Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

Summary: February will be a busy month for mobile with HP's webOS event, Mobile World Congress, and maybe even an Apple iPhone announcement for Verizon.


We have been hearing about rumors of a Verizon iPhone for a couple of years now, but it will happen for sure in 2011 and according to Boy Genius Report Apple will likely announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd.

As we saw this week at CES, AT&T was busy announcing high end Android smartphones as the writing on the wall indicates they will be losing their exclusive hold on the iPhone soon and need something else to try to retain customers. I imagine lots of people will be jumping from AT&T to Verizon due to the better network Verizon offers for many people. It will be very interesting to see how the Verizon network performs with millions of iPhone customers using data and it should indicate whether it was AT&T's network that fails all the time or if it is the iPhone that jams up the network.

This February 3rd date could also just be the iPad 2 and we may have to wait longer for a Verizon iPhone, but I am very confident it will happen sometime this year and it makes sense that it happens earlier since it will NOT have support for LTE.

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  • RE: Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

    I wish they would announce WP7 on Feb. 3rd, I'm in need of a new phone.
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

      @Loverock Davidson Keep using your flop device loserboy.
      • That's hilarious!


        How do you come up with these increbible retorts? Tell the truth...you're a professional writer, aren't you? Nobody could wind such brilliance and sophisticated wit into just one short post without many years of professional experience.

        All I can say is...keep 'em coming, because your posts have become a beacon of light in an otherwise dark-age.

        How does one even create the poetry of a phrase such as "flop device", or the etymological magic of the word "loserboy"?

        Tell, us, darling...what cerebral witchcraft are you practicing in that mind of yours?
      • RE: Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

        @trickytom300 The same that you use to rant about the iPad being a toy, iOS 4.2 not working on the iPad, multi-tasking not being able to be handled by the iPad.....

        Any of these ring a bell choade boy?
      • You're an idiot, dude.

        If you take your head out of your a$$, you might see how stupid you look to everyone else.
      • AllKnowingAllSeeing is Right..


        You really DO look like an idiot to everyone-else.
      • @cyberidiot

        OWNED. TWICE.
  • or 1/11/11 or 7/1/11 or even 12/21/12

    I will believe it when I see/hear it.
  • Continuing to beat this dead horse?

    Really it needs to stop - there is no evidence except wild speculation and parroting of the existing rumor mill.
  • Would Be Awesome News

    The mass migration to Verizon would unclog the AT&T network, then Verizon would have a massive complaint on their hands that their service sucks and AT&T would improve.

    Can't wait.
    • RE: Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

      @cyberslammer2 It's not AT&T's network (entirely). It's how the iPhone is - it sucks at being a "phone".
      • Nah. I'm going to guess that

        cyberslammer's gonna say that he has the best reception he's ever had with a phone in refernce to the iPhone.

        In other words, all the other people complaining about dropped or unconnected calls on their iPhones are either blaming the wrong part (the phone) or don't count because he's never had the problem himself.
        John Zern
      • RE: Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

        @JT82 In Canada we don't seem to have all these issues with dropped calls on the Iphone or really any smartphone to be honest. Up here the Iphone is available on all 3 of our national carriers.
      • RE: Will Apple announce the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd?

        @John Zern Hey John, do us all a favor and shut up.

        I do have great reception where I live, haven't had a single issue with it....

        If you would READ most of the majority of the iPhone network issues are in SF/NY...but you wouldn't know since you don't read do you?
      • Why are you getting so upset at every one?

        @cyberslammer2<br><br>You have been asking for the notoriety all along, and now that you have it you want people to stop? Isn't fame a b-itch?
    • Not really as Verizon has the better network

      You're placing too much blame on the phone, and not the carrier.

      As it is now, Verizon and AT&T are pretty much the same size, but Verizon doesn't have the complaints that AT&T have.

      Add to that the non-iPhone users who have no issues with making calls or receiving data on a non-Apple phone, and you'll see that it is the iPhone that's making dropped calls, and AT&T with the poor coverage.
      John Zern
    • Scram PUNK

  • No one cares...the hype is now noise

    2 years ago this would've been news. Now we'd rather see new development but Google seems to move faster.
    • you will be surprised

      .. of the long lines of eager verizon customers lining up for the iphone in february.
      banned from zdnet
      • Though I read it was going to be Feb 14th

        but at this point in the game, [i]everybody's[/i] just guessing.