Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

Summary: Verizon and HTC are rolling out a software update for the HTC ThunderBolt that looks to have a long list of updates. Hopefully, it fixes my WiFi hotspot issues.


As I was catching up on the news in my hotel room I read over on Boy Genius Report that a software update for the HTC ThunderBolt was rolling out so I quickly went to settings and check for new software to see that an update was indeed available for my HTC ThunderBolt.

I love my ThunderBolt, but hate that it can't maintain a consistent WiFi hotspot session. I am hopeful that this update fixes this issue, but won't be able to test it until later this evening when I return to the Seattle area with 4G coverage. According to Verizon's official ThunderBolt update page (PDF file) there is no specific mention of an improvement in the WiFi hotspot feature, but they do list enhanced data connectivity so maybe that covers it. Here is the list of affected areas in the update:

  • Enhanced data connectivity when accessing Verizon 3G network.
  • SMS and MMS messages are stored properly in the Messaging application.
  • Time for device activation is improved.
  • Backup Assistant is correctly displayed in Applications menu.
  • Stability improvements for data centric apps like Facebook, Kayak, Yahoo! Mail, and more.
  • Accurate location is displayed when accessing the weather widget.
  • Quickly load GPS updates for Google maps and VZ Navigator.

As you know, the ThunderBolt had issues switching back to 3G with the recent LTE outage so maybe this will be fixed. I have often been placed half way around the world when viewing the weather widget so this will be a convenient improvement to see. I never use text messaging on my ThunderBolt, I didn't buy any message service, so never noticed that issue.

The update is 35.649 MB and takes the ThunderBolt from software build number 1.12.605.6 to 1.13.605.7 and the baseband from to I am hopeful that this update fixes my WiFi hotspot issues and if it does the ThunderBolt will stay in my collection and if not, I may consider switching to the Droid Charge that reportedly works better with the WiFi hotspot feature.

Anyone notice improved features on their ThunderBolt?

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  • RE: Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

    i have same issue with my htc incredible.. it just cant maintain session.. I have no issue with verizon laptop cards.. The issue might be android bug - for all i know.
  • RE: Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

    I frequently travel from KS to TX via OK, & after the latest OTA update Thunderbolt works a lot better, & GPS connects quickly. Battery life seems to have improved too. The 3G network works with voice & data both without any problem. 4G is still awesome, the switch from 3G takes place seamlessly near Oklahoma City & Dallas.<br><br>I did have aggravating random reboots, & even shut offs after this update. Deleting the app that switched the 4G & 3G connectivity somehow corrected my problem, but I have been reading others having reboot problems even without ever installing that app.<br><br>However, my old Moto Droid used to lock in the 3G, & would keep it steady throughout. The TB still connects to 1X at times where it should keep the 3G locked instead if 4G is not available. It appears to be a Google problem, this is their OS, an update away STILL!!
  • RE: Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

    Well guys and gals, besides the text messaging being properly stored in the correct folders, I have not seen any improvement whatsoever out of my TB... My weather widget still at times will say I am located in Norway... Is this for real? I barely know where that is let alone ever being there..... LOL.... My GPS lock on still takes the same amount of time. As far as the 3G and 4G network, I am seeing 1X more than anything.. Also, I have not witnessed any battery improvement either. Personally, I am thinking that Verizon jumped the gun on both the Thunderbolt and it's so called 4G LTE lightning fast network..... Just sayin......
  • RE: Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

    I bought a Thunderbolt specifically for the hotspot feature, but returned it in the grace period because of this problem.

    Verizon's response was troubling though. The first Verizon tech I spoke to instantly assured me that it was a known problem and that an update to fix it was due that week. When that update didn't come, I spoke to a second tech who didn't think it was a known problem, but helpfully called HTC and was told that it was, but the schedule for a fix was unknown.

    But on the last day of my grace period, the third tech insisted that it was not a known issue. He called HTC and was told it was not a known problem. That was the end of the discussion for him, and when I asked him whether is was possible that either of the two HTC techs might have been right since we got two conflicting answers, he stated unequivocally that they were all wrong, and became patronizing and rude. With regrets (4g wifi hotspot is *awesome*), I returned the phone.

    If this is fixed, I'll consider buying another. The rest of the Verizon support folks I worked with were quite professional and nice, so hopefully he was an outlier.
    • RE: Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

      I am with you on this one: There is no need for these techs to be rude, it is a bad way to earn customers, especially these days. I wish they were all informed & honest.

      AT&T (I used to have them), their techs were so offensive that I pulled my account from them, & moved to VZN. They in return placed a penalty & overcharged me. A complaint to FCC took care of that, money was refunded with an apology from AT&T.

      I read somewhere that number of TB sold are over 260,000, which means if VZN does not address this connection problem, it would be a big negative as I see it.
  • RE: Verizon issues HTC ThunderBolt software update

    Message to all you Thunderbolt user: With this software update, you will no longer receive free tethering from your thunderbolt. I have a inside contact at verizon and with this software update, it cancels the free tethering. A lot of people didnt know about this. Before this update, tethering was using your data from the data plan you have on your phone. Just letting you guys know in case no one else knew about this. The software update fixes a lot of issues but verizon also added this one in the update also.
  • hate the update

    Since installing the update my TB is constantly cycling down. I can receive phone calls. My texting gets stuck. Verizon said it has happened to some TB's and a revision is coming out, but when.???? I can't take this having to restart my phone every 5 minutes