.
        Heck, you can't even set a custom ringtone for your text messages on an iPhone - even if you jailbreak it (and already, it's undesirable to have to jailbreak your iPhone to really unlock features that are basic/standard in Android). And heck - even web browsing. iPhone doesn't do flash - still - and won't, because of Apple (cough steve jobs cough) stubborness.

        When you combine that with better/faster hardware that also includes memory card expansion and USB ports, HDMI ports, DLNA wireless video... you just keep building a list of things that the iPhone can't do, and won't do.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        lots of idiots disagree with you, but that doesn't change the facts. The Androids and Win7 phones are cheap copies of the iPhone. Funny how they call Apple crazy and run down their products (iPod, iPhone, iPad), but then as soon as someone else makes a cheap copy, they are all over it. Funny how the market shoots down everyone else's attempt to do these things because they make crap, but Apple succeeds big; then everyone copies what Apple does and starts spewing their superiority for being able to copy Apple.
      • RE: Unlike with AT&amp;T, the Verizon iPhone isn't the network's best smartphone

        You are the dumbest poster I've ever heard of.