Weekend Google gift, Froyo rolling out to Nexus One owners

Weekend Google gift, Froyo rolling out to Nexus One owners

Summary: Google announced that Android 2.2 (Froyo) was coming in the next few weeks and it looks like they are giving US Nexus One owners a surprise with the update rolling out this weekend. If you have a stock Nexus One stay tuned for a possible OTA update this weekend.

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As much as I enjoy playing with custom ROMs on my Google Nexus One, today is one of those days I wish I would have kept everything in stock condition. According to Engadget, Google is already rolling out Android 2.2 (Froyo) to US Nexus One owners and they have received the update on their device. When we heard about the Android 2.2 update coming "in weeks" from the Google I/O conference I never would have thought that meant just a few days later and am quite excited about the update. I am now researching how to get my Nexus One back into stock condition so I can receive the update OTA.

There are several improvements in this latest OS update I am looking forward to, particularly the speed increase, better Exchange support, improved web browser, support for Flash, and more. With the public beta release of Flash Player 10.1 that will be one of the first things I load up and try on the device. From what I have read the Google Nexus One is the only device getting the update and I have not seen it yet appear on MoDaCo or XDA Developers, but will be keeping my eye on it as I try to get my device back into stock configuration for the update.

UPDATE: For those looking to get the update on their Nexus One manually, check out Paul's thread here at MoDaCo.com to update your device. Mine is now rocking Froyo so I'll be testing it out, along with the new Flash Player public beta.

Topics: Google, Banking

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  • What is the process???

    How do they decide which Nexus 1 users will get this first? I am one of the first day adopters, and have yet to see anything. I wonder?????
  • RE: Weekend Google gift, Froyo rolling out to Nexus One owners

    I own a nexus also and i've been waiting forever please google don't leave me hanging i have been a big supporter of all your software.
    • Common dude. You have not been "waiting forever"

      @ducebud Unless that is "forever" means since yesterday.
  • RE: Weekend Google gift, Froyo rolling out to Nexus One owners

    Mr. Miller... returning your device back to stock is a VERY easy affair. Simply go and find the thread in XDA's Nexus One Development section... it's got a step by step tutorial with the necessary files. All you'll be doing is flashing those files which will replace your recovery and system to stock. Your bootloader will remain unlocked, which doesn't matter as far as the OTA is concerned.
  • RE: Weekend Google gift, Froyo rolling out to Nexus One owners

    So where's something for my Vodafone Australia, Google experience, HTC Magic?<br><br>It is still a current phone available in stores.<br><br>Google (or whoever) WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US, I CLICK ALL YOUR ADS???<br><br>At least my twenty two month old iPhone 3G will get an update in a few weeks.<br><br>Next phone... an Android that will drift into a cul-de-sac and be forgotten in a few months or an iPhone with a roadmap of almost certain updates for two years which will sync the 5GB of Apps I already own and am licensed to use on up to five devices, bit of a no-brainer really.<br><br>OS updates are something that didn't really exist before the iPhone all those old HTC WinMo 5, 6.1 etc phones had to be replaced with new hardware to get updates, apart from a few hobbyists at XDA Developers who rolled their own.
    • My wife...

      Still won't let me forget the time I upgraded her HTC winmo phone. I have to run all Apple updates a month or so on my phone before she will trust me to update hers these days.
  • It is a hoax....

    If you announce a SW or an OS release, you should be rolling it out as soon as the announcement. This is just a good reason for these websites to get more hits and the SW/OS maker to gain more popularity out of all the commotions. I would consider us enthusiast too mindless for allowing us to become toys for their plays.
  • Just updated Nexus 1 manually..

    Without a hitch, and it is fantastic.